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  1. CuriousAI

    Treasure Deck Balancing

    I don't have it here, but I added another thing, suggested by @Danny, with which you can spend 1x[amount of players] souls to reshuffle the treasure shop at any time except combat. Also, the treasure shop is always reshuffled once any boss is slain. I have an extension for campaign play with higher prices. Treasure Type Purchase Cost Selling Cost Common and class-specific treasures 2 soul 1 soul Transposed treasures 4 souls 2 souls Legendary treasures 5 souls 2 souls Embers 4 souls -
  2. CuriousAI

    Treasure Deck Balancing

    Treasure Deck Find the common treasure cards and each chosen character’s five class-specific treasure cards. Shuffle them together to form the treasure deck, and place it face down on the Treasure Deck section of the Bonfire tile. Then flip (2 + 2x players in game) cards from the Treasure Deck and place them face up next to the Bonfire tile to form the Treasure Shop. For example, in a game with three players, the Treasure Shop should consist of 8 treasure cards (2 + 2 * 3 = 8 treasure cards) and placed next to the Bonfire tile, as illustrated on the right. Treasure Shop rules may be found in Blacksmith Andre section (p. 7). Blacksmith Andre When the party returns to the Bonfire between encounters, they may visit Blacksmith Andre to: Purchase treasure from the Treasure Shop; Change equipment by moving any treasure cards to/from their character’s board from/to their personal inventory; Upgrade weapons and armor on their character board. Treasure Shop Starting with the player with the First Activation token, the players may purchase desired treasures from the Treasure Shop by spending souls from their personal soul cache. Spent souls are discarded. After all the purchases are completed, purchased treasure cards are replaced with new ones: draw the same number of top cards from the Treasure Deck, reveal them and put them in place of just purchased cards. From now on, these treasure cards may be purchased as well during follow-up visits. The players may purchase treasures from the Treasure Shop only if their character meets stat requirements of that particular item. The Treasure Shop is formed during setup, initial and post Mini Boss, and consist of (2 + 2x players in game) cards. Treasures have the following costs: Treasure Type Cost Common and class-specific treasures 1 soul Transposed treasures 2 souls Legendary treasures 3 souls Embers 2 souls
  3. But those are different. OP wanted Dragonslayer Armour (DS3), and Danny bolded Old Dragonslayer (DS2). Those are completely different.
  4. I think he meant a boss from DS 3. Or am I missing something? ?
  5. CuriousAI

    Rulebook review

    Man, I can understand your frustration. I'm in the Netherlands and I have English copy. But my backerkit still says "Answered". And, just to remind, the Netherlands is located right next to the Germany. It's so close but my copy is still so far away...
  6. CuriousAI

    House rules ideas

    Yeah, I was thinking about something like that. Lets say, you can reshuffle the treasure shop for 2x[amount of players]. In addition, the treasure shop shoul be reshuffled after each boss slain. So I think such situation won't happen that often. The idea behind this rule was that I just personally don't like that you don't know what you buy. Probably you are right. I came up with these modifications back in January and haven't tested them yet (my box is still on the way ). But I don't like that all enemies activate at the same time. It is illogical and makes the game longer. Also note, with these modifications, after each encounter you recover stamina ONLY. Health can be recovered only with estus, ember and healing equipment. No, actually we love coop games and play as a good team. The intention was to add more personality into the gameplay. In such games, we often come across a situation when a single player with stronger personality become an "alpha player" and start to rule the game. Others start to lose their attention and become bored. Zombiecide is a good example. Half of my gaming group don't like this game just because of that. Good suggestion. If the player already has one, (s)he doesn't get another one. With invaders this rule will make much more sense.
  7. CuriousAI

    A few pics of a lonely knight

    This Sentinel is amazing!
  8. CuriousAI

    House rules ideas

  9. CuriousAI

    Gameplay: The Grind

    Have you tried my suggestion?
  10. CuriousAI

    Gameplay: The Grind

    Agree. I actually think this idea could come indirectly to my mind from machi koro, as I played it some time ago.
  11. CuriousAI

    Gameplay: The Grind

    Just make a so called treasure shop: reveal, let's say, 5-10 treasure cards and put them next to the board. These are the cards you can purchase. Whenever you purchase an item, take it and reveal another from the treasure deck. Reshuffle the whole treasure shop after each mini/main boss. So you will actually see what you buy. Of course, there is still a chance that all the revealed items will be with too high stats, but at least you will know that you should lvl up first. P. S. Treasure chests are played as usual.
  12. Spells are separate weapons. Nothing (except stats) is required. I think it won't change. Magic will definitely be expanded, like in Characters expansion there will be at least some class specific spells.
  13. CuriousAI

    Add ons and Stretch Goals?

    They actually took all the money for our pledges. You shouldn't pay anything extra.
  14. CuriousAI

    The very first review of the game is up!

    Oh, right, I forgot about that. ?