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  1. The Dukes Archives - Community assets

    email me via the site and i can reply there. cheers
  2. A quick note to SFG

    This isn't dark souls specific at all - but this is the board that I use so i'll post here. As steamforged games are based in greater Manchester i just wanted to say I hope none of your friends / family were affected by the recent attack in the city. Stay safe guys
  3. The Dukes Archives - Community assets

    ha ha if someone sends me some original Seathe art i'd happily change it! Page is just a placeholder till we start getting content
  4. The Dukes Archives - Community assets

    No worries man. I can only commit limited time to this too so it will be built over time hopefully
  5. The Dukes Archives - Community assets

    Sounds good man, drop me a message via the site and we can talk about it more over email. I already have some ideas for these. Cheers
  6. The Dukes Archives - Community assets

    I do remember! hope you receive your box soon man!
  7. The Dukes Archives - Community assets

    Any help anyone can give would be appreciated. The backend for the site is complete now (behind the page you can see) but i won't do more work on it until I start to receive any submissions as without content the site won't go anywhere. However, what would be great (that I might be able to do this weekend if no one else gets chance) is a photoshop or pdf template for the tile
  8. Hi guys, around a year ago i floated the idea of a site that gathers and collects community assets into a shared and accessible library. This would include custom tilesets, campaigns, painting guides etc. Well i'm picking the project up again now the game is released and a preview page to the site can be seen here http://www.dukesarchives.com/ we are also ready to start taking submissions and discussing ideas with you guys so please get in touch. Cheers
  9. Hi Guys, I'm playing with people who haven't previously played the dark souls video games, and one aspect that's missing for new people to the franchise is the way the lore of the universe unfolds. In the video game this is by reading item descriptons and texts on loading screens. At the moment i'm working on getting a custom deck printed with tidbits of lore about the universe and am wondeirng how I can integrate this into the game without it being intrusive. Maybe after each encounter a card is drawn and read? In addition to the bits of info that pop up on the games loading screens i'll be using the wiki to pull off lore regarding enemies, bosses, locations etc which can be used to add descriptions and flavour to longer campaigns. Of course once this is done i'm happy to share the files with anyone who wants a deck printing themselves. Cheers
  10. Multiuse Models

    It'd be nice if we could buy individual minatures for say Ornstein so that we could paint them differently depending on which deck they were associated with
  11. Community Created Content

    Cheers. Development of the website is going on hold for a few weeks, I have some personal issues at home to work through but once things are resolved i'll jump straight back onto it. Cheers Tom
  12. don't get me wrong, I love me a bit of 40k but there's a hell of a lot of looking at numbers in expensive books involved!
  13. and let me guess, the book is 50 quid, then you need another book that's 30 quid depending on who you play as? sounds like warhammer!
  14. Location modifiers

    Got a couple of ideas to run by you guys. At the moment there have been talks of tilesets that visually represent areas as well as thematically with a great example being traps in Sen's Fortress. I have a couple of other ideas that could fit themes of areas. Anor Londo: Mainly visual, but Anor Londo tiles on one side, then the exact same layout but Dark Anor Londo on the other side? Once you kill O+S you have to fight back out in Dark Anor Londo to the same bonfire rather than just progressing to the new area. New Londo Ruins Similar to above, but the reverse side reveals the areas that were previously flooded once you meet the objective. Tomb of the Giants Must equip torch / skull lantern and can only see 1 node in front - i.e rather than placing enemies across the whole tile set there are encounter cards than can randomly spawn enemies close to you each time you move. you know, cuz it's dark Just some musings would be good to see if anyone else has any ideas.
  15. Just Thought You'd Like to See This

    love that mimic drawing!