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  1. Mako

    couple questions

    You’re correct - it’s the target that can only be affected once per turn, so if Boar uses encourage on Ox, no one else can encourage Ox for the rest of the turn. Ox is the model that benefits from the Encourage action, as he gains the health/clears conditions.
  2. Mako

    Union Player Summaries

    That reminds me, I need to post about that in them all! Yes indeed, now season 4 is out I’ll be looking to update these all fully to make sure they’re useful
  3. Mako

    Inquiry question

    There’s also been steamcon US last weekend and the new season of guild ball, as well as steamcon UK coming up. It’s a busy time. I’d say wait until it’s two weeks or so since you emailed, then maybe try again.
  4. Mako

    Inquiry question

    It can take a while to get an answer, how long ago did you send it?
  5. Mako

    Egret & Flurry question?

    I believe the target model is classed as within 2” of itself, so takes the damage. Also, welcome
  6. For store support, you’re best emailing support@steamforged.com - they should be able to help you. I’d be surprised if they can’t deliver to France
  7. Mako

    S4 Team Changes

    Damn, that’s some nice data crunching! I couldn’t even make myself do more than one guild when I was just listing which tokens would change
  8. Mako

    First S4 event breakdown.

    I think they became part of the gameplan concept in the end - kind of a merger between the old plot cards and the GICs
  9. Mako

    Access to pundit info

    SFG handle pundit additions themselves (I don’t have access to the pundit list), so really it’s a waiting game. It’s also worth noting that the pundit Facebook group is very useful, and if you’re in there you can talk to the people who know about these things
  10. Since this will become important from the weekend, I thought I’d look at what plays we used to have and what plays we now have that need tokens. I think we’ve gotten away lightly, all told (hopefully a season 4 upgrade pack is in the works...) - Crazy - Offensive Defense - Rabid Animal - Gravedigger (did this have a token? Seems like it should but I can’t remember seeing one) + Meditation (now it last all turn) + Exhaustion + They Ain’t Tough + Close Control Used (I assume these exist, like Reanimate used etc) Did I miss anything?
  11. Mako

    Brick's blind spot

    This is getting creepy... I’ve started remembering rules! And just in time for them to change
  12. Mako

    Brick's blind spot

    I thought 30mm models couldn't block LoS to other 30mm models?
  13. Two metal regular Obuluses, and I’ve also found the Halloween pumpkin head one (with dirge and pumpkin ball). Havent got any of the loyalists, unfortunately... though I do need to complete my blacksmiths and alchemists so I might get it one day, and won’t need those two you mention!
  14. Possibly the most terrifying sentence I’ve ever seen on this forum
  15. I believe you can take a combination of the target doesn’t have the ball, because part of the result is legal. The can still happen to the target. I could be wrong, of course!