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  1. I kind of agree. Being busy with updates, the delays of Wave 1, prepping Wave 2, etc...that is all understandable. However, it would be nice, once Wave 2 is underway, to see some sort of errata issued with a PDF or something with some of those rules that fix the primary complaints people have...instead of stubbornly insisting it's 'perfect as-is'.
  2. stargorger

    Buying retail only add-ons Australia

    Not Australia, but if it makes you feel better, we're in the same boat here in the US around this area None of the retailers I know ordered them.
  3. stargorger

    Randomized player damage vs enemy set damage

    Yeah, agreed. I guess, if there were house rules for better risk mitigation, or someone could explain to me a better strategy for not dying to crap dice rolls as much, lol, then I would be happy to hear them
  4. Hi all Maybe this is better for the rules section but it's not so much a question about the rules as a question about peoples' opinions on them, and a request for house rules ideas. For how much the game emulates the 'deterministic' nature of the videogame, it annoys me that the one thing the dice are used for are the players' actions. Dodging I can swallow a bit more...would be hard to maintain the difficulty if dodging was an automatic success that just cost stamina ("You get attacked for 9 damage!" "Oh, ok I dodge. ""Ah, nevermind.") But having randomized damage for the players' weapons...that seems a bit wonky to me. Am I crazy for thinking that? What does everyone else think? Having played the game a couple times now, I am starting to feel that one of the main difficulties of the game is the randomized player damage, and thus the inability for players to accurately ensure success. This seems pretty different from the videogame where one of the primary things I enjoy about it is that I KNOW how much damage I will do to a certain enemy. All that is 'up to chance' is my own skill and ability to hit the right timing. Since the board game doesn't have timing in that sense I understand the need for some degree of randomization to make it difficult...but it seems to me that arbitrarily making damage a victim of RNGesus goes against the philosophy of Dark Souls in general. I should be able to win through knowledge of the game and skill, not luck. Luck is for farming Wolfsblood Swordgrass Anybody else feel similarly? And more importantly...does anyone have any ideas for changing this? So far I haven't see any in the few house rules systems I've tried (which I must say I feel are almost a necessity with the rather goofy base rules set).
  5. stargorger

    House Rules - Awareness & 5th Player

    Woah woah wait...what? Really? Sonofa... *sigh*. This rulebook, in all honesty, is really shit-ily written lol. The layout and when they give you what information sucks. I read through the things twice and am still just now hearing these things? Urg. On the plus side: that's good to hear! Thank you!
  6. stargorger

    House Rules - Awareness & 5th Player

    Thanks guys. Guess I was confusing the two tokens. Although, even that being said...since currently, all enemies either attack the person with the aggro token or the closest enemy (which players will share since they start on the same starting space of an encounter, I think even then there are going to be times where there's just no avoiding getting wailed on in the first turn lol.
  7. stargorger

    House Rules - Awareness & 5th Player

    EH?! Really? I would have sworn it said that the player who went last previously starts the next encounter??
  8. stargorger

    House Rules - Awareness & 5th Player

    Oh thank God someone else agrees with me about the monsters always going first lol. Yes, great idea which I will be adopting from now on. That rule as-is sucks monkeyballs. Who the heck thought that was a good idea? It is neither realistic nor matches the videogame and just makes things unnaturally difficult for the players. If for no other reason than so many enemies target the player with the aggro token. In the last game I played, I was the herald, and generally went last in encounters...which because of the rules meant I was always aggrod first, and thus always died first. Stupid af mechanic imo. So thank you for the house rule idea For other players...I would prefer just adding other players as additional characters once that exp comes out. For now...hmmm...
  9. stargorger

    what sealer is better?

    I use Army Painter hardcoat matte barnisj and I havent had any issues. That said, I live in TX, which is definitely hot but not as humid lol
  10. stargorger

    Boss Painting progress and some advice needed

    lol I have never heard of Alclad. Guess I have research to do! I like your idea for the prismatics though. For OSL I usually just use glazes, either airbrushed or painted on depending on the side of the mini. For the Dancer I was thinking of just using the airbrush, so we shall see. As you say, the armor isn't hard to redo...so I might just experiment a bit.
  11. stargorger

    Boss Painting progress and some advice needed

    These are super cool! For the sword...i know it wont fix the bland sculpt, but what about adding some orange osl fire glow on her chest? What paints did you use for the cloth?
  12. stargorger

    Not much promotion for the game?

    I doubt they will release official paint schemes, as they are operating under the license they have from Bandai Namco or whoever for the game assets: my guess is an official paint job would require approval from the company. Could be wrong though. But I have yet to see a minis boardgame based off a license that has official paint schemes. Thinking of Conan, Star Wars, Star Trek, AVP, etc...
  13. stargorger

    Not much promotion for the game?

    Hopefully because it isnt all out in retail yet, and launches have been delayed. Hopefully lol. Steamforged does update about it pretty much every week in their video news, so they DO care about it, for sure. I think some of it is on stores though...my flgs hasnt done any sort of promotion for it yet, and Ive seen very little playthrouhs that arent user made...
  14. stargorger

    The Winged Knight goes down!

    My wife and I tried our first game this afternoon, also aiming for the Winged Knight. We got to the encounter before the fog gate and wiped lol. Those Hollow Crossbowmen are deadly beasts! And why the hell does the Herald not start with a healing spell?! Also...is it a typo that crossbowmens' attacks are magic damage??!!
  15. stargorger

    Need painting suggestion

    Again, I think I'm struggling because this is my first time working with A: metallic paints and B: fantasy figures in ~4 years lol.