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  1. Weird Forum error?

    This was bugging me, so I got a hold of the Stylish extension @RedSam suggested and spent a while fiddling with the CSS. Not being able to change the structure threw me for a loop a few times, but I finally got it to display more-or-less as I think it should be; .ipsItemControls { position: absolute; bottom: 10px; left: 200px; right: 15px; } .ipsType_normal.ipsType_richText.ipsContained, .ipsComment_content.ipsType_medium.ipsFaded_withHover, .ipsColumn.ipsColumn_fluid { position: static; } body.ipsApp .cPost .cPost_contentWrap { position: static; padding-bottom: 55px; } This definitely works on my own computer, but it may need tweaking on another.
  2. Are we all plastic now?

    I'm torn. On the one hand, I rather like the new Sirens, Shark, and Greyscales, plus the terrain and goal. On the other, I'm not sure how I feel about re-buying models. Maybe I could buy them and then gift my old ones to friends or family...
  3. That's true. Engineers tie in with all the tools they use, though - orreries and armillaries and sextants and telescopes seems much more Engineer-y to me. A lot of it comes down to the fact that I play Engineers and not Alchemists, though.
  4. I just hope it isn't Navigators, because I've been a booster for Astronomers for a long time - and they've been mentioned in the fluff, I don't think Navigators have - and there seems to me to be way too much overlap there. I think Astronomers fits with Engineers better, if they have to be a minor guild - though I wouldn't be against them being Fisherman related, I guess.
  5. Steamcon USA Keynote

    The former was presented as an in-setting rumor, and the latter doesn't necessarily mean Ulfr changes into a wolfman on the pitch. I'm just saying that, while it's clear that magic exists in-setting, it's nowhere near as overt as "robots powered by souls" or "literal werewolf" would imply, and VSeenah as shown in the mockup is absolutely an increase in the amount of supernatural seen on-pitch.
  6. Steamcon USA Keynote

    Point of order, Velocity never had Quistis’s personality, Hoist wasn’t based on anybody in particular, and Hoist is only just starting to show emergent intelligence. Ulfr also could just be a “wild man”, lycanthropic in the sense of going moon-crazy (ie, he’s a literal lunatic). The only explicitly-magical stuff we’ve seen has been Scalpel’s spirit-magic and stuff related to it with Ghast, Cosset, and now Hemlocke, and none of that is really visible on the pitch. Spirit-Seenah would be a change in that regard.
  7. How to fight Ox with Corsair?

    Yeah, pre-errata I considered ox - and hell, maybe even fillet - to be one of Corsair's favorable matchups. If you got a sticky enough scrum going and they'd struggle to really output enough damage between your crowd-outs, tough hides, and consistent knock-downs. Since the errata I'm not as sure, though that's less because of changes to Ox than it's because of changes to VSiren
  8. Your plans for 2018 in Guildball.

    COLLECTING I am going to purchase (given what we know is coming so far); - Farmers 2 - S2 Chibi pins for Engineers, Fisherman, Union, and Farmers, and possibly for Hunters and Alchemists - The Masons/Brewers Terrain kit - Alchemists 2 - Art of War tokens for Alchemists and Farmers - Any minor guilds or individual players that are released and play for Engineers, Fisherman, Union, and Farmers, and possibly for Hunters and Alchemists (From what is known this second, that means VHarry and VMinx) HOBBY - Paint Farmers, Hunters, Alchemists, and about half of the Union, plus whatever new purchases are listed above PUNDIT - I'm moving to a new area - Lombard, actually, where Steamcon US will be this year. While I've been a pundit for a while now, I haven't had much opportunity to do pundit things in my current location, so once I've moved I'm going to speak with a few game stores I know in the area and see if I can run some demos and/or an escalation league there.
  9. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    It could also mean some kind of handicap for players using fewer than the max roster, if that roster is larger than 8.
  10. H Union, Tokens W Alchemists, $$

    I updated the first post with additional items and photos.
  11. Wild Speculation on Minor guilds

    I'd rather see Astronomers with Engineers if they have to be a minor guild - a lot of what I think of when I think of classical astronomy is the tools and the math that goes into it, which intersects nicely with the Engineer's aesthetic. Astrolabes and sextants and calipers and telescopes and orreries seem so much more engineer-y than alchemist-y.
  12. I have the following; Avarisse & Greede (Assembled, Primed) - The attachable greede is unassembled and unpainted - Art of War Tokens (2x Singled Out) Avarisse & Greede (Unassembled, Unprimed) - Missing the chest attachment for when Greede is unattached. Decimate (Unassembled, Unprimed) - AoW Tokens (1x Second Wind, 1x Thousand Cuts) Minx (Assembled, Primed) - AoW Tokens (1x Marked Target, 2x Screeching Banshee) Hemlocke (Assembled, Primed) - AoW Tokens (1x Poison AOE, 1x Blind, 1x Smelling Salts Used) Mist (Assembled, Primed) 5x Union Dice ----- EDIT: I also have the following; - 2x S2 Hunters Token set - AoW Green Melee Zone Markers - AoW Green Template Set - AoW Green Measuring Stick Set - Muse on Minis Condition Token Set - AoW Fire AOE - S3 Plot Card Set - 5x Engineers Dice - 5x Fishermans Dice - 5x Alchemists Dice ----- I want the following; Veteran Katalyst Compound Crucible Venin I would prefer to do a trade, and I'm willing to trade this entire lot for the four named models straight-up. With the addition of the other items, I can't offer to trade everything for the alchemists; however, I will over-trade to sweeten the deal. Hit me with an offer. I am alternately willing to sell these; $150 OBO for everything, or make an offer for a subset of the lot. PM me if you're interested.
  13. Union-in-Chains Results

    Well, that'd probably mean Esters winning her leadership fight versus Tapper, since the Malders pushing out the Erskirii is what caused her to leave - after escaping an assassination attempt! - in the first place.
  14. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    It was in the Facebook group. Angel holding a rather displeased-looking Salt.
  15. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    Yeah, I hadn't really considered expanding into other guilds, and in that situation I'd personally prefer PVC. Just as long as the themed terrain sees a separate release, I personally wouldn't have anything to complain about.