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  1. Not by us, we've got better stuff to do... like look at my new blacksmiths models They aren't the same quality as the metals, but they aren't by any means terrible. The detail is slightly softer but not by much, the build quality is good (no blobs of glue), and the flash/mould lines are probably better than the metals (and a lot easier to deal with). They're not rock hard plastic, but they're nowhere near as bad as PP's restic! They'll paint up lovely in expert hands, and they'll go as well as the metals do in less experienced hands I think. Are they the world's most beautifully detailed and cast models? No, and they are a little (not a lot) lower quality than the metals (also, the bases are coming off as soon as I get them home. They work, but they aren't pretty or interesting). But I'm hugely picky about models given my painting preferences, and I'm not seeing a problem with them after opening my box. In fact, I'm looking forward to getting them home and under my brushes Which is good, because I was dreading having to come on here and say I didn't like them!
  2. I've taken to spraying the bases and models separately, just to avoid that worry! Gloss coat, light dust of matte, then hand painted satin on the metals and anything else I want shiny. A bit of a faff, but the end result is more to my liking
  3. KDOG gives it a go

    I hadn't thought of that... showing woo stuff does make it easier to slow down! I think I only transferred my most recent stuff to imgur, did a massive delete spree in photobucket then downloaded the rest as a zip and deleted the account. Then just added my morticians to imgur and went from there, if I need anything else at some point I'll only have to add stuff in small batches
  4. Weighing plastic models down

    It's just a thought, not sure how much weight it would actually add, but has anyone tried pouring plaster into them to fill the underneath?
  5. It's quite common in my experience for miniatures forums to limit space per person - if everyone started uploading their pictures directly in whatever resolution they chose, the hosting space would be swamped with them all very quickly. As was said, third party hosting is the way to go. I personally use imgur, but there are a lot of choices out there.
  6. They could well be, I'm not sure. I'd guess they might be a harder plastic. Really, we need someone who has both to make that call
  7. SFG resin is suuuuper sensitive, be really careful when stripping that. I lost a few old resin models to pure iso-propyl alcohol, which is safe on every other resin and plastic I've ever tried. Hopefully the plastics are a bit more resilient, but if/when I get the Blacksmiths next week I'll know a little more hopefully
  8. The Goal Post Thread

    I finally got off my backside and built a goal for my newly painted Morticians, so I guess I should post it here
  9. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Those are awesome, I think I have a new favourite masons team
  10. The Perfect Guild Ball Gaming Table

    I guess this is the point where you have to decide how complex you can get
  11. Generally best to ask at a pharmacy, supermarkets will probably only have 70%.
  12. I have stuff turn out badly all the time, it's how I know I'm learning something new I originally primed and started painting Silence, Cosset and Ghast in a different method. It sucked, so I stripped them. Unfortunately the resin SFG used did not like my paint stripper (which has worked fine on everything else I've tried, metals, plastics and about a dozen different resins) and it swelled. I had to trash all of them and buy in new copies (which also meant buying Obulus and graves in metal too... Cosset was an expensive mistake!) For everything except SFG resins I use iso-propyl alcohol, the 96% kind not the 70% rubbing alcohol kind. SFG resins I have no good solution for, so I won't be testing things out on models I can't replace individually (which may be a bigger problem in the future of course...) That said, if the paint is put on thin and smooth enough, sometimes I just re-prime and paint over it. Lazy but it works
  13. Mystery box!

    Yeah, I'd guess there were a lot that went very quickly... these things usually do. With the Blacksmiths, whatever the initial production run was is probably what will be there. And production runs aren't usually a handful of pieces They could have a couple of pallets just of that box, but gencon being gencon that could all go on the first day - unless they space the stock so it's available each morning, which has its own issues.
  14. The Perfect Guild Ball Gaming Table

    Check out Geekchic and Geek'n'son for expensive gaming tables, they're not really what you want for a transportable option but they might give you some ideas about what accessories/areas you could have. I'd definitely agree with @CurlyPaul on the size thing, you always need at least a good 6" on either end for cards, piles of widgets and the like. 4'x4' could let you do it as quarter folds, making it a bit less bulky in terms of carrying and storage, but that means you may need to figure out a more complex support structure. Are you thinking something with its own legs, or something that you can put on any normal table to turn it into a gaming space? Someting that might be cool to have is a momentum and VP counter built into it, a series of labelled holes with coloured pegs perhaps? Card holding grooves are also a great idea, maybe a shallow tray so the edges are just high enough to keep the dice from escaping when rolled (though that might be too bulky because of the depth needed). I love projects like these, so I'm looking forward to seeing your process edit: I'm not great at carpentry, though I have hacked some wood about in my time. I tend to find drawing it all out on something like Sketchup helps me work out measurements and hinging points etc.
  15. It's a little sad, but I ended up working out how to make custom gravel for the path - couldn't find any I liked in shops The only problem I have with gencon is that I'll try and pick up the blacksmiths, then when I get back I still have to finish the morticians first six before I can start messing with the new toys!