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  1. Danny

    Treasure Deck Balancing

    The way I see it is you don't start with a +15 zweihander, you can start with a zweihander, but until you defeat certain bosses, reach certain areas and find certain materials that weapon is not necessarily ready to take down a boss. This game doesn't have all those prerequisites. You just draw a card, level into it and BOOM! End game weapo n before the miniboss. If you're playing like this, it makes all the mid range weapons pointless effectively. I'd rather get the mid range weapons, and save the endgame stuff for endgame.
  2. Danny

    Treasure Deck Balancing

    This has been my concern. And not just for shop decks, but the regular rules, too.
  3. Danny

    Metal Aggro coin?

    I actually work from a mailbox that sounds like its run the same way. Our usual turn around is 2 days, except we've had a 48% increase in workload since January and 3 people have left. A few weeks ago we were so far behind that we were working items 12 days old. 5 months into this, the upper management have finally agreed to recruiting to replace those 3 leavers only. (Recruitment is happening right now, they haven't actually hired or trained anybody yet) They've now also set up a "crisis plan" (because they've waited until we're so far behind that this is officially classed as a crisis) and started a series of other temporary measures to help us catch up. I think the same thing has pretty much happened at SFG, except on a much larger scale and in a shorter timeframe. (Except they've replaced their staff when the previous employee left, ofc) But yeah, in this situation "chase" emails create a snowball effect. It doesn't matter that our auto message has said how far behind we are in our queues for months. People will still re-send the same requests on the third, 5th and 7th day, often without explaining they've sent it before. So we have to take additional time to check these emails, see the requests are completed and then check the archives to make sure they've since received a response. This causes the workload to just snowball, we're now getting less actual work done which causes more delays which in turn creates more chase emails. And this isn't just affecting other people, the clients regularly contact this mailbox, so by chasing their older work they're delaying their own more recent work from being actioned, not just other peoples.
  4. Danny

    Custom add ons - lore deck

    Probably the easiest place to enter lore would be the enemy AI deck, you could simply scale down the AI at the bottom of the cards and add flavour text in a box below using Photoshop. I don't think that'd be the best place for it, thematically speaking, though. Probably the best place would be the treasures themselves, that way you learn about the world as you do in DS. But as those cards are quite small already it'd squash everything, I think. And upscaling those cards isn't an option since they fit on the player boards. Then there's the question of which descriptions to add to some items, as some are in all 3 games and have unique flavour text on each. Not sure I can think of a decent alternative...
  5. Danny

    Summoms (requests)

    Yeah I won't be surprised at all if the summons count as a player activation, however I also wouldn't be surprised to see an additional summoning cost, such as some souls, or an ember or spark, since they'll be geared up already.
  6. Danny

    Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    Getting him with mid horizontal attack would be awesome. But I reckon they've already chosen the design by now, and its been more of a case of what works to make them look good and minimize fragility
  7. Danny

    Treasure Deck Balancing

    I want to do a simpler test run of: your staring gear each has 1 upgrade slot. When I was doing my second statistics post this turned ~70% of cards to be usable within 8 souls. Putting limited upgrades on your starting weapon might come back to haunt you later, but it'd be better than having no upgraded weapons at all, and it'd mean reintegrating the common loot deck back down to one deck. I need to do some tests, though. It might horrifically imbalance the game. If I remember correctly the worker outfit has the same abilities as the starting gear of warrior, assassin and herald, but has an upgrade slot in exchange for the stat costs, so that would affect loot value for sure....
  8. Danny

    Summoms (requests)

    I pointed it out mainly to show there IS a price for doing so, rather than that it'd be appropriate for the boardgame (which it couldn't be, because the boss HP dials are fixed) With regards to the video game, though: 30% might sound minimal at first, however if your summon dies before doing their 30% contribution they effectively leave you with a powered up boss (and that does happen) ive seen a few players that have characters built specifically to co-op certain bosses commenting how more summons isn't necessarily a good thing. Each summon gives more health to the boss, and the longer the fight is the more estus you'll all need. And the more players, the more chance you have of getting players of lower skill who will die early. Not relevant to the board game, but I like talking about Dark Souls
  9. Danny

    Treasure Deck Balancing

    What I particularly like about this is that it would add the incentive to risk holding into souls for later... Unless you die and drop them, of course
  10. Danny

    Summoms (requests)

    Boss HP is increased by 30% in the games for your first summon, so there is some downside to summoning, particularly vs some bosses that do large areas of damage, since they're more likely to hit additional players (for example Midir, or 4 kings who are basically a DPS race) I kinda hope patches turns up as an encounter of some kind instead, like: When revealed, add a new tile on an unused doorway 1 space closer to the boss room (or as close as possible if you're adjacent already), your party is kicked off a ledge and lands in the centre tile of this room. Draw 2 more encounter cards equivalent to the patches event, place one in the new tile, and one to replace the patches event on the old tile (monsters have spawned now he's no linger in that spot) If you clear this room, draw an extra treasure as the traps bait. You cannot go back to the bonfire unless the route back there is clear.
  11. Danny

    Treasure Deck Balancing

    I didn't put on the refresh prices, however I just thought about the numbers a bit and they don't feel a million miles away in terms of balance, since the refresh is more items per player with fewer players, however larger groups of players can equip more loot generally. If your first 12 cards drawn were not class appropriate it would only cost you 4 souls to refresh them in a 2 player game, which would be nice. I do worry that people won't be drawing extra redundant armours and weapons once they have certain gear though... Perhaps there should be a limit to refreshes, also? Something to incentivize using what's on sale rather than refreshing for old favourites constantly?
  12. I do kinda wanna see somebody do a freaky re-skin with their paintings... Like a flesh coloured titanite demon, complete with blood, sweat and miscellaneous dirt stains. Couldn't bring myself to do that to my models, of course...
  13. Danny

    Metal Aggro coin?

    They've been very clear from the outset that there will be no kickstarter exclusives. Anything in the KS will be available at retail. Which is a good thing. Knowing there's parts of games others have, but isn't for sale, has put me off buying games before.
  14. Danny

    Metal Aggro coin?

    I've been meaning to ask about this, too. I was wondering if they'd decided to stick with regular tokens since there was now an activation token as well. @alxndrhll, any official word on this that you're aware of?
  15. Yeah, I've considered it myself, but can't think of a great thematic way for it to be implemented. Maybe a D20 roll on each kill? But then you'd have crossbow hollows dropping brigand axes... I feel like the chests on encounter cards adequately fill in for the "finding loot on your adventure" feel from the environment.