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  1. You were correct. The player gets to choose which arc they are pushed to. They just have to choose a node that is still adjacent to the wall. If they were in a corner when this happened they could choose a node adjacent to either wall.
  2. I'm not sure who or what you're referring to here, but you do indeed have to spend souls to level up or purchase items from the Treasure deck.
  3. If you're holding two weapons each attack is treated as a completely separate attack, so you don't combine dice or anything like that. That means you can attack two separate targets, provided they are both in range. Bear in mind you can't move to a new node between these two attacks unless a game ability allows for it, like the Berserk charge or a weapon with a Shift move.
  4. Armor Sets

    I'm not a huge fan of the poses they chose, but at the same time I'm not going to complain about receiving them. I never intended to use them to replace the player model. I figure if someone gets an armor set they just get the relevant cards and can stand the mini next to their dashboard if they like, as a reminder of how it looks.
  5. No apps yet that I'm aware of. For the time being I'd just take a picture of the character boards. You could do the same with the tiles if you still need the layout, I suppose. I guess the Inventory would have to be stored separate from the Treasure deck, but that would make setup easier anyway.
  6. Range on spells?

    The spell cards have the range listed on them, just like ranged weapons do.
  7. Too few orange dice in the core set

    Yeah, you just have to reroll one die and add the results. There's too few of all the dice, in my opinion. I'd buy another set or two of dice in a heartbeat if they ever offered them separate.
  8. No tiles with either set.
  9. Dark Souls card game announced

    It's worth noting the Voucher announcement stated it would be usable for Dark Souls the Board Game related items. They may or may not allow it to be used for the card game. I think I'd seek clarification on that matter if that's the route you're thinking of taking.
  10. Dark Souls card game announced

    Yeah, I'm going to be all over that. I already pledged for everything else, so I was anticipating not adding anything now. So much for that!
  11. The distinction here really only matters when you're being attacked by a boss that's 1 or more nodes away. If you're being pushed by a boss because of movement any adjacent node is, by default, farther away. However, if you're 1 node away and the boss attacks you with an attack that pushes, you cannot choose to move onto the boss' node. You must move farther away from the boss. (Or at least, not move closer in the case that you cannot move farther away.)
  12. Outrider Knight - Frostbite

    Damage doesn't have to occur to inflict a status. However, damage DOES have to occur in order to trigger Bleed after it is applied.
  13. Thanks for your input on this! I've been hoping it was a typo as it makes the attack very unlikely to hit otherwise.
  14. Outrider Knight - Frostbite

    Status effects are applied to any character that is hit, even if the damage is blocked entirely. The only way to avoid the status is to Dodge the attack. I don't recall the card you're referencing, but if the attack is a node/arc attack then all players in the attack area would be subject to the Frostbite unless they dodge. If it's not a node/area attack then only the targeted player would be in danger of the Frostbite.
  15. Additional Souls Pledges do include the Stretch Goals.