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  1. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    The only criticism i can offer is that i was looking forward to some creative conversions! Only joking, great work as always!
  2. Ignore me found an answer
  3. Union GIC Theory Thread

    I understand, but I'm saying that for this card because the ability will only come into play now and again, not every turn, I would prefer the heal to be 4 not 3. The Brewers card can be used every turn without fail and keeps its heal at 4. I think the level of healing needs to balanced alongside the actual mileage you will get from the ability. If it's something you will use every turn, low healing rate (2). If it's something that will come up averagely, average healing rate (3). And if it's something that comes up rarely, high healing rate (4)
  4. Union GIC Theory Thread

    I think the lack of comments on this one generally sum it up really well. Its very meh. it's not bad, it's not good, it's just something that will be nice if you happen to lose initiative. i think this is ok as a standard card if it's the middle ground, but I would like to see the heal stay at 4.
  5. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    Whilst I love the idea of the GIC, I think it would be very hard for SF to create a competing card with this one. It's seems too much of an auto take. I worry that this card backs them into a corner. I would suggest dropping the heal down to 3 or even 2, or making it say "Once per turn a friendly guild model can use its heroic play for the cost of 1 INF rather than 1 MP" or something along the lines of that
  6. So it literally comes down to a game of chicken between the two players? I feel like that could be better regulated...
  7. Simple question here, if I score a goal and have "Knee Slider", my oppponent has "Who are Ya?" Who plays plot cards first? Is it just a game of chicken? if I choose not to play "Knee Slider" but then my opponent plays his card can I change my mind? Is there any specific timing with regards to this?
  8. I would say following the ruling on Ball's gone, you don't have to fulfill the second part of the character play. I may be wrong on this however.
  9. Season Four Solthecian Player

    Yes he is very similar to Mainspring, but mainspring is a good mascot, the only reason he's not taken is because Mother is far better and makes Hoist a better player. We don't have that kind of competition in the Union, neither Coin nor Strongbox are stand out amazing mascots, and my thoughts were if I was playing a Brisket lineup I would probably take this mascot. Also so yes you are correct I forgot to give him a tackle Do they? Where is that written? I don't remember reading that, not questioning you just honestly curious about that as I don't remember that in the fluff...
  10. Season Four Solthecian Player

    Basically just like most union players he would be more solo than other mascots. He could make passes with his free influence, or go for goal. He is unique in that he would be the only mascot (I think) who can have 4 influence, and he always gets the free one. He could be given 4 inf in a turn and gain one and go for a crazy (but influence sucking) goal run. Or he can fly around giving and extra crowd out and maybe a free attack a turn (for that sick 1 momentous damage)
  11. Season Four Solthecian Player

    My thoughts on a Solthecian mascot, it's a mechanical owl just like the one in clash of the titans Clockwork Mascot, Mechanica, Solthecian Mov. Tac. Kick. Def. Arm. Inf. 6/8 2 2/4 4+ 1 1/4 < 1 (The circles are momentous) Character Plays Wind up: CST 1 RNG S ZON - SUS X OPT X This model may make a [1"] Dodge Traits Holy creation [Solthecian]: At the start of this model's activation if it is within [6"] of a friendly model of the named type this model gains [1] INF Wizened scholar: When making a TN test this model may use Bonus Time! without spending MP Flying
  12. Bass finished pulling on his shorts and tied a rough rope tight around the waist, the guild had yet to find anything really suitable for a man of his size to wear so most of his clothes were very badly sewn leather. He picked up the shirt they had hastily thrown together for him, but Bass didn't like the feel of the fabric, so he put it back down neatly on the bench in front of him. He turned and took his Patu from where it was hanging on the wall, the feel of the hardwood club felt great in his hands. Bass was suddenly reminded of his younger days training to be a great warrior for his tribe. This Patu had been handed to him by his father, and was covered in small intricate spirals carved into the wood. Bass suddenly felt a pang of loss, he missed his father and his tribe, and he would have done anything to get back to them. That was the only reason he was here today, a one legged man named Corsair had promised to return him to his family. In return all Bass had to do was play ball for a year, literally. Bass still didn't understand the rules for the game, but Corsair had promised him he would get it in no time, a 'natural' Corsair had called him. Bass sighed and wrapped the leather thong on his Patu around his wrist. He tested the weight of it by giving it a swing forward and then back. He stretched his muscles by pulling both his arms in front of himself, and then he strode out of the dressing room ready to learn. Jac watched the monstrous new player emerge from the dressing room taken aback by his sheer size, Jac thought he would probably make the Boar look more like a piglet, even Kraken seemed small next to this giant. The behemoth was wearing a pair of simple leather shorts tied with a rope, and a number of necklaces of varying length. He was tattooed from head to toe, bare chested and bare-footed, something Jac thought was both equal amounts of brave and stupid. Jac watched Shark walk over to the big fellow and start explaining something in a language Jac didn't fully understand, the giant nodded his head to show his understanding, and then walked over to stand by the goal post. Everyone had stopped their practice to watch the new rookie in action, even Corsair was stood by the sidelines of the training ground with his arms folded ready to see what was about to play out. Shark kicked a ball to Angel who brought it deftly under her control. Angel turned away from the goal and started dribbling the ball at speed. Jac had never seen anyone as good at control as this youngster, except maybe that show boat mason Flint. She spun around, turning quickly with the ball. She brought it through her legs off to the left side of the goal, flicked it out and hit it with power right towards the goal. Jac watched it soaring through the air curving slightly. He didn't think it fair that the rookie had to deal with one of Angel's best shots. Suddenly the big guy moved, almost faster than Jac could keep track of, and the ball changed direction flying right towards Angel. It hit her in the chest full force and knocked her to the ground. Jac looked at the giant to see him stood there with his wooden pounder gripped tightly in his left hand, expression stern and unyielding. Without warning Shark flicked a ball in the air with his right foot, bounced it off his left knee and volleyed it toward the goal post. The giant turned at the sound of the rushing ball. His left arm came up faster than Jac could ever imagine a player of his size being able to move, his club contacted the ball and it flew off to one side harmlessly out of the way. “Damn that guy is fast” Jac said as he noticed Siren appear by his side. "Sure hope he can handle himself in a scrum, big guy like that in defense could be just what we need" Siren glared back at him expressionless not saying a single word. The pair of them watched as the rest of the team took shots at the goal. The big guy stood like a stone wall in front of the goal, barely even moving, batting away the shots one by one. After thirty minutes the only player to score a goal had been Sakana, and even then he had taken his shot whilst the giant was distracted by an attempt from Angel. “Excuse me a minute will you dear” Jac said to Siren as he started to jog towards to the goal. He began to pick up speed, dialing his jog up to a sprint, as he neared the goal and his target he lowered his shoulder with the intention to barge through the new guy and knock him to the floor. The giant turned just in time for Jac to catch him square in the midriff with his lowered shoulder. He flew backwards, carried by Jac's forward momentum, until he hit the goal post hard. The wooden post adorned with many different trinkets and talismans snapped in half, splinters of wood flying in every direction. Jac had pulled up slightly short of the post, leaving the rest to momentum. He watched as the behemoth hit the floor sending up a cloud of dust, dirt and wood. Jac walked over to the knocked down player and offered his hand to help the fallen giant up. The monstrous player clapped his arm around Jac's and pulled his way up. "Still got a lot to learn, but welcome to the team" Jac said jovially between labored breaths. "Thank you" replied the big guy smiling "My name is Bass"
  13. Custom homebrew guild

    DO you have a link to the file or anything ?
  14. I'm looking to make my own custom homebrew guild. Does anyone by any chance have a template i can use for the cards? My own skills at creating one on photoshop are severely limited.

    I posted this on FB but i suppose i should copy it over to the official thread... I personally feel taking away the alternating deployment is taking away the most exciting part of it. Couldn't we do something like League of legends? Kicker deploys kicking player Receiver deploys 2 players Kicker deploys 2 players Receiver deploys 2 players Kicker deploys 2 Receiver deploys 2 Kicker deploys 1 This would allow the kicker to maintain the ability to counter the receiver.