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  1. Well it would move to 8 first. Then as 3 should just be in the front arc I would say move there but still face north east so would be looking directly into the corner. But if the rules mean that it would try to move straight north east again there is no node to move to so would stay on node 8 Also you saying that in my example nodes 1,2 and 3 are all treated as having equal range one helps because if u use a ruler I'm sure that 3 would be physically further away on the board. Its just me trying to understand if move forward means to a node in the front arc.
  2. Sorry but you are making the answer really complicated O 1 2 3 4 5 6 If the dancer is O is on its starting node and the _ is the front arc so it is facing straight down the page and I draw Flashing Blade, so need to move forward two. The players are on the entry node on the second tile (so are well out of the way). I assume that I would move to node 3 as that is exactly straight forward. Nodes 1 and 2 are closer but are on the line between arcs and then I would move to node 6.
  3. Hi, the examples have left me a little confused. What I was getting at was when you say exact direction, you mean in the relevant arc? There is not always going to be a node in the exact centre of the arc
  4. In the boss movement section, moving without "nearest" or "aggro" you state you move in that "exact" direction. I assume that you mean in that arc (and is why you use""). So if 12 o'clock was straight ahead (north) but the nearest node was at 11 o'clock or 1 o'clock (so still in the front arc) the boss would move to one of those whilst keeping his exact front arc centre facing 12 o'clock (north) and not turning to face the node he is moving to. Thats how I have interpreted the rule and value your opinion if I am understanding it correctly
  5. So push and move to full extent as per number on card then any attacks. seems straightforward when you write it your way. Thanks
  6. Sorry, I'm not the best at getting my head round rules, this may be a basic question but hope you can help. If an enemy is on the same node as a player and the card says target nearest player, would it just push the player away and then not move. Or would it push and then move its limit pushing each movement value? I guess if it is target player with aggro and a non aggro player is on same node it would push it away and then move towards aggro player and then push that player (if it reaches it). If there was no push on the movement and it had a player on the same node (non aggro) providing its movement is just to the nearest player (not to aggro player) it would just stay where it was. Same if aggro player was on same node and movement was non push towards aggro player. then any attacks would take place? cheers