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  1. Guild Ball returns to Merseyside, the home of football!* JustPlay is hosting its first Guild Ball tournament in it’s new venue. Come and see the sight of the scouse city and play some games of Guild Ball whilst you’re here. Tickets and rules pack: https://justplaygames.uk/products/north-west-frontiers-cup-ticket-21st-april-2018 Find out more about the venue here: https://justplaygames.uk/ Any questions or anything please post here and I’ll answer ASAP! *disclaimer it may not be the home of football, but it has two top flight football teams who had a period of glory some time in the past.
  2. Erahf's WIP Teams

    Did you ever finish your goal token?
  3. When does the damage from Grim Caress trigger and does the extended reach finish before Grim caress comes into play? Extended reach "During it's activation this model's melee zone is [3"]." Grim Caress "Each time an eneymy model ends an activation engaging this model, the enemy model suffers [3] DMG"
  4. Hot Shot and Counterattack

    That is an official word. Henry is Lawyer's guild, that's as official as it gets.
  5. Wake up and smell the chains!

    Well this was supposed to be a positive uniting post to pull us all together despite the fact that our players are being pulled apart. Clear it hasn’t be taken that way. This makes me sad.
  6. Wake up and smell the chains!

    Wow. I’m trying to band all of our Union brethren together and the whole talk has devolved into how the Union is most likely being taken out of the game. I feel like the whole spirit of this post seems to have been ignored...
  7. Wake up and smell the chains!

    Wow. Way to give up on things. We should fight for the Union! For the vision of the Longshanks! For the long past days of glory led by the pirate king, a scything blow Gutter, a 2” Melee Decimate, a def 6 Hemlocke (with AOE Blind) and finally a Mist with where did they go! Never forget our fallen comrades, let them not die in vain! We shall forge on, corrupting the guilds from behind the scenes! Pulling strings and threads invisible to all others whilst also being manipulated by the church ourselves! Viva la Union!!
  8. Wake up and smell the chains!

    Union: Stealing all your strikers since 2017 I would much prefer that they just buffed Fangtooth, give the poor guy 2/3 or 2/4 INF. and make his Heroic not hurt himself. He’s our real star in chains.
  9. Wake up and smell the chains!

    I think we should collectively pool our efforts as a Guild to support another Guild we favour (or pays us)
  10. Union GIC Theory Thread

    My thoughts on the GIC’s for Union are that they would be better focused around pulling the strings outside of the game rather than directly benefitting events that happen in the game. The +2 MP card feels like it does this in some way. My other suggestions would be something like: Heal 3. Start the game with 4 Plot cards rather than 3. Heal 2. Once per game at the start of the initiative phase, one opposing player suffers -1/-1 INF Heal 4. Gain +1 to the roll at the start of the game.
  11. We’re in chains people. One of our captains is dead, another currently strung up like a puppet and the third was never truly dedicated to the Union. All the guilds are fighting and vying for the attention of our players whilst we just sit over here twiddling our thumbs waiting for the next nerf to come our way. Join with me fellow Union players as we demand our slice of the cake. We want a chance to report our games, to let our own games decide which player leaves. We want the chance to support whichever Guild we feel is right (or pays the most). We want a share of the action!
  12. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    The only criticism i can offer is that i was looking forward to some creative conversions! Only joking, great work as always!
  13. Union GIC Theory Thread

    I understand, but I'm saying that for this card because the ability will only come into play now and again, not every turn, I would prefer the heal to be 4 not 3. The Brewers card can be used every turn without fail and keeps its heal at 4. I think the level of healing needs to balanced alongside the actual mileage you will get from the ability. If it's something you will use every turn, low healing rate (2). If it's something that will come up averagely, average healing rate (3). And if it's something that comes up rarely, high healing rate (4)
  14. Union GIC Theory Thread

    I think the lack of comments on this one generally sum it up really well. Its very meh. it's not bad, it's not good, it's just something that will be nice if you happen to lose initiative. i think this is ok as a standard card if it's the middle ground, but I would like to see the heal stay at 4.