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  1. i would bet we will be geting season 4 vets. A way to show how the churc advances over union and making a a full religious rooster, while the not church union fly to the other teams. In rules we will have new vets in faction and old guys in union. Completely baseless speculation of course
  2. Hi redsam. My Name's Alejandro. I'm pundit for a small comunity of guildball (Among other things) players from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    I would like to start using longshanks to record our games and leagues and events. Next tuesday the actual league ends but on the 23rd we have an 8 man tournament. It would be a great starting spot.

    Is there a way to register all players at once? and the event?

    Thanks a lot

  3. Ultran

    Mystery box!

    A mistery box arrived to argentina yesterday. Was bought from the second wave. 8 hunters 6 masons, chibi theron and panther, chibi hammer and armadillo. Easter fangtooth, engineer and mason dice.
  4. Ultran

    Buenos Aires (Argentina) Guild Ball

    Its been a long stretch but finally im starting a casual friendly league in August. I hope to get a more formal tournament for years end (when the prices i just bought arrive).
  5. Ultran

    Buenos Aires (Argentina) Guild Ball

    This saturday (12th of november) i'll be doing some demo games at La Cueva del Enano there might be some full games too to watch. We will be having some Uruagayan visitors (a neighbor country). I know its a bit far away for most of this forum users but if you happen to be at Buenos Aires, you are invited to come
  6. Hello Pundits, gamers and anyone that roams the forum. My name's Alejandro, just accepted as a pundit last week. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'll be giving life to the Guild Ball comunity around here. This past sunday there was an open gaming day by my local gaming club Centro Cultural Karchev (it's mainly warmachine... for now) and two local retailers Suministros de Batalla and La Cueva del Enano. There were many games played and i gave some Demos, a lot of people asked about Guild Ball and i even managed a full game with my alchemists agains one of the few players who allready has 2 teams (masons fully painted and morticians incoming). PS: i won with a lucky last chance snapshot! Also i was interviewed by Ludikon, a local youtube channel that started some time ago and is covering all the wargaming bases possible. I'm having some trouble uploading the few pictures i managed to get, so later i'll edit this post with them. Without anything to add i'll leave you here until my next demos, or league or whatever i manage to do with my local comunty!
  7. Really good episode. An improvement over the first (wich was good too). The more focused themes helped a lot. The movie chat was funny, but the best for me was the critical analisis on hunters (and specific players) and the counter attack helped me see better this game. Still i found the analysis on hunters was a bit over the negative side. I guess its because is the newest guild, similar to retribution in warmachine when it first went out, less optiones, less playtime. I would like to listen to other teams in a different "power" spectrum to compare how you deal with it (since Obulus is the best of the american meta i guess that could be the best comparison? i meant Moriticians.. not just obulus :P) Thanks for another great cast!
  8. Just listened to the podcast in my way to work (and im writing this as the computers backup runs :P) I really liked it, being short of an hour is much better than others 2 or 3 hours debates. I'm not saying its better, just that i like it more when i can finish it in a go in the metro. It's the same for battle report videos (i'm old school and prefer typed reports best) that go so long. 30-40 min podcast or videos are th way to go! Going back to your podcast, i liked the rithm of it and the various topics touched. On a technical note sometimes you seem to overlap and it gets hard to understand. Here in Argentina GB is really in the crib yet and we find hard to get information about the game, meta, lists, etc. Since the game is really young this is understandable and i hope you get to do many many episodes with this level of "educational" content. If you think something is bad or wrong in a game and you have the backup to what you say it depends on the listener to belive or not, or to try it right? Thats what we all expect from this kind of game and comunity after all, to see it grow and get many many better players to get the most of each game!
  9. Good day Guilders and Steamforged im inquiring about this as i'm planning on becoming a Pundit for Buenos Aires (Argentina) soon (once both teams and demo table are finished for fotoshoot) and i noticed the quickstart cards are different than the regular play cards. A toned down version for demoing i guess. The thing is, for now, i have Alchemists and Masons. Im sure i can make introductory games with those but i was wondering if there is a chance to get "toned dawn" demo version cards of those teams (or any team). Thanks a lot