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  1. Solo play - I'm disappointed :-(

    I bet the strategies are gonna open up alot more once the summons expansion comes out. I kind of view that as the solo friendly expansion. I could see somethong being said for the core game having that, but alot of core games are lacking a bit when compared to mechanics the expansions introduce. I only kinda skimmed the rules and missed the 16 starting souls thing. I started with 0 haha. No wonder it felt painfully hard.
  2. House rules ideas

    Same here. I can definately understand that. I tested a solo run allowing myself to rest as often as I wanted at the bonefire (like in DS 1) to grind for souls and it got boring pretty quick. I understand why they made that rule. It forces you to do more than just the one encounter. Maybe a house rule to allow you to rest for free if you clear all 5 encounters. Since you heal and rest up after every encounter resting isn't quite as vital as in the video games. Maybe the difficulty of said encounters increases too, like kindling bonefires in DS2. You can rest alot but it is gonna get harder the more you do.
  3. this game still being made?

    Agreed! It is looking pretty awesome!
  4. Pledge manager?

    Haha this is me too. Looking at all the things I want to get but realizing my car needs fixed.....
  5. Yeah I ended up getting Gaping Dragon, but was tempted by 4k. My big beef with 4k is that the fight was not very hard or memorable to me. Maybe my character build was Ideal for eliminating them but they died super fast and I was like "that seemed a little underwhelming". I'd go for a fight you found interesting. Obviously they won't translate exactly, but if I had to pick one abyss boss to get, I'm all about getting Manus. Waaaaaay more awesome than 4k, lore and fight wise.
  6. How has Dark Souls changed the way you perceive video games?

    The smile potato was the perfect capstone for your post. Well done sir! Truth be told I think I wanted an excuse to repost it
  7. Artorias the Abysswalker

    Agreed. There is a video about Manus like that one that made me love the character a ton. Same with the Burnt Ivory King and The Rotten. Hearing some of the stories and theories behind them made me like them all the more.
  8. Yep pretty much this. Check my email each day hoping for an update email, like I'm looking for a golden ticket in a candy bar wrapper
  9. How has Dark Souls changed the way you perceive video games?

    I agree that this applies to Dark Souls in every way except Bed of Chaos.
  10. Are Retail Prices Settled

    Probably for sure! Yeah Manus is awesome. Think they woulda made even more money if he had been an option in the kickstarter. Of course they pretty much beat all the records anyways lol.
  11. DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    Just had a thought. If hollows are just crazy maybe they attack everything, enemy and player alike, so they could be used to your advantage.
  12. Are Retail Prices Settled

    It is just a bummer I can't grab Manus at 28 pounds. Guess 35 pounds will have to do.
  13. How has Dark Souls changed the way you perceive video games?

    I find myself loving all kinds of games but definately playing them differently. Dark Souls made me want to try to approach situations from several different angles. Try creating unique characters with a unique play style. That has influenced alot of my builds in The Division lol. On top of that, Dark Souls helped me realize things aren't nearly as scary once you figure out how to deal with them. I'm talking to YOU solo Dark Zone.
  14. DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    @D S SIRIUSMaybe it should be put into the Dark Souls Board Game: Prepare to Die edition.
  15. DS 1 Lore question SPOILERS

    Cool idea! Only thing I'd say against this would be that if a number of people are dying then the players are already in over their heads, so throwing more enemies in the mix would be more like the nail in a coffin instead of an extra challenge.