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  1. Norintha

    add-ons + tretch goals DSBG?

    July for the mega bosses and September for the stretch goals.
  2. Norintha

    Which boss is which?

    Old Dragonslayer is a deck that uses the ornstein model. I *think* it's in the core game expansion? Also they haven't said anything about any of the bosses in the expansions being mini bosses. The only new mini boss is an alternative ruleset for the Asylum demon.
  3. Norintha

    Dark Souls Card Game

    Those are cases of six copies of the game each. And when they say backers will have the game before retail, they mean SOME backers very close to the distribution center will, not every backer.
  4. Norintha

    Stretch Goal Trap Cards

    This was the explicit case as mentioned in one of the updates.
  5. Norintha

    Item prerequisites

    Yeah, the initial balance without mimics and invaders to help fill out your soul wallet is a bit rough. I tuned it down some in the mean time by making a base deck that only has items that require 3 upgrades or less, plus embers and shards. That way one character ought to end up with an upgrade by the time you hit the mini boss.
  6. Norintha

    the arrival of the stretch goal figures

    That is correct, New Years will only eat four weeks of time. They expect to have the bosses (which seem to all be at the next to last approval stage) ready to ship the distro hubs just after the holiday. So those get put on the boats in March. Then if it's like with the base game, the components get boxed in Europe and sent to the hubs, which I guess is the 3 month turn around on that.
  7. Norintha

    Game Tiles

    Yeah, I mean has anyone tried to parse out how many of each shape is showing up in a play and construct a list of what might be in the box from that.
  8. Norintha

    Game Tiles

    Has anyone made a compendium of the shapes seen in use so far?
  9. Norintha

    Got bored and live tweeted a run.

    In fact I did miss that! I shall do it that way next time and see how it feels in play versus this mostly stock run. My usual D&D game was cancelled and the fall back of Pandemic Legacy didn't happen either so I figured that was a good time to break this out and give it a little go before Wave 2 finally appears from the Mysts of Avalon, so I fully admit to doing things wrong by accident instead of on purpose.
  10. Well as the first tweet says, I got bored and did a move by move game with my roommate. I look forward to being told what I did wrong! https://www.twitter.com/norintha/status/931006980633722881
  11. Norintha

    Resident Evil boardgame

    As well as this is a fairly easy to modify game. The base game speeds up a ton just by sorting out the stuff that takes more than 3 levels for at least one class to wear. Pretty much cuts the deck in half and removes the lack of fun from pulling something that needs 20+ souls to wear from every pull. From there if you want to make it less like Shining Force/Fire Emblem and more like Dark Souls it's a few easy changes.
  12. Norintha

    Resident Evil boardgame

    Which is totally fair. Experienced tabletop gamers with a lot of hobby already don't really need to monkey with fixing up a 3/4 of the way there game.
  13. Norintha

    WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    Another reason why they should have announced what their actual schedule was ages ago, instead of now. At least they didn't wait until the 30th to say anything I guess.
  14. Norintha

    Resident Evil boardgame

    You do realize that the Dark Souls board game was a tie in for the Complete release of Dark Souls 3 yes?
  15. Norintha

    Stretch Goals and add ons boxes

    Yeah, this is feeling like the kind of thing where a nice display case is a better choice.