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  1. Latest Vassal Module?

    Who’s keeping the module up to date these days?
  2. Winter Painting Contest

    Ha, yeah, you’ve got a weird two-rank thing going on Think of it as being one of the elite protégés who’s tipped for greatness
  3. I borrowed a bunch of ideas from you for it, so you should get at least some of the credit
  4. Hello from the frozen North!

    Ahh, memories... I worked at U of T for a few years, so all the names are familiar. Though I lived almost next to CAMH, because I liked being close to work The key with vassal, I’ve found, is to expect it to take a few seconds to respond to anything you do (that’s the price of all the functions in it) - that way it’s much less frustrating. Timed games on it are a bit problematic, but the rest works fine!
  5. Winter Painting Contest

    Shh, don’t tell him I’ve promoted myself to his deputy and been recruiting Edit: well, technically he’s the master of the scholars guild. But I’m still saving the space at the top in case he wants to rule the artisans too, since I’ve been making it up as I go
  6. Winter Painting Contest

    And that's it closed folks, at 24 entries! I'm always happy to see how enthusiastic people are about these little contests, if I can get people painting stuff then it's worth it The next steps then - Judging will go on this week, balancing the two criteria of Theme and Painting, and next weekend (with a bit of luck and no major disasters) we'll announce the winners. Then I'll get in touch with them to sort out getting their prizes sent out. But regardless of who takes the top spots, you've all made it to Apprentice Artisan so there's bragging rights for you
  7. The hilarious thing is, my plan was to have her looking at Salt so I've had to strip back the eyes and repaint in the primer fade...
  8. Order them when you get a team of 6 painted
  9. Speaking of photos, here's the traditional first step in bust painting for me:
  10. I used to write painting tutorials, so I had to get to grips with it All my photos are done in a careful setup involving an SLR, tripod and light box (ok, a really cheaply cobbled together one, but it does the trick), then run through photoshop to normalise the white balance (I keep a piece of white paper in the pictures to give it a reference point) and adjust the exposure. Also to crop them, combine them, and resize it all. Bit of a faff, but it means I can get pretty accurate photos
  11. Winter Painting Contest

    A little over 12 hours to go folks!
  12. Weird Forum error?

    @S_A_T_S that’s just because I’ve been poking stuff, they’ll be vanishing again soon Edit: but I will set up a technical support section, that’s a good idea
  13. Winter Painting Contest

    I think you can link from Facebook to here, though I’m not sure how it’s done (I use imgur). I know @speedfreek links from twitter, he (or someone else) may know more
  14. Resources

    I suspect it’s just an oversight, I’ll pass word along and hopefully it can be fixed fairly soon!
  15. Winter Painting Contest

    Me, once the judging is over and I've announced the winners @torarin welcome to the forums, glad we could tempt you off facebook!