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  1. How are People Liking it so far

    After several standard playthoughs, my friend and I started our first campaign last night. We love the game. Campaign mode is significantly different and your best choice is to do a lot of grinding, but we've never found it boring to take down the same encounter again, and we both feel that the character progression is very rewarding. It could be that this game just happens to be right up our alley, but we've thoroughly enjoyed every bit of play so far! Thanks @Steamforged
  2. How are People Liking it so far

    I love it. I really enjoy the tension and I actually really like the grind.
  3. US Shipping Status

    Thanks for the info. I've been watching my FedEx like a hawk and have the email notifications turned on, but haven't gotten any updates since it left CA.
  4. US Shipping Status

    @KaiinRetsu Are you located on the east or west side of the mountains (if that's not too much to ask). I'm on the west side with a delivery date set for tomorrow, but I was really hoping it'd show up today. Also, did you get an out for delivery notification before it arrived?
  5. US Shipping Status

    I don't think it's a Colorado problem. We're shipping from hub #2 which is a little behind hub #1 and we're a pretty good distance from that hub. I expect it will be here next week. FedEx almost never updates their shipping for me until the package is out for delivery. Stay positive. It's coming. Praise the sun!
  6. US Shipping Status

    Yeah. I have the same thing in Colorado.
  7. Dark Souls Live Stream Schedule and links

    Th yogscast live stream is probably the best to watch for an understanding of the rules. They still had a few errors, but not as significant as the other streams seem to be.
  8. Number of behavior cards in core box

    They also use the wording 5 "more" on the dancer and smough and ornstein's behavior cards on the campaign page but not on the behavior cards for any of the mini-boss behavior cards, or the heat up cards.
  9. US Shipping Status

    No change in Colorado.
  10. Number of behavior cards in core box

    Alright. I just misinterpreted things. I'm a bit disappointed but it was my own fault for misunderstanding.
  11. Can someone who has the game provide me with the number of behavior and heat up cards for each boss and mini-boss? I'm curious because someone in the facebook group received a reply from steamforged saying all the bonus cards we unlocked for core game bosses as SGs are already included in the box and that the treasure cards as well. I'm just curious what the numbers come out to. I assumed we'd get a lot of that as a part of the core game expansion.
  12. I'm pretty sure the 90-120 playtime now considers a session either just a run at a mini-boss or just a run at a main boss if you fought the mini-boss in your last session, meaning a full run through both can be expected to be 180-240 minutes once we're really comfortable with the rules.
  13. Boss Suggestions

    It does look cool. I've seen it a few times. I don't have or know anyone with a 3D printer unfortunately. I may print and play but I'll probably just wait for the expansion. Thanks though! Promote it all you can.
  14. Boss Suggestions

    The Abyss watchers are pretty high on my list. That fight would be really dynamic in a tabletop experience, I think. I'm not quite sure how they'd handle the timing of the second and the third, though. I'm certain it would not be too difficult to handle them somewhat similar to the four kings. I'm still all about a nameless king figure. the highest on my list in terms of the board game experience was the gaping dragon and I already have that ordered, so I'm not too worried about any for a bit. Can't wait for the twin princes either.