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  1. Here is a rough translation of the email from Ludo: ------------------------------ It seems like a mistake was made during the post-processing of the shipping file in the row with phone number and quantity. Therefore everyone will receive at least 1 copy of the german version (the english copy will most likely be shipped starting next week), the address data is not incorrect. Because of that, the automated messages from DPD will sometimes show wrong delivery dates and times, which is annoying enough, sorry. The last parcels went into shipping yesterday. Please do not reroute anything with the wrong tracking numbers, everybody will receive their game. If someone receives a wrong quantity, it will be fixed in the comming weeks. We will assess that via the original data. Maybe you can post these notes in the forums of the kickstarter backers, which may reduce the amount of inquiries that I will receive and will hopefully calm everybody's mind. Starting monday we will take care of every single case. Thank you very much for your understanding! ------------------------------
  2. That is simply not true dude. Maybe you are confusing it with someone who pledged 1$ during kickstarter and then more via the pledgemanager. But for a latepledge you had to pay the core set immediatly and then had to pay for addons and shipping via the pledgemanager. @bartschinator While I feel for you mate, I still don't understand how you could miss the existance of the pledgemanager for so long. Did you not pay any attention to the Kickstarter page? Where you not curious at all? Again, sorry for you, but you are really late.
  3. What future DS 3 boss do you want in the game

    I am a completionist. It has to be all of them!
  4. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    I want the iconic pose aswell, since I don't own any of the other artorias miniatures.
  5. So you just noticed two weeks ago? The pledge manager was opened last year. Will be tough to get anything either way then. Sorry pal
  6. I assume you tried to contact SFG, what did they say? If they didn't answer (or weren't helpful), have you contacted your credit institute and talked to them about the issue for a possible chargeback?
  7. You not having heard of anyone in Germany is not exactly good proof right? Only a very tiny minority of backers post on the forums, facebook page or kickstarter page. Don't get me wrong, I am in the same boat, I am pissed aswell. Just not as much as you. And if my game doesn't arrive within the next 2 weeks, I won't be able to play it at all for a year since I will be overseas. "I have never heard from anyone sailing around the earth, therefore the earth is flat!" - Some pope (sorry couldn't resist, please don't be mad at me)
  8. Read the statement again. It doesn't say that everyone has recieved their copy yet. Doesn't even say every copy has been sent yet. But at least the process has started...
  9. Jesus Christ... I hope it will arrive soon, cause I will be overseas for a year from mid june onwards... would like to play at least one game before though
  10. Germany starting to Deliver

    I'm in the same boat as you, mate. And my status is "Answered", too. I guess we will have to wait a little bit longer....
  11. Maybe the Dancer doesn't fill you with dread, but it is one of the most beautiful bossfights ever created. Whoever created those animations is a genius! I love O&S, but the Capra Demon still filled me with far more dread. Probably because I was still fairly new at the game. You enter the fog gate... "what the..." dead.
  12. Seeing the original Dancer was the first time that I thought "Oh my god, this is going to be awesome!" - GIMME
  13. Dark Souls Effectiveness Excel Sheet

    Transfer it to googles own online type excel. That way you could even give specific people the right to edit it if you want to.