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  1. For future reference for folks, here’s the Lightning Reflexes ruling in question.
  2. Fine; is there precedent for that ruling given that this answer contradicts the sequence given in the rules?
  3. According to the sequence on page 51 of the s3 rules pdf, the advance has still ended - step 1 is when bonuses and penalties are applied and step 3 is when the advance ends. Is there a ruling somewhere that moving 0” shortcuts out of the sequence or something?
  4. Suppose Jackstraw is within 4” of Windle. a) If Jackstraw declares a jog but moves 0”, does Stop Slacking trigger? b) If Jackstraw is Snared and declares a jog but moves 0”, does Stop Slacking trigger? c) If Jackstraw is Snared but starts on Fast Ground, can Jackstraw jog 2”? If not, does Stop Slacking trigger? d) If Jackstraw starts on Rough Ground and declares a jog, does Stop Slacking trigger? My gut is; a) Yes, an advance started and ended. b) Yes, an advance started and ended. There is no rule that a model with a 0”/ n” MOV can’t declare a jog. c) No, Jackstraw must move to gain the MOV bonus from Fast Ground. An advance still started and ended so Stop Slacking does trigger, however. d) Yes, an advance started and ended. Jackstraw’s movement would be infinitesimal however, because as soon as it moved its MOV would be reduced to 0”. Are these correct? If not, why?
  5. So all kicks to space across a barrier or obstruction will result in the ball staying on the same side of that barrier or obstruction? I guess the argument I’m making is that the rule of least disturbance would have you “place the ball-marker as close to the correct location as possible” (s3 rules pdf page 15 paragraph 6), and if the correct location is a perfectly legal placement it should go to that spot since it’s by definition the closest. The paragraph under obstructions - specifically the bit about “in base-contact” would thus only apply if the “correct location” is also illegal.
  6. Siberys

    Season 4 Changes

    I meant like price points and release dates. Took a bit following s3 for updated cards to be available here in the US, and I’m hoping it’s a bit of a smoother rollout this time around. @el009 Good point on scatters, hopefully “within” applies to that as well. Wording would have to be a little different though, otherwise people might think it’s not obligate that you place the ball at the full distance.
  7. I believe scatter here refers specifically to standard scatter, not the scatter that is part of a kick that is resolving. EDIT: This is because the scatter from a kick does not actually move the ball, but changes its final position and the angle of its ball path. During a kick, you don’t scatter the ball; you resolve a kick-scatter to determine its final position as part of performing the kick.
  8. Siberys

    Season 4 Changes

    Excellent on the “within” change. Only need to find out two things now - if they finally change obstructions and how to get a hold of updated cards.
  9. No. Kicks can go over obstructions just fine, the ball just cannot land on them. If you have a model in possession on an obstruction and kick the ball to a legal end position after scatter, the ball will be at that legal point barring interceptions. The ruling above applies to when the final position of the ball marker after scattering overlaps with an obstruction (or barrier or model or marker).
  10. Siberys

    Tokens after S4?

    If GM/Resilience isn’t the only thing getting a rename, I’d like it if SFG would tell us sooner rather than later.
  11. Siberys

    Hybrid Guild Models

    He is both. I don’t think there are any effects that care about what guilds someone is, though, other than “friendly guild model”, which only checks to see if the models in question share a guild with the captain of their team.
  12. Siberys

    Navigators Guild on FB

    I had previously assumed that the crossover models would be ones that see less play, but I guess OSiren disproves that particular hypothesis.
  13. Siberys

    SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    Sell terrain packs, SFG. Please. I want you to have my money. Also, I know I’m not the only person disappointed this isn’t a means to get singles, but it is what it is. Pride in particular is screwy.
  14. Siberys

    Confused by roster changes

    No. His new model still has the old hat, which we know he no longer has if he is alive. Unless Sherwin pulls something, this is just a game contrivance so the team works well.
  15. Siberys

    Confused by roster changes

    Will Stay Union, but also play for the Order of Solthecius; Grace Benediction Mist Harry New releases that can play for Union from release until November; Pride Veteran Fangtooth Seasoned Spigot Existing Union Models that will lose Union status; Seasoned Brisket All other Union models remain Union.