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  1. Mako

    The Casual Mortician

    New game time This week we played Multiball for a laugh... mayhem is right! I faced down Esters, Quaff, Spigot, Pintpot, vDecimate and Friday with Scalpel, Dirge, Bonesaw, vHemlocke, Pelage, and Silence. Felt good having equal inf at the start (not counting Pintpot's tokens) I also had both 7s and one six in my gameplan hand, which made momentum racing a bit easier. Unsurprisingly, vDecimate kicked off and put the ball a little right of centre (from my perspective) and a decent way beyond the centre line. I had Scalpel scoop it up, pass it back, and Second Wind backward to snag a second ball. Silence did his usual chuck fire in Decimate's way, then with his DEF 5 shrugged off the inevitable Esters double AoE. vHemlocke fluffed a bonus timed Blind, while pelage got the ball out to bonesaw then charged Friday to wrap for momentum and give her Snared (and get her into position for Dervishing). Bonesaw didn't have any Inf so a goal run wasn't on the cards this turn, but he was on the wing with a ball ready to go. The turn ended with vDecimate stacked with Empowered (speed), Bag of Quaffers, Second Wind, Tooled Up and Time's Called charging through the fire at Scalpel and being engaged by vHemlocke. and got her the ball, but then vHemlocke's column one meant she wouldn't jog away. So in effect she wasted Tooled Up and Second Wind. Turn two, @Secondbreky played the only 6 initiative card he could have as well as having the momentum race covered, so I saved my 7s and chucked down Keep The Ball Moving (I had ball plans, so wanted that extra die). vDecimate scored, with Dirge collecting the ball and dropping it for Scalpel (who was still , so it was just lying free behind them both). Pelage continued to slap Friday as I wanted to set up that goal run first, which let Pintpot charge Scalpel, grab the free ball, and generally beat most of her health away. She stood up, healed, tackled Pintpot who dodged away with his counter (ideal really, as I was going to have to attack for a dodge otherwise ) so she could pass to vHemlocke. Spigot dropped the ball he was holding and charged vHemlocke hoping to steal it and go for goal, but defensive stance meant he whiffed it so she hit him, knocked him into Esters' AoEs, and passed to Silence. At this point, Bonesaw Dervished Pelage who missed her return pass (four dice, and even the season 4 tap in rules wouldn't have saved me from 1,1,2,2 !). Luckily his giant base meant the scatter was intercepted, so he tried again, succeeded, jogged up to tap in range and shot at the goal for a Screamer. Silence closed out the turn by passing his ball to Bonesaw for another snapshot, and a second Screamer 8-4 to the Morticians, with two loose balls and one on Esters. Turn 3... I dropped a +7 to dodge vHemlocke onto one of the free balls, then spread inf around including 5 on Scalpel - she was in a corner with Pintpot and vDecimate, so I was hoping to lure them in. Or maybe survive from 9 wounds to use some, but I figured that was risky. vHemlocke fluffed an attack on Spigot, meaning I couldn't get the ball up to Bonesaw, so instead she jogged round and fluffed a pass to Pelage (but she intercepted it anyway). Pintpot spent his Inf and last three beer tokens wiping Scalpel off the board (my gamble worked, but damn it was expensive. Maybe not the best plan...). Pelage dropped the ball onto Bonesaw, then like a broken record charged Friday again for Singled Out and Snared, with Friday then dodging away and Dirty Knives-ing Silence successfully and Pelage unsuccessfully. Friday, Spigot and vDecimate were all hanging round my goal almost in snap shot range, with two balls on Esters a little way back, so I Tucked Spigot - he had two inf, needed to move up a bit to be in goal range, and this way I got to mess up his activation because he couldn't receive a pass, dodge, then score on his activation. He did Tool Up Esters, but that wasn't hugely useful and the second Inf was wasted. Dirge went wandering, but was by Pintpot, so he didn't achieve anything and because he already had 2 wounds down and bleed, he'd be dead at the end of the turn. Esters set Silence on fire, passed both balls to vDecimate so the second could be Snap Shotted and the first scored on her activation (14-8 to the Brewers). Bonesaw jogged up and tapped in another goal, and the turn closed out at 15-12 to the Brewers. Turn 4 I had a choice to make. Scalpel and Dirge came on, with Scalpel and vHemlocke near balls they could try to get to Bonesaw. I played my other 7, charged a crowd with Pelage, and did very little. Esters couldn't quite kill her in return, but before I could sort anything else out Friday finished her off to close the game, 17-12. In retrospect, I should've dropped Get Back In There - the movement bonus would have meant Scalpel or vHemlocke both could reach Bonesaw with a pass, and it was unlikely that the Brewers could get a one activation takeout if they'd had to come find vHemlocke or Pelage (or Silence, on 5 wounds but way up the pitch engaged by Quaff). That would have given me one mom for going second, one for the pass, and that would have gotten me the snap shot. Risky, given my dice, but more likely to work than my idiot plan of "charge in, what the heck" No real weak links again, at least none that were more serious than my own tactical idiocy... I'm liking this team selection even if it's a hard slog into the Brewers generally. Having three balls out meant dealing with lots of threat vectors and planning for more coordinated things between players. Running a team of mostly DEF 5 (once Bonesaw scored) meant a lot less ranged plays hitting me, which was good fun. That's the one thing the Morticians definitely beat the Brewers on, so making good use of it was pretty handy. Next week I'll probably have a better chance, because @Secondbreky touched one of my dice without thinking and my probability curse is contagious as anything
  2. Mako

    Season 4 Changes

    My initial thought was that almost all my morticians just got 1” worse at scoring more reliable goals (because of 6” kicks). But then I realised I rarely end up just scraping into tap in range, usually I’ve got plenty of distance or nowhere near enough, so it’s not going to do much there! Though the addition of tap-in to passing gives models like Bonesaw a little nudge - football dervish on a big base means one or both of those passes will likely be on 3+ instead of 4+. Granted it means bunching up a little closer at times, which then means aoes will probably hit harder, but such is life. Anything to improve my passing rate It does seem like season 4 is going to bring some interesting new possibilities
  3. Mako

    Still looking for Vet Harmony

    Locked by request
  4. Mako

    vet. Cinder

    Fraid not, I don’t have PDFs for this lot. You’re stuck with the images
  5. Mako

    Best value single box team

    No guarantees of course, I don’t know anything secret so if no one else has seen that info it’s quite possible I just dreamed it
  6. Mako

    Best value single box team

    The rookies are, as far as I know, only useable as their original versions, not veteran or seasoned versions. Rage is only an exception as his veteran version is a captain, so it’s easier to tell which one is on the field (because blackheart and seasoned brisket either will or won’t be there). They’ll also probably be models from the boxed 6, otherwise the major guilds will also have access to them too. Can’t remember where I heard it so it might just be rumour, but I thought the ratcatcher one was Scourge?
  7. Mako

    Best value single box team

    Yeah, for slightly less than the cost of a 6 model metal team you get so much more in terms of convenience - no assembly needed, a goal, terrain piece, all the tokens/health dials... it’s a pretty decent deal You can always pick up the metal sets later on if you fancy indulging in the hobby side of things, or want a new challenge in your games
  8. Mako

    Best value single box team

    The metal teams don’t have tokens or health dials included, only the blacksmiths/farmers/falconers/ratcatchers do. You can get token sets for all the other guilds but they’ll cost a bit extra (around £15-20 usually), and you’ll either need to make health dials (fairly simple if you’re good at handicrafts) or get some clear backed card sleeves so you can use a dry wipe marker to mark wounds.
  9. Mako

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    My preferred glue for these types of things is loctite powerflex, as it has a bit of rubbery give in it that helps prevent cracking/snapping off with gentle knocks. And hope. Hope is also useful
  10. Mako

    The Casual Mortician

    Ok, a bit slower than usual to write this up but this time I thought ahead and took notes! Brief (and fairly cryptic) ones, but notes nonetheless! I faced the dread might of the brewers this week in the form of Tapper, Quaff, Spigot, vDecimate (unsurprisingly ), Pintpot and Lucky. In response I ended up taking Scalpel, Dirge, Bonesaw, Silence, Casket and vHemlocke (whose final varnish coat was barely dry). I received, and vDecimate kicked off. Since the ball was a decent distance up, I decided to leave it and drop a fire blast between it and vDecimate, forcing her to do something less efficient. Unfortunately I’d forgotten Lucky’s Raise the Stakes, so he could reach the ball and pass it back to her instead... Rather than let the brewers have the ball, I decided to launch Scalpel up the centre, tackling and dodging out of melee to punt the ball back towards my lines. She also served to distract the entire brewers team, who spent most of the turn beating her down while I did other things - using dirge to shuttle the ball to hemlocke, who passed to Bonesaw and Midnight Offering-ed him, so he could sprint up, meditate and score (lucky I could meditate, because I missed the first shot). 4-0 to Morticians Turn two began with Lucky taking out Scalpel to deny me the activation (4-2 Morticians), then raising the stakes to reposition him. I used it to dodge Casket so he could charge Spigot (way out on the right flank with the ball), managing to double push wth the charge, then roll all 2s and 1s, then just about reach heavy burden. I’d hoped to get him off the pitch, but the dice were not cooperative. Tapper then attacked Bonesaw with equally terrible dice, so it wasn’t all bad Silence Shut Out vDecimate and dropped a flame blast to protect vHemlocke, Dirge Singled her Out (purely for a momentum) then got taken out by Pintpot (4-3), Quaff gave her Bag of Quaffers, then vHemlocke Blinded her... almost like she was the major thing going on for both of us! In the end Spigot freed himself by and Casket, and the inevitable charge by vDecimate ended with two non momentous damage on Silence, because Blind is great. Into turn 3, and Scalpel/Dirge come on to interfere with a goal run and engage Spigot respectively, who ends up needing three attacks to push dirge off the pitch (4-4), then can only glide round Casket’s rough ground and drop the ball on Pintpot. Scalpel promptly charges him for 1 Inf (yay gameplans), tackles him and push/dodges about so she can kick to the open out on the wing near the Brewers goal line, far away from everyone except Quaff and Casket. Bonesaw gets , Silence runs away from vDecimate across rough ground, and then Pintpot spends his beer tokens to attack and triple Concussion Casket and strip all his Inf. More violence ensues, though Lucky gets Blinded to prevent him joining vDecimate attacking Scalpel, so he instead charges Silence for 1 damage. Bonesaw goes out to Tapper (6-4 Brewers) And so we drag ourselves into turn 4, with Bonesaw reappearing on the ball wing, far away from Tapper and co! vDecimate charges Scalpel, takes her out (8-4 Brewers), and I reallocate 3 of her 4 Inf to Casket (again hooray gameplans). Casket s Spigot and Pintpot enabling him to sprint up, pick up and drop the ball further away from Quaff towards the wing. Silence and Hemlocke continue to flame blast and Blind in order to not get killed by the encroaching Brewers, while Bonesaw successfully Dervishes off Casket for another goal, bringing to 8-8. Quaff takes the goal kick, then fluffs a pass to Spigot with 6:6 scatter that lets Dirge run off to the wing again with it, leaving Spigot too wide to shoot once he’s tackled it back, forcing him to pass to Pintpot who dodges towards the goal. [At this point even if Pintpot fails to score, I have a lot of players on 5 or 6 health with 5/0 defensive stats, so takeouts are a very real danger...] Turn 5 (which we rarely see)! Pintpot uses Silence for momentum, then fluffs his 2 dice kick leaving Hemlocke to jog, Midnight Offering herself, and kick the ball out into space neal Scalpel, scattering it slightly begins my own goal line. Not a problem, as either Scalpel gets it next activation or a Brewer does,so I won’t moss out on mom. Spigot once again takes out dirge (9-8 Brewers) and kicks the ball off pitch for a central scatter, right next to Quaff and vDecimate. Bonesaw charges the dog, dodging round and grabbing the ball to boot it back out towards Scalpel in the hope of a cheeky goal run, getting rubbish scatter. Lucky finally takes out Silence (11-8 Brewers), Scalpel (who now can’t get to the ball) instead pushes Spigot off the pitch (11-10), and the game ends at last with vDecimate kicking through vHemlocke to score and make it 15-10. Man, that was a long game, eventually won by the brewers scoring 1 goal and seven takeouts... I don’t think @Secondbreky could’ve picked a harder way to go about winning During this game we realised that the Morticians were running at 12 Inf, while with Tapper and Pintpot the Brewers were usually running at 15+ Inf... no wonder I felt like they were doing more That imbalance aside, Hemlocke proved immensely useful, blunting a whole pile of attacks and letting Bonesaw make an easier goal run to start the game. She also used it on herself to back away from danger a few times and scoop the ball away from my goal. The twin combo of Silence and Hemlocke kept some of the more brutal violence distracted/slowed enough to deplete the usual takeout steamroller, so that was pretty great :) Scalpel’s initial suicide run was a bit of a high risk thing (and in many ways, I should’ve just gone and got the ball instead of Flame Blasting first activation... that’s what I get for trying to be interesting), but it did get me 2 VP ahead by distracting the whole Brewer team, and I didn’t have the Inf to fuel everyone so losing the activation turn 2 wasn’t the worst thing (though her 9 health return was a pain). Pintpot’s ridiculous Inf efficiency with his tokens, and the resulting triple concussion, was far worse Dirge did little as usual, scooping the ball a couple of times but gave up 3VP this time, at the cost of 6 MP for the Brewers. Good enough for my liking although he doesn’t usually get taken out so much. Casket’s Heavy Burden came in handy too, stunting Spigot’s goal threat at key moments, though the rough ground was no real use against the momentum laden Brewers (always Gliding, damn them). He’s survivable, but I’d possibly rather have had Ghast for the better and less having to work around my own model’s aura. And easier access to enough push via unmasking to get Spigot off the field the first time I tried... I also struggled for momentum all game, needing it to bonus time and get the results I wanted, which meant even on the rare occasions I could generate half as much as the brewers, it was all being spent rather than building up. The price of the do-not-engage strategy that seems to be necessary I guess Still, no real ‘weak’ links this time - a fairly solid team for the Morticians against the Brewers, mostly let down by the inept muppet behind the dice (although having forced the game out to almost 5 full turns against a team I consider a really tough matchup with some seriously potent players, I feel like I’m starting to get a bit of a handle on how to screw with @Secondbreky‘s plans to best effect )
  11. Mako

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    Definitely surprised me, I was expecting the law to be like the physicians, too important to risk them having a team and thus being biased!
  12. Mako

    2 farmers Questions

    They can make an attack against another model than Fallow, they just can’t declare one. Which they aren’t, as they’re declaring a counterattack. It’s a small distinction, but important The “if able” wording on a counterattack is there because if you’ve been or pushed/dodged out of range, you can’t make the attack. You’ve still spent the MP and declared the counterattack (which you do when the initial attack is declared of course), but that’s no guarantee you’ll get to make the actual attack itself
  13. Mako

    Season 3 Nationalities for Homelands Cup

    There edit: or not, apparently!
  14. Mako

    Season 3 Nationalities for Homelands Cup

    I had a spreadsheet of nationalities somewhere, it’s up to date with the Rats (though not the Falconers). I can dig it out in a bit... Edit: Taken away to be fixed