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  1. Siberys

    Black Friday Combined Shipping

    The description said Fractured Loyalties but the picture was UIC. I had seen other pictures online - SCUK customers who got the kit - and they all had UIC in the pics. I tracked down the Fractured Loyalties ball elsewhere.
  2. Siberys

    GBKeeper 2.0 Released

    v2.0.0(38), player data v51
  3. Siberys

    GBKeeper 2.0 Released

    Are you sure? He does on mine; see below.
  4. Siberys

    0"push through a trap.

    Yes, it does. The rule you may be thinking of is the standing on obstructions rule. That one *was* removed.
  5. Siberys

    Engi's 12 and 6

    I've been asking questions about this elsewhere, and between that and a few games this is the 12 I've settled on; Ballista, Pin Vice, Mainspring, Colossus, Compound, Harriet, Hoist, Ratchet, Salvo, OVelocity, VVelocity, Gutter Locus is very hard to kill but easy to ignore, and just about everything he wants to do is covered just as well or better by other models. Which is a shame, I love his sculpt. Mother may be useful if you get bogged down in a scrum, but Mainspring is almost always a good choice for mascot, and he can do ball retrieval and damage with only one or even no influence. Generally, my six looks something like this; Ballista, Mainspring, Colossus, Salvo, [OVelocity|VVelocity], [Ratchet|Gutter|Compound|Harriet] In that list, you usually have VVel and either Ratchet or Gutter. If you run Gutter, you use Ballista and Salvo to control engagements while Colossus, VVel, and Gutter gang up on a target. If running Ratchet, Ballista's the damage dealer. In either case, Colossus can pivot to damage if the target is already KDed, and both Colossus and VVel can gun for a goal if needed. You switch to OVel if you think you'd have trouble favorably controlling engagements; she can pressure the ball reliably and has some of the best escape tech in the game. Compound comes in against teams you don't really want to fight in a scrum with and who will want to pressure the ball. He doesn't come in against Fish though, for example; they're good enough at dodging around to be able to play around him. Bring compound against folks that have to deal with him. As yet I'm not quite sure who I'd do that with - maybe Blacksmiths? On the other hand, Gutter can just delete Apprentices, so I'm not certain. Harriet is a tech piece mostly for If You Can Dodge A Wrench; you use her if you know you need to have the ball but your opponent will have lots of CC. Colossus is a very good combat support piece, but consider switching him out if your opponent could try farming him for Momentum and you don't need his crowdouts or Singled Out - generally, if you are trying to avoid engaging. I'd probably go for one of the models I passed over in the last slot if I did that, or maybe Hoist. That leaves Hoist and Pin Vice; Hoist comes on occasionally in the last slot or in Colossus's place in this setup. You do that if you really need additional copies of particular plays. Personally I find Hoist only really works for me in lists that are very Influence-hungry (and hence inefficient), or where a character has two plays I want to use but the model hits its INF cap too early; I would consider running Ballista-Mainspring-Salvo-Ratchet-Hoist-OVelocity and buddy him up with Ratchet, for example, so I can do both Tooled Up and two Blast Earths, but just about everyone on that team wants influence so I'm not sure that's the best layout. For Pin Vice, the general wisdom I've encountered is that the combination of her playbook and her 1" Melee makes her too easy to counterattack. I have had some success with her gunning for goals, but I suspect you'd have to be careful about who you choose to use that against - 2" Melee is not fun for PV. Harriet is very good with Pin Vice, since you'll probably be doing a lot of passing and hence momentous actions, so her stock goes up a bit in that case
  6. Siberys

    Need help

    A list I like is Ballista, Mainspring, Colossus, Salvo, Veteran Velocity, Gutter. The idea is you gang up on someone with Collosus and VVel while using Ballista and Salvo to knock models down and control engagements. Then you send in Gutter and scything blow with all those dice bonuses. If you don’t want to use Gutter, Ratchet works well too. In that case Ballista is probably your “Kill” model, though Colossus can sub in in a pinch. The Gutter slot can also contain Compound (if your opponent isn’t running an especially bally team but you think they’ll need to gun for a goal; truly ball-oriented teams have no trouble ignoring Compound) or Harriet (if there’ll be a lot of Close Control you’ll need to get through). OVelocity is also a good switch for VVel, especially if you plan on needing to disengage and go after the ball more aggressively. The base team I describe above has a clear goal though - spin Gutter on folks. For his tournament roster, I suggest dropping Locus and Mother. Locus is hard to kill but easy to ignore, and Colossus largely fills his role better. Mother is good for bogging down a scrum but Mainspring is great and always has a free pass up.
  7. Siberys

    How do we use Colossus

    I usually use him as forward combat support; he needs to be a little upfield to be in position to pivot to a goal or a kill if the opportunity presents itself. Usually I have C and Vet Velocity tag-team someone with Gutter or Ballista. He needs to be close to a fight to affect it with his support tech since he applies it by attacking.
  8. Siberys

    How do we use Colossus

    Colossus is a set-up piece for another model (probably Ballista or Gutter or maybe Harriet) because he has easy access to KD and Singled Out and he’s a 50mm with 2“ Melee. He’s tough to kill and has good support tech, and in a pinch he can kill or make a goal run.
  9. Siberys

    Noxious blast not sus?

    SUS is specifically for effects on models. The fact that it’s an ongoing-effect AOE is enough for it to last to the end of turn; Ratchet’s Blast Earth isn’t SUS either, nor is Mercury’s Fire Blast.
  10. Siberys

    Double Protective Instinct

    The thing is the Protective Instinct isn’t applied, it’s a passive trait, so I would expect that they don’t have “timestamps”.
  11. Siberys

    Multiple Instances or Conditions

    At least in s3, multiple instances of an effect replaced older ones. EG, if you were hit by stagger, then got another stagger applied to you from the playbook momentously, the new one overrode the old one and you still got the momentum - and notably the model would only have 1 "instance" of stagger on it. I need to check the current rulebook for support, but my expectation is that is how it currently works and that it applies to conditions just the same as sustained effects.
  12. Memory does not return until Brainpan’s activation. See “Thought [Memory]” on Brainpan’s card.
  13. Siberys

    couple questions

    Yes. That costs a lot of momentum though and probably isn’t worth it, and may be difficult positionally.
  14. I believe that in the context of LOS intervening is used in its “natural” sense, ie it’s not referring to the terminology used when talking about kick penalties but rather to models that are in between two points. Is there an example of a situation you think is ambiguous?
  15. Siberys

    S4 QRF

    There's a set of reference cards that come with the Organized Play kit. There's a PDF floating around somewhere but it hasn't been shared by SFG as far as I know.