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  1. Karkarov

    Community Designed Expansion

    It is a cool concept and a neat idea.... and I think it is something that would be good for fun. But I don't think Steamforged should be doing an "official" fan made campaign. For official campaigns let the pros design it and definitely not by committee.
  2. Karkarov

    DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    Protip, when you speak like a condescending jerk to someone, maybe you shouldn't put on airs when they respond in kind. Also apologizing for something, then proceeding to intentionally be rude or insulting only means the apology was a backhanded insult to. Meanwhile, no, those gauntlets don't look anything alike, neither does the spear. Nameless King isn't wearing a gauntlet to begin with, it is a metal bracelet. Nor does he bear any kind of resemblance to Artorias on any level so I have no clue where that is coming from. And no, it is not the Lordvessel, it is a crappy bowl they threw in the basement because they thought it looked nice there. Just like the fact that there are vases in certain parts of Dark Souls 2 that are ripped right out of Anor Londo (literally they are the same vase) means nothing. Meanwhile like I said previously Miyazaki outright said Lordran and Draengleic had nothing to do with each other and were totally different countries. Also when I said "they don't care" I was talking about From Soft, not the lore soulers who obsess over every minor detail. Is it possible Nameless is Gwyn's son? Yes. Is it confirmed or proven on any level? No. Better question, does it actually matter if he is? Not even a little. Also the reality is exactly that Danny, you can't prove the vast majority of anything in the game is actually real. That's intended even. I actually really appreciated the comedy of one of the Bloodborne endings where all that happens is your character wakes up and it is morning, highly implying that no really, the whole game was just a fever dream. That said, no the firelink shrine is real, it is just doesn't exist at the same time as the Lothric you are fighting in. Case in point, if you somehow never talk to the shrine maiden in firelink, go meet her in untended graves, then talk to her in firelink for the first time.... she actually comments that she thinks she has met you before. That is concrete and not up for "analysis". As for her and certain other characters, from a lore perspective you can just argue they all have the dark sign and are tied to the shrine. You could not perma kill the Maiden in Black in Demon's Souls either for example and considering the current firekeeper is practically nothing but a fan throwback to the maiden I could also just call it another easter egg. Or more likely.... maybe they didn't like the gameplay impact of preventing people from leveling, buying basic goods like arrows, or trapping them in an ending they might not like by accident.
  3. Karkarov

    DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    There is a ton wrong with what you just said. For example why do you assume the "Nameless King" is Gwynn's first son? Because EpicNameBro or VaatiVidya said it? In game there is 0 evidence to suggest it. Like most Lore Souls theories it is absolutely un provable and based on pure conjecture because he kinda dresses like Gwynn and uses lightning. Hate to say it, but there is no evidence to prove Solaire is his son either, there is some good evidence to suggest he isn't though. I bet you think that's the Lordvessel in the basement of Majula too? As far as story or lore consistency game to game, I don't have to prove anything, it is obvious to anyone who actually pays attention. Like there being a Nashandra painting in the same room as a painting of Gwenvere in Irythll Valley. Wait I thought Lordran and Draengleic were two totally different countries that had nothing to do with each other per Miyazaki's own previous comments at Dark Souls 2 release? So why is there a painting of a Dark Souls 2 DLC area and primary villain in the room? Why is Andre of Astora, a normal human blacksmith, still alive in Dark Souls 3 when it has blatantly been thousands of years since Dark Souls 1, and possibly even thousands of years after the events of dark souls 3 based on the "untended graves"? Why is patches in every game other than Dark Souls 2? Even Demon's Souls and Bloodborne (well sort of)? Jesus, they can't even keep a consistent graphical appearance for the moonlight sword game to game. I am waiting to hear your super consistent lore explanations. I can tell you why all this is though. It is called Easter Eggs for fans of From Softwares previous games. They don't care if it makes sense, they do it for the fun of it. Hence why the Moonlight Sword has existed in every game they have made since King's Field 1, the original game it appeared in. That game is also the first appearance of Seath or however you want to spell his name, I can't recall if "Kalameet" showed up then or in King's Field 2 though.
  4. Karkarov

    DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    No, it isn't. You aren't a hollow in Dark Souls 3 unless you acquire the "Dark Sigil" as you want to call it. Even if you acquire it, you can heal it and you aren't a hollow anymore. This was impossible in both the previous games. The mistake many lore souls people make is they take From wayyyyyyyy too literally. They will change names, write things that are contradictory, etc etc in all their games. Dark Souls is not supposed to make any real sense or have a logical plot, and everything is not going to stay consistent game for game. Also the words sigil and sign can have the exact same meaning, just saying.
  5. Karkarov

    Artorias the Abysswalker

    I recall the popular theory is he tried to defeat Manus and lost and it happened during their fight.
  6. Karkarov

    DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    Dark Souls 3 also differs in that you don't necessarily have the dark sign as well. Even if you do get it, it can be removed.
  7. Karkarov

    How has Dark Souls changed the way you perceive video games?

    Not really. I was playing video games when the only home system could just play pong and 3 variants there of. I am only 25 by the way.... just saying.... In all honesty I likely died more times beating Ninja Gaiden 1 the first time than I died beating any two souls games combined on my first run. Besides every game has it's own draw and reason for playing it, or enjoying it for that matter. I don't get the same sense of accomplishment downing some crazy raid boss with 10-25 friends that first time in an mmo as I do from beating a tough dark souls boss. I don't get the same feel finding rare loot in some diablo clone as I do getting a new weapon in bloodbourne. You get what I am saying ;p
  8. Karkarov

    DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    Honestly I wonder why people want a fail state in the board game? In the real games there is no fail state. You just keep trying until you succeed, hence why you are the "chosen undead" and not that other schmuck over there in the corner.
  9. Karkarov

    Painting for beginners

    Good advice that. I would just advise not using grey ever. Either go with black or white, unless you know for a fact a certain color will be used on your model a ton. Like painting werewolves or something you might prime brown or grey.
  10. Karkarov

    DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    Nope. It was also one of the many good mechanics they dropped from Dark Souls 2 because the "A" team doesn't know how to balance a game long term. Also Vega is clearly correct. It is aliens. Or nanomachines..... ALIEN NANOMACHINES!!! Also don't take this the wrong way or anything... but Dark Souls 1 is just the lesser version of Demon's Souls. More cheap, worse bosses, horrible online. They had pvp/co op right the first time (Demon's Souls), the reason it became so obtuse is that they regretted letting people play online with others at all but it was too late to take it back.
  11. Karkarov

    DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    Well here is the thing. In Dark Souls 2 they stop respawning eventually (a mechanic they really should have kept). Also, are you sure that is always the same undead pud? Maybe they just look a lot alike.
  12. Karkarov

    DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    I addressed all that in my post. The chosen undead thing is not a lie, it is just a prophecy. As long as prophecies eventually come true, they are true. The gag is that the "requirement" of being the chosen undead is simply that you kept going and eventually succeeded. What is the difference between the player and the emo warrior in Dark Souls 1? He gave up, you didn't. That is why he goes fully hollow and loses all his humanity but you don't when you die. As for other characters killing them and them not respawning, yes this is true. Did you notice you still get their souls ;p? In dark Souls 3 for example when geirat dies, you get his ashes, which contain his souls. You just give them to some old lady who converts them into something else. In most cases they are also still proven to by broken. Like the OP example Siggy has completed his task, thus he had no reason to keep living, went hollow, and died for real. The same thing happens to NPC's throughout the series. In the end the real reason for these mechanics is From thought it would make the game more interesting then just making you reload a save. Much like the Gamma rays that created the hulk any explanation of how or why it happens this way or works is mostly moot because the "effect" only exists to tell the story.
  13. Karkarov

    DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    Lol Danny was basically right at the start there. Permanent death happens when someone fully hollows, as in, they have lost all their humanity and "given up". People killed in this situation die for real when they die. There is also the argument that when you kill them as a "chosen" undead not fully hollowed you can steal all of their soul which also kills them off. Unless someone does something to restore them. Such as you stealing the firekeeper soul back from Lautrec, returning her soul, thus she comes back to life.
  14. Karkarov

    First dev diary is up!

    Hey he didn't fail, he just got brutally murdered by monsters while trying
  15. Karkarov

    Image for scale

    Ah that explains it! I was thinking she was getting too much junk in the trunk!