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  1. One of those “solve puzzles to get out of this room” browser games, only in the real world. They shut you in a room and you have to work out how to get out.
  2. SteamCon US Details?

    There was a list of names, ID wasn’t needed (though that may be because I was recognised). Worth having anyway
  3. I’m sculpting him a bush or something to jump over, so I can hide my replacement wires
  4. Skulk is a new Spook

    I’m fine with people posting him here since he’s sort of publicly available, so feel free. I haven’t got time to sort out pictures of mine
  5. Union-in-Chains Results

    Who knows then! Possibly when they finish unpacking?
  6. Union-in-Chains Results

    Steamcon games from tomorrow count, so it might be after that the next set come out
  7. I thought brewers and masons may lose a bit of grade by being in kick off, as newer players will be more likely to use them and only have the starting 6. But that probably doesn’t get the brewers out of 3 and into 2, and the American Masons players are ruining that theory a bit too, curse them Has anyone done a grid of each guild’s win rate against each other guild since the errata? I do like a good heat map in data analysis
  8. Makes sense, I’ve just spent far too long reading and checking research papers to not ask the question! Still doesn’t get the alchemists out of being weird
  9. Not exactly (though they do all wrestle crocodiles, right?) More that there might be a preference for faster guilds, or fighting guilds, or guilds that do a lot of tricks, that shows up across an entire gaming zone/country. If the majority in the states prefer a certain type of game, while Europe prefers a different type (because that’s their previous experience and what their communities played), that could lead to an affinity for certain guilds as those fit the game style better.
  10. Technical question - why the different cutoffs for EU compared to the rest? What happens if all the cutoffs are equalised? Could it be partly down to a sort of “national gaming temperament” (now that’s a management buzzword phrase for the ages ), with the gaming background and community types skewing people’s playstyle a little. That might lead to a favouring of certain guilds as they fit the broader meta more, but I’m not convinced it explains the alchemists! At least the morticians are consistent though
  11. Skulk is a new Spook

    That is a damn good point, I’d forgotten Lucky... We’ll find out soon I guess!
  12. Skulk is a new Spook

    That’s not general release though, it’s still a special event thing isn’t it? I suspect he’ll still be in tater-limbo for a while, until he sees general retail release.
  13. Which Guilds would you like to see next?

    See, after years in academia, all I can picture for the scholars guild is being unable to pass and getting debuffs for being close to each other... A collection of superstars that can’t work together. Proper academic behaviour
  14. Which Guilds would you like to see next?

    I look at this as an exercise in avoiding copying discworld (I like discworld, but that and guild ball don’t feel the same somehow even if they share an era). Which takes it thieves, assassins and (thankfully) seamstresses. So what would be an essential job in the guild ball world, on a par with the key functions already covered... weavers, tanners/glovers/saddlers (there’s a range of leather related ones), scriveners/notaries/clerks? or then again, could be more pragmatic like the far distant ratcatchers... edit: oh, and astronomers - I liked that story from the last writing contest
  15. Spoiled cards

    Ah yeah, anything that’s actually out gets shunted from previews into the faction thread - after all, once it’s released, it’s not a preview! Though I only get round to moving stuff once it’s been out a while usually, so it’s generally in the PDFs by then But as long as it’s either physically on sale or came from the blog, you can post things as much as you like