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  1. The newest team on the block, but it's time for the inevitable summary thread As usual, post up the uses you've found and I'll compile them into the first post - quick summaries of what they do and who you'd take them into/avoid taking them into. As there's only one captain and mascot, the good/risky into will be more like a warning of what will be a tough matchup of course Piper - Good into: // Risky into: Squeak - Good into: // Risky into: Skulk - Good into: // Risky into: Pelage - Good into: // Risky into: Scourge - Good into: // Risky into: Miasma - Good into: // Risky into: Bonesaw (Mortician) - Good into: // Risky into: veteran Graves (Mortician) - Good into: // Risky into:
  2. I can confirm this should indeed work - but let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll hit the software with a small, precisely tuned mallet
  3. The true zen of hobby... who cares who else likes him or not if you do
  4. Mako

    Random Models for sale, UK based

    Engineers are gone folks, but I’ll potentially have a few more random single models up at some point over Christmas
  5. Hi folks, Following on from my attempts to not have every guild going, I have a handful of models that I've reluctantly accepted I'll never get round to using. Which means they may as well go to a better home where someone will actually wave a brush at them and maybe even put them on the pitch! (I'm keeping four major guilds and a few minors, that should be plenty ) So I have the following, all untouched: Metal Engineers guild (inc vHarriet) metal Xmas Hearth/Buckwheat metal Averisse/Greede 2 Metal Obuluses (Obuli? Honestly not sure how I've ended up with so many of him, I have four if you count all the sculpts...) Resin Masons original 6 (Kickstarter Honour, Harmony, Flint, Brick, Marbles, Mallet) - also got Tower in a box somewhere I think. If anyone's interested in some of these, drop me a PM. I may add more later on, depending on what I find in the grey mountain
  6. I believe rumour is that several retailers had said they didn’t want to stock the model as it wasn’t family friendly, unlike the rest of the range. I don’t know how accurate that is, though. I’ve not seen much official beyond “some people told us it didn’t fit the range”, though I of course don’t see everything that goes on on social media. Personally, I didn’t like the original and I don’t like the new one, so I lose nothing - fat/vomiting nurgle type models don’t interest me. However, the change seems to have caused a lot of anger amongst those who did like her. I definitely agree the minions look less developed, but I assume they’re WIP as the current level of detail wouldn’t match the range either. Who knows.
  7. Mako

    Combining shipping on backlogged orders

    Honestly, your best bet is to wait for a reply to your email - they’ll be able to tell you what can be done. I only really have any power over the forum Black Friday always leaves a big lag in response times though, because of the sheer volume of orders. Having worked in that kind of environment before, it’s probably not as simple as you’d think to pick out multiple orders to combine. But that’s not to say it can’t be done, SFG may be able to sort something (no guarantees though, it depends on how stuff goes through their system as to whether it’s practical and efficient).
  8. Mako

    Good models vs each team

    Against brewers I used to use bonesaw, hemlocke, dirge, silence and ghast, led by scalpel. I don’t think scalpel is a great choice though, I’d suggest obulus instead (I just haven’t painted him yet), but that’s from s3 so new scalpel may be more potent in this matchup. Between silence and hemlocke you can slow down and mess up a lot of stuff, ghast (or casket) helps with bogging down whatever reaches you, dirge is good at shuttling the ball about, and bonesaw is just good fun. Obulus will give you single target control and ball retrieval, scalpel provides multi-model positioning. The other option would be vet graves, because of his ability to go retrieve the ball, but I don’t actually have any experience with new vGraves so I can’t really say much there. First rule of facing them, I found, was do *not* engage. Do enough to get momentum and run away a lot
  9. Mako

    When Do We Get an Order Forum?

    Surprise! Honestly, I didn't realise there was an image dropped in here for a while. But I've now had time to set you up a little section of your own
  10. Mako

    Godtear Forums

    Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. I just have a very busy week or two. It will happen when I have enough time to go poking in the control panel rather than quickly checking the forum on my phone
  11. I have been painting, but I've not got anything to show for it yet (bonesaw needs his base doing and a matte coat to knock down the gloss varnish that protects him...). Instead today, when it was too warm to paint, I made myself a thematic dice bag for my guild ball stuff. It has a bit more room than I anticipated despite being in (fake) suede with a fake sude inner lining and a layer of padding
  12. 2050? You want me to rush them?
  13. Thanks man And of course, I did it the traditional way - 1am the night before, cursing myself and the varnish layers for taking too long to dry. (Side note, PlayStation exhaust fans provide just the right amount of heat to dry things quickly without causing tidelines or other problems )
  14. Hilariously, I totally forgot to take it to Steamcon - lucky it wasn't that cold really! I've finally done some more painting. Or basing, at least. Finished up Ox with a simple but (I like to think) effective base. I like to keep gaming bases under control, so they don't get in the way when they're on the table: Hard to see at the moment, but I've set it up so he's standing on part of a wood and dirt version of the butchers logo. I've got it all rigged up in my 3d printer so every member of the guild will be standing on part of it, and they'll all line up to make the whole logo
  15. Mako

    Godtear Forums

    We actually discussed this a while ago, and didn’t put one in while the play test was in full swing because it made it easier for people to accidentally post things in the wrong place. But at this stage it’s probably safe, so I’ll try and get time for that this week
  16. Mako

    Gaffer becomes a Spook!

    It doesn’t come up much in the fluff, but Obulus makes the best cherry choc chip cookies in the free cities. He was even a finalist on the Great Figish Bake Off. Who wouldn’t be tempted...
  17. Mako

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    Which in fairness was through no fault of the morticians players, we had the choice taken off us too last year
  18. Mako

    End of year/New year paint competitions?

    Same answer I’m afraid I had plans for both, but it wasn’t to be...
  19. Mako

    End of year/New year paint competitions?

    That might be a typo, I’m actually the deputy chambermaid
  20. Mako

    Gaffer becomes a Spook!

    Having contemplated it, I’m thinking gaffer could be useful if he gets things to improve other models’ efficiency - (hopefully) that will enable us to earn more VP, rather than just adding another model that stops the other team but doesn’t actually win the game for us
  21. Did anyone snap a pic of the entertainer shark from the design a model seminar?
  22. Mako

    End of year/New year paint competitions?

    I've not been able to run any this year for... reasons, I'm afraid.
  23. Hello Hunters, as part of the ongoing Guild intro project it's time for you to get a model summaries thread I don't have a clue what most of the models do, so I need your input for it - take a look at the other guild threads to get an idea of what we're looking for, but basically its a short (couple of sentences) summary of what main uses a model has. Think of it a little like a wiki, if you post up thoughts about models you like to use I'll curate them into this top post. And there's always the opportunity to update this, so if you see something is missing on a model that already has an entry post that too! (but please remember this is about the uses people have for players - if you don't think a particular model has any uses, just ignore them ) Skatha (C) - Good into: // Risky into: Theron (C) - A decent damage dealer with strong control options. Playbook repositions and ranged momentum generation make him great at disrupting a key player and controlling the first activation. Good into: // Risky into: Fahad (M) - Linked (Zarola) Good at finishing off wounded opponents cheaply via a free charge and decent damage potential. Can block off charge lanes and survive charges using Nimble, shielding other members of the team. Good into: // Risky into: ranged condition damage (Esters Brewers, Ballista Engineers), high DEF (Alchemists) Snow (M) - Good into: // Risky into: Chaska - Serves as an Inf battery, but also provides strong counterattacks, lane blocking traps, and good damage/position control via Boom Box when needed. Good into: low DEF teams (Brewers) // Risky into: high DEF (Alchemists) Egret - An opportunistic Striker using linear goal runs. Hands out multiple small damage amounts, particularly against clustered groups, staying safe by dodging back out of range. Needs careful positioning, but doesn't need much Inf and as long as she does a little damage is hard to pin down. Good into: // Risky into: high DEF (Alchemists) Hearne - Good into: // Risky into: veteran Hearne - Good into: // Risky into: Jaecar - Good into: // Risky into: Seenah - Good into: // Risky into: Zarola - Good into: // Risky into: Ulfr - Good into: // Risky into:
  24. Mako

    Gaffer becomes a Spook!

    Well, I’m sad the girl with the best hair didn’t join us, but given the hunters were still sore after what happened last year, it was basically inevitable she’d get nicked! I’ll wait to see what Gaffer’s rules are before I get excited or disappointed though