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  1. Wallied

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    I think she'll outright replace vHarmony in most 10s Before any S4 speculation or changes my 10 would be: Honor, Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Harmony, Flint, Mallet, Lucky, Tower and vChisel. I am ignoring Union choices, but obviously Mist would be it, just not sure who I would ever drop.
  2. Wallied

    Vs Farmers

    I've been really wondering this too. Seems a bit tough. I figure Casket would be a must go, but Ghast seems important and you don't want both. Graves seems... meh? Do we really wanna scrum? Is Tooled up really even important? I think he can be in the list as a player and not a fighter. It seems to be a tough one. But man alive, everything seems tough these days.
  3. Wallied

    Scalpel's time is now!

    Only 3 Mort players at Spring Fling but one did pretty well and played Scalpel a few games. I'd like to hear more.
  4. Wallied

    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    I find it interesting that the OP's flaws for Bonesaw are exactly how I feel about Scalpel. Just not consistent enough to play and almost aways into any match up Ob is better. We take her to keep people guessing, but everyone plans for Obulous and if we pick Scalpel they don't really care. Strength, outside Obulous, in our team is the range of squaddies. I am still really sad we have 2 unplayables in vGraves and Vileswarm, a questionable in Bonesaw and a second captain you almost never take. I think my 10 is Obulous, Dirge, Graves, Brainpan, Casket, VHemlocke, Ghast, Pelage, Skulk, Silence Cosset can make it depending on the meta. I think Skulk, Silence, Cosset are the flex picks. Like I said, I'd rather have 8 choices to fix the match up then a second captain that almost never does.
  5. Wallied

    Into Butchers...

    Well, that was a straight out disaster. I don't get why you would EVER take Scalpel over Obulous. He's better at every single thing. Take away the stats. He hits as hard. Better defensive tech. Better reach. Field manipulation. Puppet was great. Casket shut down Boar. But every turn I wish I had Obs. And I received.
  6. Wallied

    Into Butchers...

    To be fair, every single other model on the teams dies super fast to butchers. Just need to alpha strike or get goals. He always takes Boar and Shank, always, so even Ob can be in trouble here. The real key seems to be Casket with Heavy Burden and his AOE's to reduce dice totals to manageable affairs.
  7. Wallied

    Into Butchers...

    What's our lineup into Butchers? Kicking we always take Obs. I can see taking Scalpel receiving honestly. She plays into the singularity of the Butchers fairly well plus can just force an early goal or even top of 2 6 point activation. So Captain, Dirge, Casket, Graves all seem stellar of course. Pelage will be good but for now I think Cossett deletes Butchers well enough. Graves. 6th? Silence and 5 Defense and Fireblast slowing down everyone seems ok.
  8. Wallied

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    One problem I see is this: The scoring team just runs away. Ball is dead, no points are being scored. SO is it purely a clock game at that point?
  9. Wallied

    Morticians 10

    I think we need to start designing without Mist. He's done in a month. Deathly Drew seems fairly spot on. I feel bad leaving without Silence. Cosset becomes Pelage. I would say the flex is Ghast/Silence?
  10. Wallied

    Morts vs Engineers

    I've been wondering this too. Ghast does some work. I think the deal is to just rush them. Use Ob to push your own guys forward. Just put as much pressure as you can. Engineers are a real, real bad match up for everyone. They are NPE unfortunately. A really good Engineer player doesn't lose characters so you HAVE to outscore them. And that's tough with us.
  11. Wallied

    Living in the new reality

    Movement is rarely an issue with Puppet Master. This isn't a scoring team. We are at best 2-2 and realistically a 4-1 team. I don't believe in the Scalpel Murderball team. Pelage is a bodyguard, not a missile. Obulous is just almost always better then Scalpel in every way. But if he can get up field he can potentially score 3 on his own. If not there is the puppet, Graves, Bonesaw, etc. 3/6 kick is very, very powerful
  12. How is playtesting going with these 2? Skulk seems very, very good and plays so much better then just a goalie. His ability to harass up field is very good. I haven't used Pelage and wonder if she's not going to be a trap. And not just her but building around her. People building with VGraves with her seems insane. Regular Graves is better in every way and if you are going for the Scalpel scoring team he's insanely better then the vet version. He's better for damage, better for control, better for eating momentum. Enables other fighters better. People think it's cute to finally play him because of Pelage being new, hence her being a trap. Scalpel, Dirge, Graves, Bonesaw, Pelage, BP&M could be a really interesting scoring/fighting combo.
  13. Wallied

    Morticians post rat catchers

    So, more importantly then 6, what's our 10 now? Ob, Scalpel, Dirge, Graves, Cosset, Skulk, Pelage, BP&M, Casket, Ghast? Though Silence is never bad in your 10. I am not sure we need both Cosset and Pelage.
  14. Wallied

    Converted Ghast

    I am converting up my Morts and looking for inspiration for Ghast. He has a pretty hard pose to do anything with, maybe need to use a different frame and rebuild off that. Anyone have cool remakes and conversions they want to show me, small or big?
  15. Looking at vGraves and Vileswarm and I can't seem to find a reason they'd be played in any list or against any specific team. They definitely have a gimmick amongst themselves and I can potentially see Memory getting some use of of the gang up, but regular Graves seems always better and Dirge gets so many more uses with Cosset and Silence. Am I missing something with these two? (New Morts player btw! Played Fish for a couple years, including and up to last years Nationals. Also have Masons and Butchers)