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  1. Stretch Goals and add ons boxes

    Yeah, this is feeling like the kind of thing where a nice display case is a better choice.
  2. Let's talk about the 4 heros for now!

    If you have the basic mechanics of the games down, pure magic is even easier than sword & board or two handing an ultra greatsword of some kind in the series.
  3. Metal Aggro coin?

    That is similar to what DC said last week when I asked then too. (Well DC surmised that was the likeliest place but hadn't actually heard about it).
  4. How will 'Area Expansions' work?

    You and me both. I am gonna pick up some anyway just to have MORE at once. I got plans for long form campaign games. Of course if the other tiles have unique features to them then that is just gravy on the cake.
  5. US Shipping Status

    At least you can just use a scan.
  6. US Shipping Status

    Mine arrived Sacramento CA, still looking over the contents but the bosses are 100% fine.
  7. Solo play - I'm disappointed :-(

    I drove the dragons off in Demon's Souls myself.
  8. Solo play - I'm disappointed :-(

    You missed a prime chance to mention squatting down for 20 minutes and 400 arrows to get the drake sword!
  9. Solo play - I'm disappointed :-(

    As far as solo play goes I think the big joy will be playing multiple characters. I already think this will be a fine boardgame SRPG, and it's making me have warm feels remembering Shining Force thinking about playing.
  10. US Shipping Status

    Mine came an hour away from me last night, and is still set to come on tuesday. (night time on tuesday cause fedex gets here late).
  11. House rules ideas

    Not all the mega bosses are harder than normal bosses, so that could be tiny bit out of balance. (Vordt for example falls in the middle of his campaign from the sneak peak back on the kickstarter page)
  12. US Shipping Status

    I do kind of wonder what the extra 2 pounds of weight is.
  13. First game with the kids!

    Learning pains!
  14. US Shipping Status

    I can't believe I am suggesting this, but you may want to consider pants. Or maybe a nice sarong, I am not a judgy lady.
  15. US Shipping Status

    I am finally in the cool kid tracking number club!