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  1. Perry89

    It was Edge Austin! It was Edge all along!

    That's amazing work , nice work all.
  2. Perry89

    It was Edge Austin! It was Edge all along!

    Wow what a turn of events!, what happen did the ambush tactic work ? Or was there some Obulus nonsense?
  3. Perry89

    Seenah Rookie Cards

    Also important when and how do we get our hands on the rookie model?
  4. Perry89

    Hunters s4 matchup poll

    Could you tell me your thought process I'm intrigued please. 🙂
  5. Perry89

    Question about traps

    Dam, chaska tech for farmers scrapped lol
  6. Perry89

    Question about traps

    Do pushes destroy harvest markers?
  7. Perry89

    S4 Favorite Skatha + 5 line up

    Question about Zarola , while I do think midnight offering is amazing I'm trying to get out of the habit of always bringing her. In a Skatha line up do you think Skathas snowball is enough to leave Zarola at home? I ask as I'm playing my first game on Saturday against my mate and his farmers, line up im looking at is Skatha, Fahad,Ulfr,Seenah,vminx and Mataagi , the issue I'm having is mataagi in the past has score goals set up great harriers for the hitters to go in. But the zarola just feels so essential for extending our reach on the board or bad board positioning. What do you think?
  8. Perry89

    First S4 event breakdown.

    I’m still getting use to the captain drops, into butchers i too would of picked Theron to control players like Ox , Boar , and possibly control the new Shank. I must be missing the plays Skatha has could you enlighten me please 🙂
  9. Perry89

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Not having to to rely on her charging to get big numbers is such a big relief.
  10. Perry89

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Was pretty bummed to see hunters at the bottom of the list this morning I thought our showing was abit stronger then that. With being at the bottom and flea being wanted by nobody it's safe to say that his coming to hunters. Edge and Kami being the next most popular. I feel like we can forget about Kami with butcher being up there with the most popular guild. And the morticains after Edge i think we need to turn our focus else where. Also another thing with us being down the ladder we might have to start looking at other people that aren't so popular. In the end it doesnt matter what the hunter population want it can be pulled out from underneath us as we might choose who we want last.
  11. Perry89

    Entire Hunter and Falcons release date

    Arrow to the knee changed to Snipe during Theron’s and Hearne update because Arrow to the knee was OPT, to make him more versatile. Arrow to the knee is now not OPT so Snipe will be changing back to Arrow to the knee. I read it during the engineer reveal.
  12. Perry89

    Entire Hunter and Falcons release date

    Lol never bro your rock is sacred
  13. Hey guys if you've been living under a rock heres the latest. Entire guild run down and card release. Sunday 7th of October – Hunter’s Guild & Falconer’s Guild – Reviewed by the Rage Quit Wire podcast featuring Jamie Perkins
  14. Perry89

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Do you know something we dont hmmm?
  15. Perry89

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Agreed , it blows my mind that there are models in our guild that out damage seenah , shes a bear... A BEAR!! Lol