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  1. Csi


    sent a PM
  2. Csi

    USA W:Morticans/ Alchemists H:Masons

    Would to see pics of the painted Mason's
  3. They look beautiful, wish I could afford them.
  4. Thanks, but I just made a deal for a Butcher's set that includes him.
  5. still looking to trade or sell my extra Union models.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I'm looking for a US based painter to commission to paint some of my GB models. If you are interested please PM me with your prices and work samples. Thanks!
  7. Csi

    Guild ball Acrylic tokens and Rulers

    Your stuff is very nice looking but its more expensive than the licensed tokens.
  8. Csi

    My Masons :)

    Color me officially jealous of your Mason's. Any chance you take commissions?
  9. I have a bunch of union models I can trade you if you are interested.
  10. What did yiu have in mind?
  11. The Hunters have been traded.
  12. Csi

    Masons with a twist

    someone really likes the joker
  13. Since Mantanza accused me of having only empty boxes when backing out of his offer I figured I would post pics of the models. If anyone wants more pics let me know.