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  1. I feel that Farris is still viable without Bolt as she brings a key ability to success with the 3-0 game which is the Character Play "Quick Foot", which is also not OPT. She also has an excellent movement stat, in itself, which allows her to play a good midfield enforcer roll with just 1 MOM; if required through use of the "Impact" trait. That combined with her 2" melee and "Sentinel" make her a good all round support piece for the other apprentices. Cinder I feel is better at releasing up the deadball game and if tooled up potentially has a greater goal threat than Bolt. She has a base 6"/8" move (which could also be bolstered with Quick Foot) and a not too miserly 3/8" kick stat. This combined with Hearths bolstering abilities makes her a very viable goal threat, who can max out on 4 influence if required. You then have 4 viable goal threats in Ferrite, Iron, Alloy and Cinder the latter being able to clear up better on a dead ball game and get the rest of the team moving. With Hearth and Farris providing a strong supporting role.
  2. Agreed, this is now pretty much almost my line up switching in and out Bolt with Cinder instead.
  3. Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    Hopefully this should provide a starter for ten...
  4. Blacksmith tourny 10

    Having been relooking over these posts and this is exactly the line-up I have been planning on taking in my next couple of games. Aspiration is to use Hearth to give Cinder 'Instruction' thereby nigh on guaranteeing the tackle, from distance, on 3 hits!
  5. Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    Excellent result and congratulations, would be great to see his name back in lights rather than just being referred to as Player #1283! Maybe at some point get to see the 10 man roster as I note a change of Captain in Round 2!
  6. Tournament report

    I have found it quite easy to get the first 8 points but struggle to get the final 4 points. Will be looking forward to the next download to hopefully provide me with a few pointers on how to close the game out.
  7. Dice of DOOM

    My feeling exactly they are, from my perspective, the most difficult of the faction dice to read, or is that just my age!
  8. First 3rd place finish

    Definitely still in the understanding phase, looking to unlock that as yet hidden lethal combo!
  9. Tournament report

    Thanks @THE_DOJO_MIKE great results and a good read. Not played since Steamcon and is nice to see some wider perspectives, clearly demonstrating that there is light at the end of the tunnel, in terms of getting results.
  10. First 3rd place finish

    Great result and nice write up, pretty much the principal Blacksmith line-up I have settled on (without the consistent results!)
  11. Esters lineup advice

    I have been working on the following line-up as being: Esters, Tapper, Scum, Mash, Hooper, Pint Pot, Stoker, Friday, Spigot, Stave
  12. So... Cutlers..?

    "I'm going to cut your heart out with a spoon!"
  13. UK Masters Weekend - 23rd-25th Feb 2018

    Payment sent
  14. Blacksmith GIC Theory Thread

    Thanks, getting far too carried away with myself, should read the wording more closely as it does state current activation not turn!
  15. Love these videos and the format, thanks for all the good work.