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  1. Hi folks, Following on from my attempts to not have every guild going, I have a handful of models that I've reluctantly accepted I'll never get round to using. Which means they may as well go to a better home where someone will actually wave a brush at them and maybe even put them on the pitch! (I'm keeping four major guilds and a few minors, that should be plenty ) So I have the following, all untouched: Metal Engineers guild (inc vHarriet) metal Xmas Hearth/Buckwheat metal Averisse/Greede 2 Metal Obuluses (Obuli? Honestly not sure how I've ended up with so many of him, I have four if you count all the sculpts...) Resin Masons original 6 (Kickstarter Honour, Harmony, Flint, Brick, Marbles, Mallet) - also got Tower in a box somewhere I think. If anyone's interested in some of these, drop me a PM. I may add more later on, depending on what I find in the grey mountain
  2. Mako

    End of year/New year paint competitions?

    Same answer I’m afraid I had plans for both, but it wasn’t to be...
  3. Mako

    End of year/New year paint competitions?

    That might be a typo, I’m actually the deputy chambermaid
  4. Mako

    Gaffer becomes a Spook!

    Having contemplated it, I’m thinking gaffer could be useful if he gets things to improve other models’ efficiency - (hopefully) that will enable us to earn more VP, rather than just adding another model that stops the other team but doesn’t actually win the game for us
  5. Did anyone snap a pic of the entertainer shark from the design a model seminar?
  6. Mako

    End of year/New year paint competitions?

    I've not been able to run any this year for... reasons, I'm afraid.
  7. Hello Hunters, as part of the ongoing Guild intro project it's time for you to get a model summaries thread I don't have a clue what most of the models do, so I need your input for it - take a look at the other guild threads to get an idea of what we're looking for, but basically its a short (couple of sentences) summary of what main uses a model has. Think of it a little like a wiki, if you post up thoughts about models you like to use I'll curate them into this top post. And there's always the opportunity to update this, so if you see something is missing on a model that already has an entry post that too! (but please remember this is about the uses people have for players - if you don't think a particular model has any uses, just ignore them ) Skatha (C) - Good into: // Risky into: Theron (C) - A decent damage dealer with strong control options. Playbook repositions and ranged momentum generation make him great at disrupting a key player and controlling the first activation. Good into: // Risky into: Fahad (M) - Linked (Zarola) Good at finishing off wounded opponents cheaply via a free charge and decent damage potential. Can block off charge lanes and survive charges using Nimble, shielding other members of the team. Good into: // Risky into: ranged condition damage (Esters Brewers, Ballista Engineers), high DEF (Alchemists) Snow (M) - Good into: // Risky into: Chaska - Serves as an Inf battery, but also provides strong counterattacks, lane blocking traps, and good damage/position control via Boom Box when needed. Good into: low DEF teams (Brewers) // Risky into: high DEF (Alchemists) Egret - An opportunistic Striker using linear goal runs. Hands out multiple small damage amounts, particularly against clustered groups, staying safe by dodging back out of range. Needs careful positioning, but doesn't need much Inf and as long as she does a little damage is hard to pin down. Good into: // Risky into: high DEF (Alchemists) Hearne - Good into: // Risky into: veteran Hearne - Good into: // Risky into: Jaecar - Good into: // Risky into: Seenah - Good into: // Risky into: Zarola - Good into: // Risky into: Ulfr - Good into: // Risky into:
  8. Mako

    Gaffer becomes a Spook!

    Well, I’m sad the girl with the best hair didn’t join us, but given the hunters were still sore after what happened last year, it was basically inevitable she’d get nicked! I’ll wait to see what Gaffer’s rules are before I get excited or disappointed though
  9. Mako

    Impersonal Anger

    It’s not necessary to nudge threads marked checking, the lawyers are discussing and considering things - they keep track of everything that’s waiting for responses, and will provide them when they have them (it can take time, as working around steamcons and checking for unintended consequences can be long processes)
  10. As an aside, if anyone is interested in the engineers I’ll likely have them in my bag at steamcon. Drop me a message and we can sort a meeting!
  11. Mako

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Noooo, you have to take Layne... if you don’t, the morticians will end up with him 😭
  12. Mako

    Steamforged customer support

    It’s not always the quickest response time on that email, and I know at the moment they’ve got a lot of things needing attention all at once (on top of which, steamcon UK is coming up so everyone will be trying to get things in boxes and systems prepped). So if it’s not urgent, I’d give it until later on next week before emailing them again. If it is urgent, and you’re UK or Europe based, a phone call could be worth a try?
  13. Mako

    Falconers (:

    Yeah, I’ll be doing my usual wandering seminars and hunting for coffee
  14. Mako

    Falconers (:

    God damn dude, you really need to stop painting so much, especially so cleanly! You’re making me feel bad
  15. Aw, but he has awful hair and is a stoner... Edge is so much nicer
  16. I believe it’s two dice - Unnatural Stamina lets you use it without spending influence, but it’s still a cost 2 play.
  17. Mako

    Card Previews

    Well, I guess it depends on why you play what you play - I personally prefer to only play with models I like, while some more tournament focussed players are more interested in how they perform on the field. Neither is wrong, of course. It’s one of those things where you make your decision about what you care more about, and accept the other aspect may have to suffer.
  18. Mako

    couple questions

    You’re correct - it’s the target that can only be affected once per turn, so if Boar uses encourage on Ox, no one else can encourage Ox for the rest of the turn. Ox is the model that benefits from the Encourage action, as he gains the health/clears conditions.
  19. Mako

    Union Player Summaries

    That reminds me, I need to post about that in them all! Yes indeed, now season 4 is out I’ll be looking to update these all fully to make sure they’re useful
  20. Mako

    Union Player Summaries

    It's time for a player summaries thread for the biggest group going - the Union! A lot of you will hopefully have seen the threads in various other guild sections, and now it's your turn. We need your input to create short summaries for each player, just a couple of sentences describing the uses they have. If you post up your thoughts on models you use and feel need something added to their description, I'll add them to the main post regularly so it becomes a sort-of wiki. Blackheart (C) - Good into: // Risky into: Rage (C) - Good into: // Risky into: seasoned Brisket (C) - Good into: // Risky into: Coin (M) - Good into: // Risky into: Strongbox (M) - Good into: // Risky into: Avarisse & Greede - Good into: // Risky into: Decimate - Good into: // Risky into: Fangtooth - Good into: // Risky into: Gutter - Good into: // Risky into: Harry 'the Hat' - Good into: // Risky into: Hemlocke - Good into: // Risky into: Minx - Good into: // Risky into: Mist - Good into: // Risky into: Rage - Good into: // Risky into: Snakeskin - Good into: // Risky into: Benediction - The ultimate midfielder - sits in the scrum resisting damage, handing out Sturdy, and moving opponents into the right position. Also makes a good conduit for Red Mist. Good into: ?? // Risky into: Teams that don't engage (Shark Fishermen) Grace - Good into: // Risky into:
  21. Mako

    Inquiry question

    There’s also been steamcon US last weekend and the new season of guild ball, as well as steamcon UK coming up. It’s a busy time. I’d say wait until it’s two weeks or so since you emailed, then maybe try again.
  22. Mako

    Inquiry question

    It can take a while to get an answer, how long ago did you send it?
  23. Mako

    Egret & Flurry question?

    I believe the target model is classed as within 2” of itself, so takes the damage. Also, welcome
  24. For store support, you’re best emailing support@steamforged.com - they should be able to help you. I’d be surprised if they can’t deliver to France