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  1. Stone scheme help

    Looks like a gray basecoat with brown wash and some highlighting or drybrushing in gray again.
  2. Here is a Dropbox folder with pictures of the collection. I'm going down to $1250, or $750 if the above Guild Ball products are included.
  3. From experience, T1A1 goals are totally doable as a receiving Midas or Shark. They're just generally inadvisable unless your opponent decides to immediately go in for a return goal (or they're not experienced enough to know to try and kill it) because you're immediately giving up possession, so I don't really think 2 is actually a problem. Both Midas and Shark need a single momentous < on column 1 and their goal threat is live. As for passing along the ball during the first turn - the teams that benefit most from that are beaty teams that are already built to be swimming in momentum, and if all it does is means they're top of turn for when lines meet that's not really a huge bonus. That's essentially what formations does.
  4. Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    Some of the better ball-holding models are Strikers too, so that wouldn't necessarily stop ball killing, it would just punish it very hard on some teams that might need it. For ball-killing to not be a thing, I'd think there'd need to be some benefit to moving it around that outweighed the chance the opposing team could get a hold of it, and you'd have to be careful that it not be something ball-scoring lists couldn't also take strong advantage of. All I can think is a teamwork action that gave the passing model some kind of damage buff, but the only "balling" team that doesn't really help is Shark's - Corsair and Engineers would love that. [EDIT: And Midas and Blackheart and Blacksmiths and Masons - dang, pretty much everyone but the teams that really, truly need ball killing would love that. Clearly it's not the correct answer.] Another thing is that ball-killers will sometimes unsnap once they're positioned properly, particularly against Morts and the Fish because of Lure, Seduce, and Puppet Master. The scatter would just make unsnapping the thing to do if you wanted the ball killed.
  5. Stripping Paint?

    Super Clean. At least, that's the brand name in my area or the US. Purple automotive degreaser. It strips paint, super glue, and varnish, while being safe for both metal and plastic. Resin's fine too, if you don't leave it in for more than a day or so. I could usually get my things decently stripped after a few hours, or a day or so if the paint had really truly soaked in.
  6. I'm willing to go down to $1300 (or $800 if you can supply all of the Guild Ball stuff I'd like). That's a significant drop from retail value, especially considering I'm including a large number of books, game aids, and terrain pieces.
  7. I've decided to get out of Warhammer 40k. I can only support so much miniatures gaming, and I do GB so much more. I have this list of Tau models and accessories. Currently these models are in storage a bit away from me, but I can make a trip to ship them out if somebody bites. I will provide pictures before shipping. I'll sell the entire lot for $1500 - free shipping to the US, or we can see what shipping costs would be if shipped elsewhere. I'm also willing to trade parts of the collection for any of the following; - Complete Butchers Team - 2x Butchers Dice - Complete Blackmsmiths Team - 2x Blacksmiths Dice - Brewers not included with Kick-Off - Masons not included with Kick-Off If you're at all interested in this, please contact me via private message. EDIT: To improve the clarity of the post; 1) I'd value the Guild Ball items I want at about $500 (what I'd have to spend to get them at retail, give or take), so if you had all of that you get about a third of the listed collection. 2) When I say "2x [guild] Dice", I mean 2 sets, eg 20 dice. 3) When I say "not included with Kick-Off", these are the models I mean; Brewers: Esters, Quaff, Lucky, Mash, Pint Pot, Veteran Spigot, Stoker Masons: Hammer, Wrecker, Chisel, Granite, Veteran Harmony, Lucky, Tower I would like 2x Lucky if possible.
  8. Man, that Blacksmith's bundle sure is tempting.
  9. Lone striker

    It's the player who played the card. The idea is you're trading that penalty for a near-guarantee at going first. It's best used if you don't plan on using that first model for attacks, or if you're aiming for results very low on your playbook (such as low momentous dodges on a striker to set up for a top-of-turn, end-of-activation goal).
  10. Siberys's Table-Quality Gallery

    Been away from this for a bit, but I've got a nice batch to post today. Terrain This batch has a number of different components; - Farmers terrain made of bits and kits from other model makers - Official Farmers terrain (I was very pleased with the millstone and with the turnips on the kit 1 obstruction) - Official Masons/Brewers Terrain - Standalone terrain from various producers Mortician's Guild Back when I first started, my two guilds were Fisherman's and Mortician's, and the starters for those are what I painted to become a pundit. I'd picked up Morts off of a friend that got in but decided he didn't want to continue. This was shortly before Gen Con '16, right in the middle of the Reign of Obulus™. Another friend who owned the shop I played at was going to Gen Con and was considering taking Obulus, and offered to trade me Engineers in exchange for finishing an Ob 6 + Goal. I agreed. Later, last December, he was getting out of the game and offered to sell them back to me. Against the wishes of my wallet, I bit. Yes, that means these Morts have traded hands three times, all with me involved. Originally, I used dark brown as their "team color", but I decided to use that on the Engineers, so I had to touch up their bases with a different color when I got them back. I also stripped the Graves, because he had brown leather and I thought it really should be black to match how I'm doing the rest of the team - he's in my paint queue with the Morts stuff I had to buy to fill the team out. I'm currently working on Scalpel and Brainpan - I have to drybrush, detail, and base them yet. Paint Queue Beside Mortician's stuff, I also still have about half of Union to do (I filled out my Union once we heard about Minor Guilds), all of Farmer's and their harvest markers, and my SO's Hunter's and Alchemist's guilds. Ratcatcher's is also on the way, too, and Falconer's will certainly join in 'cause of the Hunters. Got a lot of work ahead of me. Part of me thinks I should just bite the bullet and get Butcher's, Blacksmith's, and the remainder of Mason's and Brewer's, but I'm holding on to the edge of sanity for the time being anyways.
  11. New releases in metal?

    @ningu - That assumes there will be a Church minor guild. Putting Pride in Union 3 at least makes it possible there won't be - perhaps SFG decided Union didn't need a Minor, and that a single mascot would be enough. (EDIT: Another point making this possible: a PVC set with 4 models the same as in the Union 3 set isn't especially new-player friendly, and one argument for the Union 3 set not being a snub at existing players is that there will be other channels to get Pride, and that the Union 3 box is for players not already fully invested in the Guild.) @RedSam - Yeah, and I think that by not answering those - or at least the ones about whether there'll be a Church Minor release - they're setting themselves up for more complaints along the lines of the Pride stuff we saw last week. @Toqtamish - If we assume that there is in fact a Church minor and it releases in August, people will know about it before the May release (probably by April due to a release event kit going up, much like how we already know Falconers are for June) and it will incentivize folks who already bought into Union to wait. That's fair, but might negatively impact preorders of the Union 3 set. If the Church minor releases later than that and SFG sticks to its normal announcement schedules, then SFG is creating conditions for a repeat of the complaints about this kit - that people who bought into Union are being put into a position of buying dupes if they want to keep up with Union releases. SFG can mitigate that with more LE models, but those can be difficult to get a hold of and it's probably not the cheapest way for SFG to address that particular problem. If there isn't going to be a Church minor, then there's no reason for SFG not to just say as much. Head off future customer complaints at the pass, as it were. If they don't, there'll be people like me holding out on getting these models for fear of buying dupes. It's the second scenario that worries me the most. The first is frustrating for me personally until April, when I can finally make an informed purchase decision, but that'd be well before either release; the third means I eventually buy or trade for a Pride but don't end up regretting it. The second though just strikes me as SFG manufacturing problems for itself.
  12. New releases in metal?

    For Pride, yeah, but that not what my questions were about - was a PVC Church minor guild ever in the works, and if so is it still on the table? What's the deal with Seasoned Spigot - will he be a standalone model, or released in S4, or has he been canned for some reason? There's crossover with Pride as far as why I want to know - I'd like to determine if I should pick up Pride as an LE or hold out for a release that isn't 83% models I already have - but learning about Pride's stats or seeing the LE render won't help with that.
  13. New releases in metal?

    Friday came and went, and while I did receive an email showing off May's releases, it didn't have any information we hadn't already figured out from the Retailers. Was further information released someplace else?
  14. New releases in metal?

    If I’m reading Loxam’s message correctly, my guess is that there will still be a Solthecian minor guild with Pride and Seasoned Spigot, and that this is a rebox to get the remaining Union models out in a six-man. It’d be nice if he’s just say it instead of imply it, though. Either way I was gonna run into some model re-buying. I do like this Pride better than the other one - the big altar he was lounging on wasn’t to my taste - but I think I’ll be holding out for the minor guild box. The UIC box, though? That’s an auto-purchase. Very excited for that.
  15. Just a quick post to remind folks that this is happening tomorrow!