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  1. Mystery box!

    Mine was still unfulfilled as of today, phoned to check and was told that it would be posted next week!
  2. Mystery box!

    My order still showing as unfulfilled!
  3. New Brewer's Player Starting Ten

    Thanks for all the advice I will be dropping Quaff for oSpigot. Now to get a few games in with them to get used to the playstyle and match ups...
  4. Guild Ball Open Day - Blackpool

    Looking forward to it, will see you there.
  5. New Brewer's Player Starting Ten

    That is pretty much what I was thinking and I do feel that I should drop Quaff for O Spigot. but would love dog in support of some of my team options.
  6. Hello fellow Brewers, Have been playing Alchemists ever since I picked up the game and fancy a new and different challenge. I have pretty much (potentially) settled on Brewers as that new team and wanted to get your opinion on the following 10-man line-up, which I hope to try out over the coming weeks and next few tournaments. Starting Line-Up will be as follows: Esters Tapper Scum Quaff Friday Mash Hooper Vet Spigot Stoker Pint Pot I would like to fit OSpigot in there too but not completely sold on who to drop in order to get him into the line up, likely to be one of the mascots (Quaff!). Advice and Guidance would be much appreciated.
  7. Thoughts on new Ox

    It appears things may be slightly wrong in terms of playstyle. Yes Rage (both forms) is the king of pain but the Butchers are supposed to be a team of pain bringers, yet they fail to hit the mark when potentially compared to other line ups. P.S. PM sent other day...
  8. July 2017 Errata Changes!

    Played a tournament this weekend and ran similar line up to your second list (less mascot choice) and ran Smoke through all games, having no confidence in new Midas. Harry made pitch once and have to say I wasn't overly impressed. In my opinion Mercury has a better AoE for playing the condition game, it goes further and puts out immediate damage. Starting ten for tournament was: Midas, Smoke, Naja, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury, OKat, VKat, Compound, Harry. Harry is going to be dropped for A&G in all future match ups. Based on this weekends experience Smoke is front and centre with Mercury, Calculus; whilst the remaining 2 slots are flex. If you want easy KDs the OKat and A&G are you guys. If you want scoring then Vitriol hits the pitch with OKat or VKat taking the final slot. If you want goal denial then Compound with any 3 from OKat/VKat/A&G choice dependent on opposition selection therefore I will look to leave this choice till last. The latter part may be the ultimate sacrilege in that I am almost tempted to drop Midas altogether and go single Captain and Mascot, with the final slot going to either Crucible or Venin, both can help Vitriol get an immediate 2" dodge.
  9. Vitriol got nerfed too much?

    Biggest hit has been reduction in number of HPs from 12 to 10, unnecessary in my opinion given all other nerfs... I would have seen no need in her having ability to drop smoke bomb as if we are sticking with the mood of keeping with her back story and Guild theme it is not required as others in Alchemist line-up create conditions for her to exploit. Retaining skilled within shadows alludes to her being more of a fighter within a strikers form, maybe would have been better to keep momentum on low damage and made pushes, dodges etc. non-momentous thereby if you would have wanted to score with her you would have needed to have pre-generated the momentum to get into position. I'll give her a run out tomorrow just to add weight to the argument but it does not look good for either Midas' or Vitriol's retention in the team, over and above Smoke and friends...
  10. new union picks for butchers?

    It looks like you may well be leaning towards A&G, covers both bases...
  11. Hit That One & Thuggery

    In reality though he is not off the pitch, he is attached, and can now still be allocated influence "off the pitch"? Just enquiring as all other wording is very specific about "on" and "off" pitch.
  12. July 2017 Errata Changes!

    Also shortest lived Chibi cards in history!
  13. July 2017 Errata Changes!

    For me looks like Mercury is back in instead of Harry and Mist may now be my Union choice in place of Vitriol...

    @EpicChris. I though have sympathy with your earlier sentiment raised within your previous e-mails in that I would potentially envisage this being, when/if introduced, a new format for alternative play rather than totally replacing current format. The new rules certainly do look interesting and present new challenges to play and player selection, but so does the current format and to totally do away with that option would, in my opinion, be a mistake.
  15. New Butcher Player's Starting Ten

    Well first game played and I ran with Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, OBrisket, VOx as I was kicking, eventual score was a 12-6 loss to the Engineers. Will next time have to look at running VBrisket and Boar. On occasion I felt that both would have been better in the line-up based against the situations that arose, e.g. having the 2" dodge from VBrisket would have enabled me to better escape things like rough ground and Colossus' 2" melee. Overall though I loved the feel of the team, more than any other of my recent run outs with both Fish and Masons, and I am already looking forward to the next opportunity to run them out.