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  1. Siberys

    Multiple Instances or Conditions

    At least in s3, multiple instances of an effect replaced older ones. EG, if you were hit by stagger, then got another stagger applied to you from the playbook momentously, the new one overrode the old one and you still got the momentum - and notably the model would only have 1 "instance" of stagger on it. I need to check the current rulebook for support, but my expectation is that is how it currently works and that it applies to conditions just the same as sustained effects.
  2. Memory does not return until Brainpan’s activation. See “Thought [Memory]” on Brainpan’s card.
  3. Siberys

    couple questions

    Yes. That costs a lot of momentum though and probably isn’t worth it, and may be difficult positionally.
  4. I believe that in the context of LOS intervening is used in its “natural” sense, ie it’s not referring to the terminology used when talking about kick penalties but rather to models that are in between two points. Is there an example of a situation you think is ambiguous?
  5. Siberys

    S4 QRF

    There's a set of reference cards that come with the Organized Play kit. There's a PDF floating around somewhere but it hasn't been shared by SFG as far as I know.
  6. Siberys

    couple questions

    First off rules questions should generally go to the rules clarifications forum. As to your questions; 1) Kicker gets 1 momentum. Your friend is probably remembering the ruling from Season 3, where the person who went second turn 1 did not get momentum because no initiative is rolled on the first turn. That was specifically changed for S4. 2) The second. A model may only benefit from encourage once per turn. 3) Yes, being knocked down does not end your activation. If you have some means to stand up, you can do that and continue with your activation. There is a special case though; Standing up (whether by clearing conditions with momentum or by sacrificing your standard advance) is an action and cannot interrupt another action. If you are knocked down because of a parting blow in the middle of a charge, you won't be able to make the attack at the end because either you'll be knocked down (and hence can't attack), or you end the charge in order to take an action to stand. If you still have Influence after that you can make further attacks as normal, but none of them would have the charge bonus.
  7. Siberys

    Well Oiled Machine

    You’re forgetting an implicit phrase from MilitaryCoo’s answer. Read it instead as: “The receiving model cannot perform a Pass and Move or Snapshot if it chooses to make a pass instead.” Note that PV’s Legendary says “may”. It’s an additional option in place of SS or PnM.
  8. Siberys

    Misprint or intentional?

    You are correct. Ditto for external combustion. Should have looked up the CP text. Instead, look at the definition of "within" on page 9 of the s4 rules - "A model, marker, or template is within a given distance when any part of the base or template is within that given distance, including touching." Since the model is touching a space within 2" of itself, it's within the range listed. Other places where there's an exception to this rule - such as Melee Zones - note it in the rules. I guess this needs confirmation from one of the lawyers, though.
  9. Siberys

    Misprint or intentional?

    See the attached image. In s4, a model is definitionally affected by their own pulse unless otherwise stated.
  10. For future reference for folks, here’s the Lightning Reflexes ruling in question.
  11. Fine; is there precedent for that ruling given that this answer contradicts the sequence given in the rules?
  12. According to the sequence on page 51 of the s3 rules pdf, the advance has still ended - step 1 is when bonuses and penalties are applied and step 3 is when the advance ends. Is there a ruling somewhere that moving 0” shortcuts out of the sequence or something?
  13. Suppose Jackstraw is within 4” of Windle. a) If Jackstraw declares a jog but moves 0”, does Stop Slacking trigger? b) If Jackstraw is Snared and declares a jog but moves 0”, does Stop Slacking trigger? c) If Jackstraw is Snared but starts on Fast Ground, can Jackstraw jog 2”? If not, does Stop Slacking trigger? d) If Jackstraw starts on Rough Ground and declares a jog, does Stop Slacking trigger? My gut is; a) Yes, an advance started and ended. b) Yes, an advance started and ended. There is no rule that a model with a 0”/ n” MOV can’t declare a jog. c) No, Jackstraw must move to gain the MOV bonus from Fast Ground. An advance still started and ended so Stop Slacking does trigger, however. d) Yes, an advance started and ended. Jackstraw’s movement would be infinitesimal however, because as soon as it moved its MOV would be reduced to 0”. Are these correct? If not, why?
  14. So all kicks to space across a barrier or obstruction will result in the ball staying on the same side of that barrier or obstruction? I guess the argument I’m making is that the rule of least disturbance would have you “place the ball-marker as close to the correct location as possible” (s3 rules pdf page 15 paragraph 6), and if the correct location is a perfectly legal placement it should go to that spot since it’s by definition the closest. The paragraph under obstructions - specifically the bit about “in base-contact” would thus only apply if the “correct location” is also illegal.
  15. Siberys

    Season 4 Changes

    I meant like price points and release dates. Took a bit following s3 for updated cards to be available here in the US, and I’m hoping it’s a bit of a smoother rollout this time around. @el009 Good point on scatters, hopefully “within” applies to that as well. Wording would have to be a little different though, otherwise people might think it’s not obligate that you place the ball at the full distance.