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  1. GuildBalloween

    Mainspring exploded, knocking Thresher flat and sending his scythe's head flying in the air only for it to land smack dab in his chest. The gears are what's left of Mainspring.
  2. Masons Decimate

    Erskirii is Not-Russia, and Decimate was a Not-Russian princess - her actual name is Svetlana Leonid Volstov III. The hat's fine.
  3. Accurate comparison of Hemlocke

    Then you wouldn't mind the Hunters borrowing her in the meantime, aye?
  4. Efficiency Butchers

    Only if the effect is a debuff on the target enemy model, though. Rage gets no benefit from Singled Out or Marked Target, for example. I'm sure you already knew that, of course, but just for clarity in case someone reads this for a rules check.
  5. How to buff Angel?

    Hell, I don't even wait for the last activation goal when I'm not running Angel. I like trying for T1A1, spend the rest of the turn setting up a T2A1, and then gunning for another goal in T2 to close out the game. It's exceptionally high-risk, high-reward, and it doesn't always work, but if you can leverage that time pressure it can sure pay off. Heck, with some setup maybe even a two-goal turn one is possible with Angel; I'd have to do some threat-range fiddling to figure out if that's on the table though, and whether or not Formations is in use would probably affect how good of a plan that is.
  6. GIC General Theory Thread 

    So it does, my mistake. Not a lot of Butchers players in my meta. But yeah, either some way to re-engage or some way to still have something to do are what I think Butchers probably need access to. Well, the benefit of focusing fire in that regard is you can set your opponent down on action economy that way, either by screwing with their placement by forcing them to run models back onto the field, their activations by killing models before they move, or if you're lucky even their influence by killing an allocated model before it moves. Admittedly the Engineers are pretty durable so it can be tough, but all three of those are important resources for the Ball Game side of things that you can deny. Also, I'm sure you've heard it before, but killing the ball is important. Even if you just kick it to open space, as long as it's far enough away from opposing models that it'd take them a bit to get to it, that could buy you time to get in the kills you need.
  7. Wake up and smell the chains!

    Also, I always took the clone ability like the ninja clones in various ninja settings - eg you move so fast it seems you're momentarily in two places at once, with the "copy" either disappearing in a cloud of smoke or being replaced with a log or just fading from view as soon as it's "hurt". So there'd be no time for the clone Snakeskin to bleed out in a sewer.
  8. GIC General Theory Thread 

    No. As I said in the game theory thread, if it was giving you grief you probably weren't focusing fire strongly enough, and if there's one thing the Brewers are good at it's mobbing a single model. Heck, I could see an argument for upping it to HR 3 - as is, WCRT can be essentially a blank HR 4. Although the "invisible" effect of disincentivizing spreading out attacks is probably enough to keep it at HR 2.
  9. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    I think if you were having trouble against Regenerate you probably were spreading your attacks too thin. Regenerate makes it harder to spread out damage but only sorta helps against focused fire; after all, any model on the Engineers team will heal 4/turn max. If you only ever damage a single model at a time it's almost a blank HR 4.
  10. Checkmate, Alchemists!

    *dilute. Was that a freudian slip, @MechMage, or just a malapropism? The only Alchemist with a hat is Compound, too, unless you count hoods or masks.
  11. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I think Crushing Force is still dangerous, though I like that it now favors an Ox team (where influence is less likely to be concentrated on the captain). You still have the potential for top-of-turn reactionless deletions, though it is against a smaller pool of players due to the fact that it can't go on captains. I'd prefer something that addresses some of the Butcher's non-essential weaknesses without entirely removing counterplay. From what I can tell, the Butchers are extremely susceptible to counterattacks because of generally poor access to KDs and their low reach. Crushing Force deals with that by doubling the cost of counters, but is there a way you could hit the root cause? Fillet has a (kinda janky, admittedly) way around counters because of Pain Circle and Blood Dance, which gives her some way to re-engage if she's pushed out of engagement. Is there something that the non-captains of the team could get that would have a similar effect? This is probably not the correct answer, but something like "When a non-captain friendly guild model charges during its activation, it gains Stoic and Harrier until it takes any other action. (Harrier: If another model makes a dodge as the result of an attack during this model's activation, this model may make a [1"] Dodge toward that model.)" The wording is admittedly a little weird, and Harrier deffo needs to be sanity-checked, but it does the sort of thing I'm talking about; it incentivizes not countering charges, which means that the Butcher's player will be able to get at least one follow-up attack (assuming they have a momentum for a stand-up if they're KDd). Alternately, if you're married to the idea of counterattacks costing more, why not have it have an additional cost in damage or give the Butcher's player a bonus instead of costing additional momentum? Something like "When an enemy model declares a counter-attack against a non-captain friendly guild model, that model takes [3] DMG." or "When an enemy model declares a counter-attack against a non-captain friendly guild model, you gain 1 MOM." The exact number probably needs playtesting to figure out, but a Butchers model would probably use the further attacks it's missing out on to gain momentum and/or to deal damage, right? As long as they get less than they would have if they weren't counterattacked out of position, it's still worthwhile to counterattack, too.
  12. Proposal about Harry...

    The Alchs supplied the Engineers with powder, which I took to be gun powder for some kinda crazy arquebus handcannon sniper-rifle thing... I read "something like [the firebreathers]" to mean a gun, like the firebreathers in that it was a mechanical weapon, especially given the description of it and how Ballista would "sit in the back field... and pick his shots". Could be a flamethrower though I guess. </setting pedantry>
  13. Obstructions and Movement

    I was saying that if you drew the path of the whole advance, and then broke it up into it's theoretically smallest parts (as you might do when drawing a curve, since technically each segment of movement is in a straight line - see the rules PDF, p22), that first smallest part would have to move over the obstruction, and so therefore you would be advancing while over the obstruction. I suspect Redtiger's confusion comes from the "move over" wording - they might have taken that as "if the path crosses the entirety of an obstruction..." instead of "if, during a move, part of that move is physically over an obstruction..."
  14. Obstructions and Movement

    I was responding to @Redtiger7's post immediately preceding mine, where the premise is that the model is "100% on top of" the obstruction. He wasn't asking about base-to-base, which we already know allows for sprints by word of god (er... Lawyer).
  15. Obstructions and Movement

    You are advancing, and your path is partly over the obstruction (necessarily, since your path includes a position a miniscule amount off of your starting position). Therefore, you are advancing over an obstruction.