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  1. He'd have to be wielding a second weapon. I should have clarified that. I suppose that could be what they meant when they said switching equipment. You wouldn't be changing your equipment though, just dual-wielding and attacking with each weapon with a move in-between.
  2. That's correct. Equipment changes are free but have to happen at the beginning of your activation. It's possible they meant Warrior can attack then move then attack again by activating his class ability, but this doesn't allow a change in equipment.
  3. @Thinkpositiv This is correct. The 1st Player token and Aggro tokens have caused a lot of confusion with new players. 1st Player is assigned at the beginning of the game, then goes around in turn order from encounter to encounter, depending on who acted last in the previous encounter. The Aggro token is assigned by player choice at the beginning of each encounter. Note this means if you give the same player the 1st Player and Aggro tokens at the same time, they'll have aggro for two turns in a row: Monsters activate - potentially targeting player with aggro. 1st player activates and receives the Aggro token when finished. Monsters activate again - potentially targeting player with aggro.
  4. Resting at the bonfire does reset all the encounters. However, you don't have to rest in order to spend your souls. You can spend them anytime you are not in an encounter. Also, your health and stamina reset to full after every encounter. Things like Estus and class abilities only reset if you rest.
  5. Node limit actually takes priority. So in your instance you can use that to your advantage to allow one player to avoid the 5 damage.
  6. Ashraam

    Deck misunderstandings

    Seems that way. I tried a solo game with the Assassin last night. It'll take a few more games maybe to figure out a firm strategy, but so far I'm thinking this game is going to be nigh impossible to solo. I also don't really get the point of the Humanity cards, since you can discard a card to draw a new one anyway.
  7. This is definitely an edge case that I haven't encountered. Had it happened at our table, I think I'd initiate another basic Push before the second movement. This would be just like the initial Push, so it couldn't be dodged. Then the boss could continue the rest of his behavior as needed. You wouldn't encounter this issue with standard boss movement, because they always Push everyone off any node they enter, but it's not an attack so it can't be Dodged.
  8. Ashraam


    I suspect that text was added to the new cards to clarify the Repeat function. There's never been an official response regarding Repeat, however most people play it such that new targets can't be chosen. (Based on online discussions, anyway.) Here's my reasoning (posted on these forums long ago) for why Repeat works like this: Under Repeat on character equipment it says, "The Repeat icon allows the character to use that entire weapon option the number of times indicated in the circle." Under Character Attacks on page 22 they indicate choosing a target then choosing the weapon option. Since none of the weapon options (that I have seen) include the ability to choose a target, only the attack is repeated. All of that aside, it's your game, so if you don't like that interpretation you're free to play it as you like.
  9. Ashraam


    No, they hit the same target, because target selection isn't part of the Repeated behavior. (At least none of the current ones have that.)
  10. I don't have the book in front of me to answer about that specific page. However, when a monster with Push Movement activates, the first thing that happens is all Players are pushed off of its node. This isn't the Move Attack, since the monster hasn't moved yet. It's just an aspect of Push Movement that must be resolved. The Movement Attack only deals damage when the monster ENTERS a node with a player in it.
  11. Ashraam

    Got bored and live tweeted a run.

    No worries! It will definitely change the feel of the game. Your initial setup becomes probably the most critical part of the encounter.
  12. Ashraam

    Got bored and live tweeted a run.

    Hard to tell for sure from your pictures but did you attack before the enemies? Remember enemies always activate first. (Just in case you missed that.)
  13. Each player has the Aggro token after their turn, not during.
  14. @Deatheux You can do all of the things you just listed. You just have to pay the stamina cost for each, and each attack is treated as a separate roll. So you need to overcome the enemy defense with each roll. However, the question this thread was about is asking if you can use one single-handed weapon but hold it with both hands (like in the video game) to increase the damage. Currently it's not in the rule book, so people are home brewing their own ideas to use it.
  15. Squirtis is correct. It's also worth noting that if you fail the Dodge roll and the attack that hits you has a Push component you'll be pushed from the NEW node, not the starting one.