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  1. Goseki

    shipping date fixed/setted for wave 2

    Can someone please remind me of what's in Wave 2? Trying to navigate the 150 updates from Steamforged sucks. If I recall it's add ons rather than stretch goals. I ordered the Dark root expansion, extra tiles and the Gaping Dragon. So these will all come with wave 2 right?
  2. It was supposed to be 25th Octoberish in UK/Europe but they've just sent an update saying this is delayed. Understandable but it was linked with the good news that the alt armour sets are being resculpted so they are holding legendary weapons. I liked the emote poses for the most parts but there were too many repeats and I'd prefer to see them holding weapons.
  3. So the latest update notes that unfortunately due to a bunch I'd issues the stretch goal shipping date will be delayed, however the silver lining is that all the alt armour sets have been resculpted to be holding legendary weapons. I'm okay with that...
  4. Goseki

    Italian news about delivery?

    Staff don't post here. You need to contact support who will likely tell you to contact the backerkit folk. For reference I don't think I got a tracking number until the day before my parcel arrived.
  5. Goseki

    Armor Sets

    It's an awesome idea having them doing emotes, but I think it's a shame too many are doing the same one.
  6. The minibosses as bosses is an issue in all copies. Keep contacting support, I've seen loads of people get their issues sorted man.
  7. Goseki

    Release date for expansions

    They've not given the retail release dates for that stuff yet. All stretch goals and add ons should be with EU/US folk in October though.
  8. Goseki

    Other expansions

    Yeah man. Artorias:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/dark-soulstm-the-board-game/posts/1937418 Sif: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/dark-soulstm-the-board-game/posts/1957863
  9. Goseki

    Other expansions

    They've said they'll do more down the line once everything is out. Also, Artorias and Sif are already expansions! We've seen the models for them too.
  10. Goseki

    Finally finished my gargoyle

    He turned out great man! Nice one.
  11. Goseki

    Missed kickstarter

    The 4 kings will be available online via steamforgeds website.
  12. They'll be available at retail down the line. Except for the metal aggro coin.
  13. Your list of stuff is missing the Solaire model (and the metal aggro coin!)
  14. Goseki

    Size of the Old Iron Kind model

    It's only on a 75 mm base but it looks quite sizable. It looks as tall as the gaping dragons main body?
  15. Goseki

    Dark Souls card game announced

    It's a fair point but yeah, going to get a mega boss with the voucher