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  1. Always a pleasure That’s two down, eleven to go I think? Aargh...
  2. Finished up Boiler, so here's the final images: I used a very dark colour for the straps around the body to break up the areas of the model a bit more, then started building up the metals. the third picture is him effectively finished, but there's a bit of work to do - his focal point is spread down the lower face and front arm, and along his back arm up to the axe. That's not quite working for me, so I glazed the arms darker to break those areas up. I then pushed the face highlights a touch further, and added in some bright points in the hair to make the upper part of his head brighter. Didn't matter if the gloves were different shades, or if his hair gained orange only in the fringe, as it's all about the light. That leaves his face and the upraised axe as more isolated areas, drawing focus. Boiler's not the easiest model for it, as the goggles combined with the tiny face are a bit awkward, but it still works - the highest contrast is on the two key areas of the model, surrounded by darker areas, with the vast sea of red broken up by dark lining.
  3. I can probably send over a spare Lucky I have lying about @DougE , if you PM me your address
  4. GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    The last two exiles were already posted by people in their respective faction forums after Salute, before the blog featured them. And even for the others, usually people repost things from the blog whether they go up in the previews section or not. Which meant the time we (Jamie and myself) have to spend setting up and organising previews on the forum didn’t seem like it was worth doing for those ones However, when people ask me for things, I try to provide
  5. Rule Book PDF

    That isn't going to be possible - the rulebook is an official document, approved by SFG and Namco Bandai, using licenced art etc. Providing it in an editable form for someone to change the content freely without any oversight is not something that will be a viable option for SFG. After all, once that editable file is loose, there’s no control over how many documents with what content end up all over the Internet with SFG and Namco Bandai’s IP and branding on. Neither company will want that to happen.
  6. Engineer Player Summaries

    And we're up to date
  7. Union Player Summaries

    Up to date Can I tempt anyone with thoughts?
  8. Butchers Player Summaries

    Up to date again
  9. Farmer Goal Post

    Having gone and had a proper look at photos of the goal, it almost looks like a chicken’s foot... I’d just expected a pig with an apple in its mouth!
  10. Farmer Goal Post

    I assumed it was an apple, but I could easily be wrong...
  11. Compson's Painting...

    You definitely don’t need to be nervous about showing your painting, that’s some serious skill you’ve got there!
  12. The Navigator's Guild

    It was said by Rich that that is indeed navigators Angel
  13. Mascot Time! Frelsi

    Although having done some falconry, it is tricker if you use a pigeon Technically, falconers fly falcons and austringers fly eagles, hawks and so on. But falconry has become the generic term for it all, as hawking is no longer used and austringing is an odd word...
  14. Bonesaw

    Wait... people put Bonesaw in the middle? He rarely gets more than 8” from the wing except when aiming at the opposing goal when I use him... I don’t think the guy knows what the middle of the pitch looks like!