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  1. boda317

    Newbie help please

    so I tried the game in season 1 and realized that the butchers weren't for me. A friend has gotten me back into the game and I was able to get my hands on both farmers sets for relatively cheap. Can someone explain how each guy with best? Or send me a link to a post that already explains that?
  2. boda317

    New to the guild!

    Wonderful! I will do that. Thank you both very much! This will help me it a lot
  3. boda317

    New to the guild!

    I just picked up a few models and the season 2 rule book today but i have questions. 1. I got the season 2 rule book but do i need a season 1 rule book too? 2. i also got the starter set, boar, and tenderizer. Do these guys work well together? i went for what looked nice to me. 3. Is there any guides on this forum that will help me run this team well? thank you all for the help!
  4. Hello all! just bought into the game seeing as no one plays any other mini games where i'm from. looking forward to playing some more games in the future!