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  1. Dirial

    Hunters v Farmers

    I've seen the Beard one. I think nobody is surprised by how hard Thresher is on Hunters... because that's just how he rolls. In general, I like playing Hunters into Farmers. Sure, they make life difficult in some aspects (curse you, Millstone, and your Condition game) and the auto-damage of Tater does a number on a bunch of our low-health players... but I feel that I can play around it most of the time.
  2. Dirial

    Vet Minx in May

    Or at least re-collected. I pretty much only want her to be Influence efficient at what she does.
  3. Dirial

    What was your first Guild and why?

    What was your first Guild and what attracted you to that Guild? I started Guild Ball in S2. Didn't know what Guild to pick, so I chose the Hunters because there was no information about what they did rules-wise. Blind pick, so to speak. Do you still play that Guild or are you a deserter and play a new Guild yet? I play Hunters exclusively. With the changes to the Union on the horizon, I bought a captain and mascot for that Guild so I can use the models once they become unavailable. Does your original Guild still hold your heart or have you a new favourite? As said, Hunters exclusively. I like every other Guild but every game playing something else would be a game I don't play Hunters.... and I have too little gaming time in the first place.
  4. Dirial

    Let's Chat : Seenah

    Especially as she cannot profit from Blessing or the forest and doesn't add to the ball game which Theron needs in my opinion.
  5. Dirial

    Let's Chat : Seenah

    I keep Seenah flanking or near the goal most of the time. Models that are flanking usually do not have the means to deal with the bear, as do Strikers ending their turn near the goal. If you play Bait the Trap, Seenah is pretty good at killing Strikers and Wingers, she just cannot deal with beaters on her own. Also, she's good at getting people out of a scrum but she lacks ways to dislodge herself. If you get her stuck in the middle, prepare to lose her one way or the other. I rarely run her with Theron at the moment. She's too hungry and doesn't add much for that team.
  6. Dirial


    A Matagi is a Japanese winter hunter.
  7. Dirial


    Quite excited! The pose on Falcon looks a bit weird but that might be the angle. Artwork is boss, though. Bit surprised that he's called Falcon. I mean... Falcon the Falconer? Really?
  8. If you mean vHearne, 2 Boom Boxes would actually cost 2 Influence and 2 Momentum. Just saying.
  9. Dirial

    A Thread to Talk About My Problem(s) With the Hunters

    I've played against @h3m3 multiple times, right from the beginning of my humble Guild Ball experience. Very educational, and always good fun. When you're new and trying to learn the rules, it can be a great motivation to see a master at work, and those rules applied to their fullest potential. Of course it helps if said player takes the time to explain what he's doing instead of just noob stomping.
  10. Dirial

    So...half the team showed up

    It's added to whatever result you choose from the playbook. It basically turns every into a or similar.
  11. Dirial

    Vet Minx?

    Hello, my friend!
  12. Dirial

    Vet Minx?

    Note that the Hunter's Union in Chains forum has been closed and the link only leads to the blog post. This looks pretty clear to me.
  13. Dirial

    Midas gets Skewered

    Played two games yesterday. In the first, my Hunters faced the Alchemists. My opponent played GIC - Chemical Resistance Midas Naja Calculus Mercury Vitriol Harry the Hat I played GIC - Bait the Trap Theron Fahad Hearne Jaecar Zarola Minx I lost the dice roll and kicked off with Theron. Calculus put Blind on Theron. We were a bit surprised that it doesn't interfere with his ability to needle people with arrows. I jumped up Hearne to put some damage into Midas and knocked him down before he could get a goal. The ball scattered to Mercury who had already activated. Jaecar to put pressure on Calculus. In the second turn, Theron could deny Midas the goal again due to a combination of Snipe and Pinned. My opponent took out Hearne, I took out Midas, Mercury, Calculus twice, Harry. I went for a Linked activation to throw Fahad towards the goal but its charge on Calculus failed to generate Momentum. Theron could take out Vitriol, though. Final Result Hunters 12 - 2 Alchemists
  14. The Hunters met the Alchemists for a training game. Minx had joined the Hunters to get a little break from all the Union infighting. Little did anybody notice that Hemlocke watched the game from a hidden spot, to measure if the Hunters might be a good place for her. The Alchemists came to the game with Smoke Flask Mercury Calculus Crucible Vet Katalyst The Hunters countered with Theron Fahad Jaecar Zarola Hearne Minx Here's an image of the team. Am I shit at taking photos? You bet. Theron kicked off and the game was on! The Alchemists collected the ball and threw some templates around while Minx and Fahad advanced. Theron got some shots off against Calculus, thus generating the Momentum to Bless Zarola. He then went out to the flank, far from Katalyst. In an unexpected move, Smoke jumped forward, shuffled a template to poison and burn both Theron and Minx, then charged into Theron while carrying the ball. Theron counterattacked, knocking her on her arse. The ball scattered into space. Hearne took advantage of the situation, jumping forward an laying into Smoke. Crucible advanced to make removing conditions more expensive for the Hunters. However, Zarola moved Jaecar up who was now in range to stab Crucible and push her into a pitfall trap. First activation of Turn 2, Theron killed Smoke, collected the ball, killed Crucible, and passed to Minx who went to the far flank. Jaecar and Hearne teamed up to nearly kill Calculus. Katalyst charged into Theron and killed him, using Witness Me. Minx charged back in, killing Calculus. Winning Initiative at the onset of Turn 3, Minx charged Flask, bouncing off the little robot into Tap-In range and put the ball in for a Hunters victory. Final Score: Hunters 12 - 4 Alchemists
  15. The Hunters and the Engineers met for a friendly (well, as friendly as Guild Ball gets) sparring match to try out some new tactics. Also, shitty pictures incoming. I apologize because I barely remembered taking a few rushed pictures during the game. Engineers played GIC - Clockwork Perfection Pin Vice Mother Colossus Hoist Velocity Locus Hunters played GIC - Go To Ground Skatha Fahad Zarola Jaecar Minx Seenah Here we see the team captains shaking hands and exchanging shirts before the match. They also read statements against discrimination: Skatha argued for tolerance towards more animal players, while Pin Vice argued for more robots on the field. However, both addresses were delivered rather... coldly. There was a short gasp when Zarola and Jaecar knelt for the anthems, but the crowd quickly concentrated on the game. The Hunters elected to receive. Locus kicked off. The Hunters kicked the ball around a bit. Both teams moved up before Zarola shot Fahad over the field for a charge at Pin Vice and a tap in goal. Pin Vice retaliated with a quick goal and used an impressive Knee Slider back. Looking over the spaced Engineers and their goal threats, the Hunters kicked the ball way out of range into the left field, pretty much the only place no player could reach. The game turned into a vicious brawl. Pin Vice took out Jaecar early Turn 3. Seenah took out Pin Vice in retaliation early Turn 4. The returning Jaecar collected the ball - a nearly fatal error when Colossus barrelled into him but dice were just short of pushing him right off the pitch again. All the Hunters then piled into Colossus, getting the ball free of him and banging him up. At the start of Turn 5, Skatha is in range of the goal, the ganged up Colossus stares down Seenah, and Pin Vice returns in charge range of Fahad. Seenah takes out Colossus with a Bear Hug. Hoist tackles the ball from Skatha and passes it to Locus. Skatha tries to get it back but fails, so Lucus scores. The scatter goes to Minx who kills Mother and passes to Jaecar. It's 10 - 10 and the bald man makes a run for it. He cannot quite reach the Tap In range, but makes the shot anyway. Final result: Hunters 12 - 10 Engineers Thoughts: Awesome game. It was really close and hard fought. We both made a number of small positioning errors and the dice were a bit swingy... It was a real nail biter! The GICs didn't make much of a difference. Yes, Snapshots were a threat but me killing the ball for two turns and having the bear rampaging around in my backfield denied the opportunity for a quick Snap Shot goal. On the other hand, a free counter is great early in the turn but most of the time, the Engineers could dodge or push or KD to deny the really efficient counters.