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  1. Yup, except for the first round when you enter the room. During the first round when you enter a new room you choose who gets the token because the enemies go first, that way the person who's turn it is doesn't go through two enemy rounds of being aggro.
  2. squirtis

    Severely damaged game, everything broken

    Damn, that's unfortunate. Sorry you got such a beat up game. Hopefully they send you a new copy, or at least a new component for everything that's damaged.
  3. squirtis

    WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    they already announced a delay to wave 2. everyone is guessing next year, maybe feb/march. we'll probably hear some sort of definitive plan from SFG in the next two weeks.
  4. i think you're mixing up wave 2 and retail release. it's my understanding that those timelines are separate and distinct from one another. wave 2 will ship and everything you ordered will ship with wave 2. the further releases are for the retail market. this way backers get everything early, as was intended. also, i think 4 kings just won't be available for retail due to productions costs, but it will be available only on the SFG online store.
  5. squirtis

    Location specific effects

    ahhh i never noticed the names on the cards, hahah
  6. squirtis

    Location specific effects

    Some of these seem cool, but its quite a bit to keep track of and remember, and how do we know what zone were in? Is this based on a campaign play through where you're in certain areas before certain bosses?
  7. squirtis

    Wave 2 Thoughts

    yea, i feel their lack of response to community reception and reviews is really hurting the RE2 campaign. who would want to back a new franchise (which franchise series are already a gamble in the video game / movie world) board game, when their previous work has got mediocre reviews, especially when they ran an extremely successful (record setting) KS campaign. It just doesn't bode well for SFG. When they're already on to the next project it makes it feel like a cash grab. Don't get me wrong, the amount of content backers are getting is fantastic, it just doesn't feel very polished.
  8. squirtis

    Wave 2 Thoughts

    I agree about the mechanic issues you addressed in your conclusion, but people have been crying more about armor set poses, an expansion that adds very little dimension, and sfg has started a new campaign for resident evil that isn't doing nearly as well. I think if they took the time to address the meaty issues you brought up it would go a long way for the game and for sfg if they want more successful franchise board game campaigns. Modern complex games are patched all the time as the community plays and identifies balance issues, I understand it's more difficult for a board game but I think it prudent for the success and longevity of the game. Maybe they just don't see an immediate gain from putting the time into that.
  9. the first one. you get to move no matter what. it's to try and make up for a total lack of mitigation, and the fact that with dodging, by the numbers, you will eventually take a big hit. having more movement is a slight way to try and counter that. personally i've found the assassin to be a real gamble to the group.
  10. squirtis


    a game should play as mini boss> main boss, and you won't feel over powered. in the campaigns for the game, where items and stat upgrades cost more souls, a second mini boss is more in balance. in a regular rules game, yea it will feel like you're too over powered if you go from mini>mini>main.
  11. To me, it looks like they did answer it. A poison token doesn't cause a bleed token to appear, BUT if the enemy has a poison and bleed token at the same time, the poison token will trigger the bleed effect. So the damage from the poison will cause the bleed to trigger as bleed is triggered when receiving damage.
  12. squirtis

    Extended ruleset plus reference sheets

    That makes total sense. I may try using the abilities on my next play through, but i haven't tried it yet. Having the extra ability options gives that extra little umph player's need die wise at the very beginning of the game. if you have to go against silver knights with base gear, it's very difficult. that extra black die roll can make a big difference there. I'm also with you on the item situation where you're kind of forced to use the strategies you can come up with instead of going down normal optimal cookie cutter routes. I think for me this won't be an option, though, as my GF doesn't have the patients i do for getting slaughtered if things aren't working out, haha. I may switch to the variant where the only change is you spend one soul for an item, but you get to draw the top two cards and pick the one you want then discard the other. Have the 4 card merchant felt too easy, as you said. I think the two card draw may be a good middle of the road coupled with abilities that it will still feel fun for the gf and a little more challenging for me. thanks for the response.
  13. squirtis

    Extended ruleset plus reference sheets

    Hey Adam, i remember your name from the KS... i'm wondering if you're using any sort of vendor or merchant house rule in your games. My gf and i used one yesterday, basically just that the treasure deck lays out 4 cards to choose from, and you can purchase them for 1 soul. to refresh the list you spend 2 souls and discard all those cards from the game. the only thing i didn't know how to handle was when we encountered a treasure chest during the course of play. I just played it as we got to take a card from the merchant for free. i was maybe thinking of playing the variant where there isn't a shop, per say, but any time you buy a treasure item, or open a chest, you can turn over the top two cards, and keep one, and either shuffle in the remaining card, or discard the remaining card -- not sure which is better. curious to hear your thoughts. cheers.
  14. I had a situation yesterday where the character was up against the wall and the boss moved to the character from the center of the room and the boss had a push on his movement. So now the boss is facing the wall and the character can't get pushed into the same arc, as the boss is against the wall, and the bosses weak arc is on his left side and his atk arc is on the right side. Is it ok to just choose to get pushed to the weak arc? Or does the player have to choose the attack arc since the player should have been pushed to a node in the same arc? It felt cheap to just get pushed to the weak arc, but the way i'm reading the rules in this thread it looks like it's ok since the player can choose to move to whichever adjacent node against the wall they chose.
  15. squirtis

    Extended ruleset plus reference sheets

    i've used heal with the herald and my gf playing the warrior. we did pretty well. i found it quite painful to heal, though. it seemed like it didn't heal a lot, and most of the time it was worth it to try and ill whatever was doing the damage. this was early game, though. also, the dodge mechanics are very tough to swallow. there's no mitigating factor and you for sure take a stam hit every time, which is the opposite of mitigation. i like the idea of the extended dodge in this rule set, i just don't know how well it scales to all areas of the game.