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  1. Falconers pics

    I could be wrong of course, but I didn’t think he’d actually been errata’d. That’s not to say they didn’t look, just that they decided it to change anything beyond that tweak at this point. So the hunters could see some actual changes, but of course they may not (they don’t even have a mascot interaction to reword, right?)...
  2. The new OPD covers this, I’ll find a link if no one ninjas me - the minor guilds only have eight players, but get an extra gameplan card to choose from and +1 to the start of game initiative roll. Edit: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/gb-opd-changes-march-18
  3. Falconers pics

    His card back works on squeak too, but that’s all that changed. I think...
  4. Morticans and mercenaries

    Ageeed, that’s a really lovely paintjob!
  5. Morticians post rat catchers

    I considered it, but Graves offers tooled up and scything blow. That tips it just far enough to outdo ghast’s easy for me. It’s a tough call though!
  6. Darn SJW's *shakes fist*

    Lies! Scandalous, blatant lies! Officially, I only need hemlock as I'm trying to focus on Morticians (with a side of Alchemists and Blacksmiths to break up the painting). But stuff that, some of them will get jumped into the paint queue regardless!
  7. Morticians post rat catchers

    I’m hoping when Hemlocke arrives the ladies murder squad vecomes a thing: Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, Pelage, vHemlocke, oGraves Edit: all I need to do now is take my spare oGraves and sculpt him into a pretty frock
  8. Darn SJW's *shakes fist*

    I have an issue with SFG producing interesting and varied models... I’ve had to clear space in a second cupboard for things
  9. Starting out

    Welcome aboard I thought this deserved its own thread so I moved it out of the other one, but you’re definitely in the right place! The season 3 cards are the latest updates to the models, including any errata. I don’t think much changed on the models in the kick off set though, so you don’t have to worry about it while you get started. The Kick Off set has everything you need to start playing straight out the box, you don’t need to buy anything else - you can just get that and start playing. You might want other things later down the line, but they’re not essential to play.
  10. (that's a Mortician in chinos and a short sleeved shirt) Recently, I’ve managed to get myself organised enough to start playing again. Just in time for the snow, it turns out… My local pundit @Secondbreky has been gently easing me back into the game, so last week saw my Morticians face the Masons over vassal. My team was picked mostly by what I’ve painted and what I liked the look of, so it’s probably not tournament optimised, but that works out well as I’m definitely not interested in competitive play, I’d rather relax and have a laugh. Which meant against the Masons starter six I took Scalpel, Dirge, Bonesaw, Brainpan/Memory, Ghast and Cosset. It was a week ago so the details are fuzzy, but bonesaw and memory made a great right flank goal run which succeeded despite memory fluffing the pass back for Dervish, Cosset (with dirge setting up) took out Harmony, and scalpel (out on the left wing) scored too. Unfortunately, the masons also got two goals and claimed their takeouts from the obvious targets – Cosset and Brainpan, giving them the win 12-10. This week, I took the same team into his Smoke alchemists, which was an education! Smoke took a first turn goal, and it was late turn two before I could sling Bonesaw up the centre (using Scalpel for dervish) to equalise. Then it became a bit of a brawl. Cosset, Memory and Dirge left Venin Singled Out, Screeching Banshee-d, and crowded out (but that left them and brainpan getting pounded with conditions), so Scalpel could farm some momentum to finish him off at the start of turn 3. She then killed Venin, gave Cosset Reanimate, charged Calculus, tackled the ball and scored to finish up a 6 point activation. Cosset of course died to condition damage at the end of that turn but was saved by reanimate (going from one health to three as a bonus), Memory died to fiery explosions, and Brainpan was barely alive. Bonesaw went down under another onslaught, making it 10-8 to me with no real chance of a takeout before brainpan died, and then it was a race to the final 2 points for both of us. Which I didn’t think I’d win with my fragile Morticians. The end was a bit scrappy as we realised partway through the last turn that Katalyst had been Knocked Down when he charged (token got lost in the piles of things on the board), so some momentum use needed reassigning which then meant bonesaw could punt the ball up near Scalpel, waiting for her to stand up (she was Knocked Down as well… there was a lot of it about). In the end it came down to her going for a tap in and winning it with a Screamer (her second Screamer of the match), but it was really anyone’s guess at that point as we’d had to do some rewinding! I think the weaker links in my setup at the moment are Ghast (whose and unmasking did do some good, but the wasn’t hugely reliable) and Cosset (who did much better in game one than game two, but in the end was a 2VP for 2VP trade). Between them and Dirge they aren't quite enough to run a decent takeout game, and Scalpel is usually off scoring goals so doesn't often help! I might try ditching Ghast for Casket next time, see if I can use Cosset and Scalpel to set up a Casket time while he slows down the incoming enemy to keep my squishier players alive a little longer. He is painted, so I can use him. The other option would be silence, but I was tired of him fluffing Tucked and Shut Out rolls from last year But they were fun, close games and that's pretty much all I care about - my threshold for doing well is scoring 2VP, so Bonesaw's consistent goals (and Scalpel's for that matter) have keeping me well above that line!
  11. Living in the new reality

    He does seem to gain a lot from the gameplan that grants him (and everyone else friendly) Showboating, not sure if that would be as pronounced on strikers that didn’t use dervish as there’s a fair few teamwork actions in his goal runs. Always nice when his goal generates you MP, instead of not quite replenishing the stuff you burned getting it!
  12. The Casual Mortician

    She’s not managed it for me yet, but that was because of the terrible decision to try it on the brewers, not her being bad She does a lot for me as a dervish buddy for bonesaw (it’s tricky to get memory into position sometimes because of his puny 4” kick, so her extra two inches makes life easier) and scores herself at times. She’s an awesome model, and won my favour when I managed to get tormented agony on flint in her first game. My opponent was not impressed when he suddenly didn’t have enough inf to make his goal run, and had to find something useful to do with wrecker, who was miles away from anything!
  13. The Casual Mortician

    Only problem with that (admittedly great) plan is that obulus isn’t even prepped yet, so confidence isn’t going to be available for a fair while! It’s Scalpel all the way
  14. The Casual Mortician

    Next time I’m facing a team with a single main amplifier (so I guess tapper, ox... Er... some others probably. Maybe honour?) I’ll give him another chance . Though when I can miss four dice tap ins reliably, he may end up back in the box as soon as Skulk and graves are painted
  15. The Casual Mortician

    I have terrible luck with bonus time, I’m one of those people that can roll physical dice as unpredictably as vassal does electronic ones
  16. @ForestRambo I think you hit it spot on there - the default game state is competitive tournament. It takes the right mix of circumstances and players to work as a casual game.
  17. The Casual Mortician

    I originally ditched silence because he could never get a shutout to hit anyone, but he might well get another run next time I face brewers
  18. I enjoy playing guild ball casually, so it’s entirely possible - as long as everyone involved wants to play a relaxed game and doesn’t worry much about the result, it’s much like playing any other game. I don’t experience issues with games stalling out without a clock, as the people I’m playing are happy to try risky and potentially crazy things for the laugh. I’ve also never really experienced ball killing, which is common from what I've seen of tournaments. If people are worried about winning rather than there for a bit of social fun, that seems to be when the stall/ball kill type stuff occurs as no one wants to try anything risky that would break the deadlock in case it doesn’t work. The community overall is very competitively focussed, so advice will usually be from that perspective (and I’m not saying that’s wrong, just that that's the focus). The game is written to work as a competitive tournament game, though it doesn’t have to be played that way. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground though - it’s either full on tournament scene (or aiming for it), or really casual (and avoiding competition). Casual play also tends to be much more subdued on the forum and social media. Have you tried the mob football association variants? They might help shake things up to be more fun.
  19. The Casual Mortician

    Last night I tried out swapping Ghast for Casket with our first game using the new gameplan cards. Unfortunately, I ended up facing tapper brewers, so a team of entirely 1” melee that was meant to claim some takeouts was a terrible plan Bonesaw did his usual long range goal, using Memory as a bounce point, but I spent a lot of the game with two players off the pitch before they activated because a single brewer could easily delete parts of my team, especially after tapper had gone. Also meant I was about 4-5 momentum behind every turn, so with my best gameplan card being +5 I wasn’t winning initiative any time soon! Lost 12-4, so I still got over my success threshold though First time I’ve faced Brewers though, and the first time I’ve felt like my models were truly outclassed. A lot of that came down to me just having picked the wrong team I think - Casket couldn’t use Casket Time when it was proving difficult to get even Friday down to low enough health, Dirge and Cosset weren’t able to get a decent target to pick on either, Memory could easily have spent the game KD if my opponent hadn’t been kind and killed him to farm MP... Ghast would have been better for splitting up the scrum and provided a 2” melee, Having someone like Graves for another 2” melee could’ve been useful, as could Silence’s fire or shutout, and Vileswarm’s exploding death and cheap charges would’ve done more than I managed with Dirge But of course I don’t have all of those painted yet. Graves is primed though, which might make him an option soon. So in retrospect, I might’ve gone with Scalpel, Dirge, Bonesaw, Ghast, Cosset, Silence or oGraves . Scalpel and Bonesaw are capable of handling goal runs perfectly as a pair, while the others should be better able to break up/slow down the brewers murder pack or drain health levels to where my Cosset can actually kill someone with average dice, and not spiking dice and 2-3 activations of pure setup. She might get dropped for Skulk when he’s painted though, as then I can try and ignore killing entirely in favour of stopping Friday scoring and playing keep-away. Making the last two Silence and Skulk, instead of Cosset and oGraves. Ah well, on to next week’s game! edit: oh, and having a gameplan card give every one of my models showboating meant bonesaw’s goal run was really cheap - still got to pay one for the dervish pass back, and the goal kick, but that’s covered by the successful passing so it basically breaks even. Good times
  20. Falconers pics

    Oh good, if it was a public presentation then it’s alright Man, I wish it was that simple
  21. Falconers pics

    Where were these photos taken? I hope it wasn’t at a pundit party or anything that shouldn’t be being shared, because I don’t like having to take stuff down
  22. The Rookies are here!

    I think that’s a sort of metal-look render, it might be just to improve how the details and such show up on the images. If it was just matte grey, the size of the images could make the sculpts look a bit flat.
  23. add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    I appreciate the effort Would love to help with the delivery side, but I’m not an employee, I’m a volunteer. I have zero power to affect the Kickstarter unfortunately!
  24. add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    I understand that it’s really frustrating, I’ve been part of hugely delayed kickstarters myself. And I’m not saying don’t complain on the forum, the mod team try hard to make sure people are free to express their opinions on either direction. But there are rules. So please try to post calmly even though you’re angry, and watch the swearing. We don’t want to have to warn you for it (and it’s more effective when you post without the anger and swearing).
  25. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    Sherwin did say at steamcon UK last year that pelage was a lady of the night, and that that was the closest that guild ball was getting to a seamstress. So it’s not likely to be those (thankfully ). And with all the options available from the highly clannish brewers, the criminal gang links, and the guild ball world, I think going for a thieves’ guild would be a really cliché option. Distillers, innkeepers, maybe an undercity gang of particular note, that’s the kind of thing I’m anticipating. Though of course it doesn’t have to be such an obvious fluff tie in - ratcatchers are really only tied to the morticians by vGraves’s fluff, after all. So it could be a kind of oblique tie in from a side note of a current character's backstory that no one has thought of yet!