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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/resident-eviltm-2-the-board-game/posts/2106467 If anyone hasn't seen then this should be considered as a mayor update!
  2. Which boss is which?

    Smelter Demon = Main Boss Sir Alonne = Mini Boss - last I heard Old Dragonslayer ("Dark" Orstein) = Mini Boss Sif = I have a feeling that its a Mini Boss Artorias = Main Boss probably, not sure though Hope this helps...
  3. Parry/Riposte

    I've been thinkering with my own way of parrying. However, I had to make custom dice for parrying. Which would of been quite troublesome, since I need blank dice to carve new icons on them. My plan was to greate 3 dice with 4 blanks, 1 parry icon, and 1 partial parry icon. In order to successfully parry you'd need only one parry icon from these 3 dice. If their are no rolled parry icons, but some partial parry icons, then reduce the incoming damage by 1 for every partial parry icon. Some shields or weapons allowed players to re-roll 1 dice. This was something I planned myself, but enough about me... I would like to say that this may be the best possible solution for parry/repost I've yet to see. However, there are some things I would like to see changed if possible. Lets talk about the positives: I like that it relies less on change and more on skill than anything else, but there still seems to be some luck involved for the dice rolls. As with every parry rule, this gives more choices for players when their defending. This game seems to have quite a lot of down time if players are not into it, and allowing to counter while defending is a nice add-on. The fact that successful parry comes from dodge is a nice addition. This adds more meaning to the dodge value... plus if SFG would ever make something like this official, they wouldn't really need to change any of the AI cards. Neutral or something that should be added: I feel like adding partial parry to the mix would be a nice little add-on. Gives more meaning to the parry, since otherwise it's somewhat similar to a dodge. Partial parry may be used, if players guesses 1 card right but failes the other one... reduce the damage by 1 etc. For 1 dodge number attacks, this could me they guess some of the answers right. Making boss attacks unparriable, since it would be quite difficult to balance which attacks can be parried. As in the video game not all bosses are parriable and even if they are, some attacks are still unparriable. This would add to the normal grunts aswell. As projectile based attacks or magic attacks cannot be parried with normal means. You could make a few shields that could parry projectile based attacks like Silver Knight Greatbowman and Crossbow Hollows. Make holding different shields/weapons perform differently as in the VG. So lets say Assassins starting shield can parry more easly then Knights shield. This would add more uses for the lower tier items, and players wouldn't throw/sell them. Balancing could be difficult for this, but I believe it would be worth it. How much does it cost to repost? Can you use any attack on the weapon card as long as you have the stamina for it? You need to be in range in order to repost, but if you have a weapon with range of 1 and enemy is 1 node away, can you still repost? What about weapons that cannot attack on enemies that are on the same node as a player, as is the case for heralds starting spear? Suggestions: repost always costs 1 stamina to perform, players can only use the first attack of the weapon paying stamina if needed, parry could reduce enemy armour or respost could ignore it all together. Negatives I have a little problem with using boss behaviour cards. Firstly for players who may not be familiar with this game, first timers, could seems strange your using Boss AI cards for parrying. Second this allows players to learn all the Boss's AI cards, since even if your not fighting against a boss your still learning and memorizing their AI deck. In my opinion this would make the game a lot easier in the long run. So my biggest concern is using the Bosses AI cards. I feel like there should be a separate Parry Deck or something. This way could be used for advanced parry and normal parry, depending on what equipment the players are holding. I may be a pit in the mood of making custom cards or something, but I wouldn't mind making some parry cards for this. Only problem is that I dont really know what to put on them for players to guess. If you or someone else could suggest something I'm all ears. All in all I really like your idea, with some minor complains, and I'm glad you did this.
  4. So I was browsing the KS page and saw 5x trap cards as a stretch goal. These were unlocked at 825k£. Is there any info on this from SFG or has anyone heard anything?
  5. A potential variant and some house rules

    Does this mean every time players win a new encounter they get to draw cards? So basically GAME OVER? If players die, want to buy equipment or level up, they lose 1 spark? What does this mean to the campaign? In campaign you can buy sparks at the cost of 2 souls per player. This would make things very tedious and even more grindy... Not really fond of this one. I understand that this add-on is used to make the trip to the Boss easier. Additionally you get to rest for free. How does this rest work when your on an encounter tile? Do enemies on the same tile come back, once you rest? This free spark rest feels unnecessary and I do believe will make the game a whole lot easier. This seems like a good idea to reduce player downtime, but again would make the game easier, even if you don't reset health. At the start usually the most dangerous enemies are crossbow hollows with their magic attacks. This would negate that.
  6. I see so the max number constantly changes per run? Can you just rest after each fight to gain 3 more cards, which in turn increase your health and strenght of your deck? Kinda feels too easy in my opinion if one can do this to farm... Another thing, the goal of the game is to defeat 4 bosses? Is there an campaign mode?
  7. Is there a max card deck limit? Or can you just add cards to your deck infinitly?
  8. When using a crossbow can you only allocate the statues effects/dmg on enemies on the same square or on the entire tile if you have line of sight ofc?
  9. If I'm understanding this correctly you should still lose 1 hp after you failed to dodge and push the enemy away? For some reason Sherwin wasn't doing that on some of the zombies... Did he just forgot or am I missing something here?
  10. So they finally released a First Look video. This seems like a nice quick fun. Getting to the boss is relatively fast only one or two encounters what I've gathered so far. Didn't really see how they were buying new cards... After each encounter you seem to get 1 treasure card, but can only reveal it and use it after you rest at the bonfire? Love the fact that you need to have different kinds of stamina in order to attack, block or even dodge. Would probably understand the rules a little better if they were to release a pdf or something, but as of right now I really like this. Game doesn't take much space, boss encounters are challenging and interesting, deck building aspect were you can min max your build and what-not. Now I'm really glad that I bought this add-on. I had my doubts, but this kinda cleared everything up for me.
  11. Weapon Arts

    About using weapon arts on shields to parry etc. Not sure if this is a great idea to be honest, since its seems a little wierd to pay souls to enable parry in the game. They way I've handled that atm is somewhat better, but using this and my rules set we could probably figure something out
  12. Weapon Arts

    Weapon arts were indeed used in Dark Souls 3. http://darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com/skills - page for all the weapon arts in the game It would probably be easier and more Dark Soulsy if you made the Weapon Arts weapon class based, but this could of course change for individualt weapons. Buying Weapon Art cubes is the way to go in my opinion. Try to include shields, spells etc aswell. Weapon arts for shields could be "good" parry, normal parry, maybe somekind of taunt, spell parry for ranged attacks, bigger bulkier shields could use shield bash to add stagger tokens or something. Using rulesheets for encounters you made wasn't that difficult or overwhelming. However, with so many different weapons this could get to a point were there's just too many rules to follow. I used weapon arts to change some of the ability bars you made a while back, so I could probably help you figuring out which weapons does what. PS: could you send me the page you used for your house-rules? Would like to make my house-rules little more presentable.
  13. Has there been any new info about the card game?
  14. What ever happend to the idea of different terrain? I could swore I read something back in the day on the kickstarter that they were planning on making terrain that functions differently when you step on it...
  15. Since when can you block traps or have I been playing the game wrong all this time?!