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  1. Get it while it's hot... Episode 32: The Color Wheel is a Wheel February 23, 2016 News: S1 Card Reprints [2:35] A Little Errata [9:21] We'll be at Events [42:15] - Life's A Pitch (February 27th) - Bourbon Trail Open (March 12th) - Crucible Orlando (March 19-20) - Adepticon (March 31st) The Color Wheel (with Mat Hart) [53:44] Feedback - S2 Starters/team packs (Hall of Legends) [1:21:48] - Engineers bounty or Ballista bounty [1:25:58] - New player team selection (Lee Battrick) [1:31:13] - Why not Avarisse & Greede (Trent Denison) [1:34:18] Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.com guildballtonight@gmail.com @gbtpodcast facebook.com/gbtpodcast Guild Ball Tonight on YouTube
  2. I will be there. I have to drive some guys...
  3. Phil

    Rules issues with Guild Ball.

    This. we're playing a game that's never been broken, never been exploited at the top, never needed an emergency fix. It's a remarkable game and you seem to be missing that. a lot of prople play the game without using the fixes or clarifications still, and the game they play is just as fun, just not as refined or consistent. to imply that you would pass on the game, or worse pass on spreading the game until it meets your standards (which few other games meet) is really just biting off your nose to spite your face, and really just seems incendiary.
  4. Phil

    Hammer Time!

    This is still why we can't have nice things.
  5. Phil

    Hammer Time!

    This is why we can't have nice things.
  6. The Wednesday night gathering at Armada is a great one to put on your calendar if it fits into your schedule - there will be lots of people around from about 4pm till closing. If you can't get there Wednesday, give a shout and I don't doubt that we can find some people that'll be around other days as well.
  7. Phil

    Clear Acrylic Bases

    Technically he said he had no issue with them as a TO then gave me the mean eyes for stirring up trouble. The rule stands...
  8. Phil

    Clear Acrylic Bases

    Totally illegal. Just ask Jamie P. Frequently. He loves that.
  9. Not better, just different... Episode 28: Bill Takes a Breather December 29, 2015 (with Jason Tate in for a vacationing Bill) News: Championship events update [6:32] Beating the Brewers (with Chris Rutter) [8:21] Twitter Questions: - New way to play (Scott Parking) [55:50] - Measuring device of choice (Andrew Mossoura) [57:35] - Rage as captain of other guilds (Chris Smith) [1:01:03] - Fewer Union subs in season 2? (David Bartlety) [1:07:21] - Sci-Fi version? (Nate Zettle) [1:15:08] - Dice superstitions? (Jamie Wyness) [1:18:35] - Season 1 awards (Lee Parry) [1:22:40] Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.com guildballtonight@gmail.com @gbtpodcast facebook.com/gbtpodcast Guild Ball Tonight on YouTube
  10. As was mentioned anove, avoid trying to sell us stuff - you will never have any credibility if you do. It's an uphill battle for an official show to begin with and probably something that independents will always have an advantage in (heck, I have turned down some really nice sponsors just to keep my integrity unchallenged). Again, just focus on what you can do that no one else can - and then do more than just toss spoilers around because that is too easy. So, top tips - fight to have credibility, do something worthy of the unique position you have, and don't just redo from a bully pulpit what other people already do. easy? Ha! No one said it was going to be easy.
  11. Think about what you can provide that isn't already being done - just having the guys on the show is not in itself new. Doing the news is not new - figure out how to translate access no one else has into something novel. There's a show. Othewise, just keep sending the guys out to chat with us.
  12. While supplies last... Episode 27: Baby Bear's Bed December 15, 2015 News! - The Guild Ball World Championship! [02:52] - The Honoured Guest - Congrats Gerry! [11:33] - 2 new guilds! [14:44] - A new game! [15:56] - Plastic terrain! [17:01] Season 2 players so far [22:54] Capital Regional tournament wrap-up [56:28] Interview with Sherwin Matthews [1:14:20] Twitter Questions - What will the new mascots offer when they are released? (Nathan) [1:41:57] - Will we see players retired from sanctioned events? (Moonstone) [1:47:18] - Is blind too much? (Brandon Walters) [1:50:12] - Why do Calculus & Mercury's auras not work when they move into contact? (Rob Brechter) [2:02:05] - How to get better with limited time? (Steve Price) [2:04:54]
  13. Phil

    Alternative masons

    Mallet is irreplacable. Never consider dropping him. The influence puzzle with Honour, Flint, and Mist is pretty hard to solve. Try Brick and Minx if you are going that way as they can battery for the three greedy players and still take actions sometimes. if you instead are going to leave one of those three short each turn, it might have been better to have a more efficient option in the first place. When it works you can get a couple of fast goals and then improvise for the last 4 points, when it doesn't you don't have influence allocated around the team to fall back on.