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  1. Goseki

    Painted RE2

    Great job man! It's a shame the models molds don't quite have enough detail for the eyes etc. Claires jacket is super well done.
  2. Goseki

    Special attacks

    Are there none in the standard tension deck? That seems a heck of an oversight if so...
  3. Goseki

    Ammo Counters

    Once you've used all ammo you put the dial aside and will have to rely on evades.
  4. Goseki

    Resident evil 2 delivery date

    So today's update. Opted that the recent (really bad) storm in China will impact delivery. They expect shipment ft China to distribution centres by mid October, which I'd guess would arrive by Xmas. So it's likely early next year delivery for the full game.
  5. Goseki

    Wave 2 - shipping is happening!

    I got my wave 2 stuff (Dark root expansion + Gaping Dragon) today in the UK. No tracking number or shipping notification XD
  6. Goseki

    Resident evil 2 delivery date

    Thanks man, much appreciated!
  7. I was wondering if anyone can remember when we were expecting to receive the board game? I've heard September but I don't actually see that anywhere on the KS page unless I'm being blind? I wonder if they've mentioned delays in the KS comments at all? I'm assuming there's been a delay to December
  8. Goseki

    Expansions arrived :D

    Oooooh. Jealous.
  9. Goseki

    Wave 2 - shipping is happening!

    I thought they'd just started shipping for folks who had only ordered dark root and/or Dice? Still expecting my stuff and add ons by the end of the year. Stretch goals are pushed to next year I think?
  10. Goseki

    Update 171

    Hmm that's a fair point I suppose. I guess I've just justified it in my head as "it'll get here when it gets here". Fully appreciate how irritated it's made some folk though.
  11. Goseki

    Update 171

    I'm not quite sure I understand the shipping caveats they've set out. If you've only ordered Dark root and/or Dice you'll get your stuff in July, but if you've ordered other add ons (for me tileset and Gaping Dragon) it's delayed til September? I mean, again, it's irritating but was pointed out as a risk in the Kickstarter and I'm okay to wait. I hope (and feel) they've learnt a lot from this and the next Kickstarter will be a bit smoother. The RE2 KS was certainly set out better so I'm hopeful it'll be fine. On a selfish note, if my addons delayed it's fine as I actually won't be home for the next few weeks XD
  12. They'll email out when the dates are confirmed. Feel free to raise a complaint but time delays were clearly set out as a risk in the "Risks" section of the Kickstarter, and they are actually delivering what they said they would. The delay is a shame, and feel free to sell your pledge on, but Kickstarter will not uphold any complaint you make.
  13. Goseki

    shipping date fixed/setted for wave 2

    Can someone please remind me of what's in Wave 2? Trying to navigate the 150 updates from Steamforged sucks. If I recall it's add ons rather than stretch goals. I ordered the Dark root expansion, extra tiles and the Gaping Dragon. So these will all come with wave 2 right?
  14. It was supposed to be 25th Octoberish in UK/Europe but they've just sent an update saying this is delayed. Understandable but it was linked with the good news that the alt armour sets are being resculpted so they are holding legendary weapons. I liked the emote poses for the most parts but there were too many repeats and I'd prefer to see them holding weapons.
  15. So the latest update notes that unfortunately due to a bunch I'd issues the stretch goal shipping date will be delayed, however the silver lining is that all the alt armour sets have been resculpted to be holding legendary weapons. I'm okay with that...