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  1. I've emailed customer support with a question and got an answer that didn't match what I was trying to ask, so I replied to the email. The original question was sent Oct 13, reply came the 23rd and my follow up was sent the same day. Still no word. Is this normal? I know they've been busy so I don't want to spam them if this is a normal thing. Thanks.
  2. faustulus

    Plastic fantastic

    I'm in it for the game, the problem I fear I am going to run into is opponents. Right now it is seen as a wargame, most of my boardgaming friends aren't interested, even with the kick off set. The Wargamers I know are usually drawn to shiny objects if it's cool looking they will play it. Now that isn't to say the new plastics aren't cool, they just don't seem to hold up well next to the older models they will be mixed with. I dunno, maybe I am worried for nothing. I'm sure there are other companies that have gone this route with success
  3. faustulus

    Plastic fantastic

    Do have a link to the hi-res image? I saw the pics of the slides and the blog said they would update when they had the keynote transcribed, but that never happened. I can't seem to find good images. I understand there are technical limitations with this kind of plastic ,but still it seems strange they would go forward with noticeably inferior models.
  4. faustulus

    Plastic fantastic

    Are there these the same methods they are going to be using for the figures going forward? I know they wanted one piece for the kick off box. But surely tgey won't use the same method for the new minis.
  5. faustulus

    Plastic fantastic

    Video really hit home the changes. I don't know what the new plastics will look like, but these models seem to be a definite downgrade from the metals.
  6. faustulus

    Plastic fantastic

    Thanks. Those help. I didn't realize how much larger the scale is on the new plastic figures. It's like a 40mm next to a 32mm. That first pic looks really soft, the others seem crisper.
  7. faustulus

    Plastic fantastic

    Does anyone have pics comparing the plastics in Kick Off with their metal counterparts, preferably both painted?
  8. faustulus

    How to fix Art of War Studios tokens

    I've ordered Guild ball/Mob soccer acrylic tokens from like three different companies and I had to paint all of them.
  9. faustulus

    Which bag do you use?

    I've got the Privateer Press sized bag from Battlefoam. I think I am going to get the half trays once I get a second team ready.
  10. Just jumped into the game after hearing so many great things about it. Already found this place to be an excellent resource.
  11. faustulus

    Masons Pitch

    So I recently took the plunge into Guild Ball and went with the Masons. Here is my first team, though I should warn you my photo skills are about on par with my painting abilities, which is to say (generously) mediocre at best. Still have to get Marbles (store was sold out) and want to add the Union members to my team once I get the chance. Also, they are a bit shiny in the photos because I hadn't dull coated them when I took the pics. The pitch was made up over the weekend because I needed a playing surface and wanted to wait until I could get one of the mousepad mats. It'll do I think.