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  1. I tend to struggle with damage, but I’m always facing brewers so that probably explains it Champ though... forward, ball playing and ball retrieving. Could be an option? Hair wise, it’s hard to tell. Not much detail there in the art!
  2. Mako

    The Free Cities Draft

    He’s one of the top blokes, and I reckon in the top ten for the game as a whole. He looks after his blonde locks
  3. Mako

    The Free Cities Draft

    And third place for hair, I reckon. Possibly 4th. Middle of the pack, anyway
  4. So, knuckles then... a heavy tackle, with the ability to take a punch and deal with forward players. Could be useful for the morticians? On the important side of things, not bad hair - not the best, but I reckon above average. Third place for him
  5. You want to give the engineers more ranged abuse capability? I originally said it fairly throwaway, but the more I think on it, getting the ball back is one of the weaker things in my mind. All just my (limited) experience of course, but the big difficulty I have is that we can shut down all sorts of tricks, but in the end that’s not scoring us any points. It might be because I play a more goal oriented scalpel-bonesaw-vHemlocke thing, but the biggest problem is when the other side have the ball. Once that happens, all we can do is try to force them into a weak play while they pick whether to score or take out players, whichever is their strength (and we’re pretty average at both VP routes, as far as I can tell, so they’ll always have a favourable pick). Sure, shutting those strengths down is the whole mortician thing, but again that’s just dragging things out in the hope of a mistake. Obulus aside, it’s really difficult to actively engage with the opposition rather than passively try to trap them (or hope for better than 1 for 1 swaps in the takeout game). So really, anyone having ranged ball threat would be gold. I doubt we’ll get Kami, but my hope would be someone to let us be a bit less passive when the ball isn’t at our feet. I could of course just be a terrible player, but then I won’t have time to play much so it’s not me that will make the decision as to who we get
  6. Mako

    The Free Cities Draft

    Totally forgot Fathom existed, that is good hair too! She would probably knock Friday out the list Farris is one of those in my 6th equal pile, along with siren and brisket (most of her variants have pretty good hair). Skatha is the most unique in hair terms, but it just doesn’t do much for me for whatever reason. Not sure why. Several of my top choices are because they remind me of old friends, so it’s definitely not unbiased I reckon Sakana has a good set of head and chin hair on him too, I’m not a big fan of the male ponytail on models, so that cuts a lot of the slicker men out of the running! ...have to wait til Monday to see where the next rookie ranks in the hair scale, don’t we? Damn!
  7. Mako

    The Free Cities Draft

    It’s tricky, there’s some good hair out there. Though it must be said, most of the bad hair is on the men and most of the good hair is on the women... I reckon my best picks are Egret, vHonour, vHemlocke, Friday and Calculus. But it’s quit tight at the top, there’s about a dozen more that have good things to be said. Zarola is pretty close to the top too. Katalyst has to be winning the hair-fail award though I think
  8. Mako

    The Free Cities Draft

    And with that, my free time for the next week or so becomes engaged!
  9. I could go for some ball killing/retrieval tech, if that's what Kami brings - I find the Morticians good with the ball, but a bit vulnerable getting it back off people. Kill the Ball or something with ranged tackle would go down nicely And of course, she's second in the Official Hair Rankings*, so that's handy. *not official in the least
  10. Mako

    The Free Cities Draft

    Fairly decent hair, puts her second to Edge. She’s approved for the morticians (ball tech like kill the ball would also be fun, but it’s all about the hair)
  11. Mako

    The Free Cities Draft

    Terrible hair though. No place for him in my morticians
  12. Mako

    The Free Cities Draft

    Best hair so far! That’s legit as a method of picking players, right?
  13. So far, I’m definitely in favour of edge. She’s got the best hair by miles, and that’s what counts, right?
  14. Mako

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Aye, I don’t take oGraves much myself (don’t like him if I’m not out fighting people, and since I usually face brewers that’s always!). Exhaustion and close control seem more useful for me. Not always, but I can see some useful stuff going on with a ball team.
  15. Mako

    WTB: Kickstarter OX

    My pleasure! I hope he’s lucky for you