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  1. Converted Ghast

    I am converting up my Morts and looking for inspiration for Ghast. He has a pretty hard pose to do anything with, maybe need to use a different frame and rebuild off that. Anyone have cool remakes and conversions they want to show me, small or big?
  2. Looking at vGraves and Vileswarm and I can't seem to find a reason they'd be played in any list or against any specific team. They definitely have a gimmick amongst themselves and I can potentially see Memory getting some use of of the gang up, but regular Graves seems always better and Dirge gets so many more uses with Cosset and Silence. Am I missing something with these two? (New Morts player btw! Played Fish for a couple years, including and up to last years Nationals. Also have Masons and Butchers)
  3. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    To me population density should be a non factor. Player density and population of quality events is what should matter. And no, no merging with the US for events. If Ireland can have their own nationals, so can we!
  4. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    Does the population equate across the player base? Saskatoon gets 12-20 for almost every tournament they run. I'd argue they are the largest meta in the country (and probably most talented). It's still a 20 hour drive to Nationals, so it's not like it's next door. It's as expensive for us in the prairies to come out east as out west. Otherwise, won't we need to start alternating everything? Whatever the SOO was should be out west this year, next year Steamcon should be out west, etc.
  5. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    32 people last year in Red Deer. 20 this year. 8 for Southern Ontario Open and most of those were American. Yeah, I think we keep it out west. Way bigger Canadian player base, more pundits, larger cons to be a part of. Event was very well run, venue was great and easy to get to. Food and drink on site, plus a bar with more food and drink. I'd rotate it between these guys, Wet Coast and Grots every year if I was Steamforged. The East hasn't shown real Guildball interest. Where we get 20 for random events out here.
  6. The new tournament nine

    As a first, Butchers are my second team I've played after only playing Fish for the last long while. I am really missing something on Harry here. But why are we taking him over everyone else? What is he bringing others don't that makes him so indispensible? I am also not getting why we'd use VBrisket over regular. Fillet/Mascot (truffles seems best)/vOx/Meathook seems like an obvious first four to me. After that is where I stall.
  7. I still don't get Gutter. How are we getting everyone so close, yet not killing our own guys?
  8. As I finish up the last of my Fish (only Corsair left!), I am wondering who on the Union that we CAN take is worth taking? I've been playing with Fangtooth and he's been really great. Gums up the middle, soaks up a lot and tanks for a long time. He can help on take outs, slow them down, etc. Hemlocke seems very strong with smelling salts. I contend conditions are our weak point. Avarisse and Greede seem ridiculous on this time. Extra activation, a replacement for Fangtooth/Kraken. The rest seem meh to no. Let's hear who works for you!
  9. Was this rule ever clarified? Can you have 2 captains (or mascots) on your 8 person roster in open play/league play/tourney play? Has anyone from Steamforged ever officially clarified?
  10. Then most youtubers are doing it wrong! I asked because that's how it read to me too, yet I keep seeing it the other way.
  11. I am assuming these have been posted before but when it comes to rerolls on missed kicks, has this been clarified? Do you reroll both dice or just whichever you want as they roll? It's fairly open in the rulings as you read it, so just looking for a clarified answer as we roll into our first league play and try out other events.
  12. Canadians!

    Howdy all, I am a new Canadian player AND retailer. Really, really looking forward to getting deeper into the game, especially with models finally in hand!