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  1. Butchers! Following on from the success of this effort with my guinea pigs (the Morticians), I'd like to expand the player summaries project - and you're in wave one If you use one of the models listed and think something should be added or changed, post your thoughts. Think of it like a wiki, so if you add your thoughts below I'll compile things into this first post. You don't have to do all the models, if there's only one you think is missing something then feel free to just post that one. This is about what uses people have for the models, so if you don't use or like a model then please just ignore that one and post about others instead. If you need any ideas of the kind of thing we're looking for, take a quick glance at the Mortician one. Lets hear those ideas! Fillet (C) – Fast and able to hunt down most models in the game. With a little setup (such as Tooled Up), able to put out extremely high levels of damage. Also has decent scoring potential, for opportunistic goals. Choose targets carefully to avoid KD, << or >> counter attacks. Good into: ?? // Risky into: Morticians, resilient Guilds (Brewers, Farmers) Ox (C) – A combination of support captain and solo damage dealer. Auras and plays make any butcher a serious threat, even if Ox isn’t in combat himself. A well timed early legendary can skew whole turns towards Butchers. Wants a scrum, and is better at dealing with ARM than DEF. Good into: Low DEF, High ARM (Blacksmiths, Brewers) // Risky into: Control teams (Morticians, Alchemists) Princess (M) – A good all rounder, typically taken with Boiler to amplify his effectiveness. Good for blocking charge lanes and tying up models. Good into: ?? // Risky into: ?? Truffles (M) – Slow and survivable, very good at getting in the way of opposing models. early access to make his counterattacks and parting blows very effective, letting him bog down key models. Loses some effectiveness and Inf efficiency against non-human teams. Good into: Fighting teams (Butchers, Brewers, Farmers) // Risky into: Mobile teams (Alchemists, Fishermen), Engineer Mechanica Boiler – Good into: ?? // Risky into: ?? Brisket – Good into: ?? // Risky into: ?? Veteran Brisket – Good into: ?? // Risky into: ?? Shank – The guild’s versatile troubleshooter. Flexible enough to do most things, but will only really achieve one a turn so prioritise carefully. Provides opportunistic goal potential, but also serves as a good ball retriever/killer able to get into even slippery guilds to do it. Somewhat fragile so best kept out of scrums. Good into: Mobile teams (Fishermen, Alchemists) // Risky into: Takeout focussed Guilds (Butchers, Brewers) Boar – A wrecking ball, putting out huge damage for little Inf. Concussion can wreak havoc on opposition plans, particularly low DEF ones. Use carefully as can be quite easily shut down/controlled and taken out if isolated. Good into: low DEF Guilds (Brewers, Blacksmiths) // Risky into: Control teams (Morticians, Alchemists) Meathook – A support piece, able to achieve a lot with little Inf. Provides useful DEF reduction with a decent threat range and has solid enough Kick stats to serve as an opportunist striker. Tooled Up makes butchers far more dangerous. Can set up takeouts or cripple goal threats with her Heroic Play. Good into: ?? // Risky into: Mobile teams (Alchemists, Fishermen) Tenderiser – Good into: ?? // Risky into: ?? Veteran Ox – Good into: ?? // Risky into: ??
  2. The Navigator's Guild

    It was said by Rich that that is indeed navigators Angel
  3. Mascot Time! Frelsi

    Although having done some falconry, it is tricker if you use a pigeon Technically, falconers fly falcons and austringers fly eagles, hawks and so on. But falconry has become the generic term for it all, as hawking is no longer used and austringing is an odd word...
  4. Bonesaw

    Wait... people put Bonesaw in the middle? He rarely gets more than 8” from the wing except when aiming at the opposing goal when I use him... I don’t think the guy knows what the middle of the pitch looks like!
  5. You’re right, it should be 2/6. Typo! Which I have now fixed
  6. I have been painting, but I've not got anything to show for it yet (bonesaw needs his base doing and a matte coat to knock down the gloss varnish that protects him...). Instead today, when it was too warm to paint, I made myself a thematic dice bag for my guild ball stuff. It has a bit more room than I anticipated despite being in (fake) suede with a fake sude inner lining and a layer of padding
  7. I've been intensely focussed on painting this last day or two. The results of which are a (mostly) mathematically determined average Mortician squaddie Technically, they also need two character plays (both costing 1, one range S and one 8", and two traits, with small elements of movement tricks, some damage/take out elements, and mostly control related - enemy movement control/reduction is one of the more common aspects). But those are a bit trickier to do, as there are repeated elements but a lot more variation than there is in stat lines! And the playbook was tricky enough, having to work out all the elements and then get them to fit into the right space... So yeah... productive painting time
  8. The Casual Mortician

    Had a right laugh tonight, we played two games of Dodge Ball instead of a normal game. I lost both, 12-7 and 12-4, but they were hilarious. Highlights included Midas and Crucible both managing takeout and goal activations that won the games - both with 5-6 point activations involving carefully collecting multiple balls Scalpel finally got to use Tormented Agony, charging Calculus (while already on fire), moving 2 of her 3 inf onto Naja, then tackling her, dodging back and passing to Mercury for the takeout. Naja then got taken out next activation when Memory passed him the ball. Bonesaw failed to Unexpected Arrival Katalyst off the pitch by 1/8 of an inch, balls flew everywhere, and a good time was had by all. Did I learn anything? Well, Pelage did a brief stint on the pitch instead of Graves, and she was a suitable pain in the neck, but really? Nope, I just had fun
  9. (that's a Mortician in chinos and a short sleeved shirt) Recently, I’ve managed to get myself organised enough to start playing again. Just in time for the snow, it turns out… My local pundit @Secondbreky has been gently easing me back into the game, so last week saw my Morticians face the Masons over vassal. My team was picked mostly by what I’ve painted and what I liked the look of, so it’s probably not tournament optimised, but that works out well as I’m definitely not interested in competitive play, I’d rather relax and have a laugh. Which meant against the Masons starter six I took Scalpel, Dirge, Bonesaw, Brainpan/Memory, Ghast and Cosset. It was a week ago so the details are fuzzy, but bonesaw and memory made a great right flank goal run which succeeded despite memory fluffing the pass back for Dervish, Cosset (with dirge setting up) took out Harmony, and scalpel (out on the left wing) scored too. Unfortunately, the masons also got two goals and claimed their takeouts from the obvious targets – Cosset and Brainpan, giving them the win 12-10. This week, I took the same team into his Smoke alchemists, which was an education! Smoke took a first turn goal, and it was late turn two before I could sling Bonesaw up the centre (using Scalpel for dervish) to equalise. Then it became a bit of a brawl. Cosset, Memory and Dirge left Venin Singled Out, Screeching Banshee-d, and crowded out (but that left them and brainpan getting pounded with conditions), so Scalpel could farm some momentum to finish him off at the start of turn 3. She then killed Venin, gave Cosset Reanimate, charged Calculus, tackled the ball and scored to finish up a 6 point activation. Cosset of course died to condition damage at the end of that turn but was saved by reanimate (going from one health to three as a bonus), Memory died to fiery explosions, and Brainpan was barely alive. Bonesaw went down under another onslaught, making it 10-8 to me with no real chance of a takeout before brainpan died, and then it was a race to the final 2 points for both of us. Which I didn’t think I’d win with my fragile Morticians. The end was a bit scrappy as we realised partway through the last turn that Katalyst had been Knocked Down when he charged (token got lost in the piles of things on the board), so some momentum use needed reassigning which then meant bonesaw could punt the ball up near Scalpel, waiting for her to stand up (she was Knocked Down as well… there was a lot of it about). In the end it came down to her going for a tap in and winning it with a Screamer (her second Screamer of the match), but it was really anyone’s guess at that point as we’d had to do some rewinding! I think the weaker links in my setup at the moment are Ghast (whose and unmasking did do some good, but the wasn’t hugely reliable) and Cosset (who did much better in game one than game two, but in the end was a 2VP for 2VP trade). Between them and Dirge they aren't quite enough to run a decent takeout game, and Scalpel is usually off scoring goals so doesn't often help! I might try ditching Ghast for Casket next time, see if I can use Cosset and Scalpel to set up a Casket time while he slows down the incoming enemy to keep my squishier players alive a little longer. He is painted, so I can use him. The other option would be silence, but I was tired of him fluffing Tucked and Shut Out rolls from last year But they were fun, close games and that's pretty much all I care about - my threshold for doing well is scoring 2VP, so Bonesaw's consistent goals (and Scalpel's for that matter) have keeping me well above that line!
  10. Last 2 Exiles PDFs

    Hm... try again now, I’ve fiddled with some switches
  11. Last 2 Exiles PDFs

    I do what I can to care for my beloved flock of lazy keyboard surfers GB-S3-Engineers-HarrietV.pdf GB-S3-Farmers-HonourV.pdf
  12. Being accused of cheating

    I don’t think the dice make much difference even though they mould differently (which they do, of course. No arguments there. And sometimes one or two will be way off centre but for the most part...). I sat and rolled forty dice (twenty Kickstarter ones and twenty mortician ones) thirty five times each, carefully recording each roll. The biggest variance I got was still well within an average probability spread, so while a few did roll lower and some higher, the difference came out at about +/- 0.1... not enough to cause any significant changes in actual results. It looked like there was something at 25 rolls, but the more I rolled the closer they all got. And those are my mortician dice that can roll almost entirely 2s when I only need a few threes, so if anything was going to suck they would In the end my Morticians dice (which I didn’t trust) averaged 3.552 and the Kickstarter ones (which I felt were better) 3.601... not enough to actually matter. A lot of it is, as has been said, humans being hardwired to look for patterns in everything. One slight difference and the brain latches on like an arcturan mega leech.
  13. Swissmade is painting Masons

    The model fills more of the shot in your hand, and fingers are quite good at giving the camera something to reference the white balance, exposure etc off. You can correct for it, but it usually means more setting up and a brief trip through photoshop to set the white balance. Sometimes, the extra effort of getting a lovely accurate shot with no background just isn’t worth it
  14. The Casual Mortician

    I’m wondering if my ‘running away like a wuss’ plans will hit peak efficiency using silence, hemlocke and Casket. Anyone that can get through that pile of blockages deserves the takeout
  15. My Butchers :)

    What time's it kicking off? Manchester isn't too far, I may be able to make it if it's not too early...
  16. Been doing a little work on boiler today, mostly just getting the basics down: You can see I started with the focal point, and every so often I've gone back and pushed the contrast on it a bit further. I'm finding that useful for balancing everything out, letting me avoid too much contrast in less important areas. Also means I can retouch areas, or add in some darklining to split things up if need be. I don't like dark lining generally, but in limited palettes it can be useful. Speaking of palettes, this is my wet palette before and after a session. I don't often use it as I don't consider it necessary for most painting, but since I'm using the same colours for a long period and its warm here, it makes life easier.
  17. My Butchers :)

    Vengeance is this weekend? I don't have a ticket... wonder if I can bribe my way in to watch with cupcakes
  18. Last 2 Exiles PDFs

    I hadn’t realised people were in any major need of them, what with their pictures being on here and the blog I may be able to dig them out though, if they’re useful to people...
  19. Fixing Cosset

    Once it was in the right place it seemed to sit in easily, I think there’s a tiny groove on her stomach area that her thumb fits in to guide it. But I always file down lugs a little to make things fit easier, so that will have helped
  20. Fixing Cosset

    Her hand sits right against the front of her body, or at least that was how mine seemed to settle into place best.
  21. The Casual Mortician

    Its so true... all I have to do is put him in a corner and the scrum goes straight there
  22. My Butchers :)

    You're still a powerhouse of painting productivity, I see I still really like that purple...
  23. irondesk's minis

    Congrats, it's always a boost when you can field a fully painted team! How are you enjoying the painting after all that time off?
  24. Swissmade is painting Masons

    Welcome to the Display Cabinet That green and gold is a fantastic scheme, and you've painted it well. Nice work!