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  1. My son wants to play hunters, help?

    I usually start with pinning something that is either a threat to my lineup or something I want to get rid of with the bear. The 1st round is usually just preparation. Singled Out is a musthave. Now that it generates momentum, it's even better. It guards you from KD on counterattacks. After that I use... well... a KD. And then I go for momentous 3 and then I use the heroic to use the spear on the same target. That is at least 6 damage already. If needed I use his pushes to get my target in place for the bear, depending on where the forest went. Even better if you just walked up to your target with Hearne, because then you might even be able to teleport into the forest to evade getting immediately attacked. Or I walk, depending on what I used. From there on it is pretty straight forward. Keep snared on your target for extra damage, in case you cant hit the Bear Hug. For example by using chaska and putting down a trap close to the enemy model. So if he stands up to get rid of conditions, he can't move or get it again, from there on, charge in. It is always a bit different though depending on the enemy team. Butchers is quiet hard, because I tend to go for the takeout game, with my record having four enemy models taken out in a single round after a lot of preparation. The Bear needs a lot of care. The closest comparison would be the preparation of the Cosset Missile I used to use in S2 in combination with Rage. My list usually looks like this Theron Fahad Bear Chaska Minx Hearne Depending on the enemy team I might use Jaecar instead of Chaska. Or I swap him out for Zarola. Fahad becomes insanely good then. Best thing that happened to me was I used moon offering on him to disengage from the Scarecrow, then use linked and the charged it to get rid of three harvest markers that were placed there because he underestimated what that pair could do and didn't see a charge coming. I usually keep The Ron out of combat, until I reached a place opf field superiority, to get more crowded out or let him wail at an enemy model, because his damage can be real with extra 3 TAC on a model that is KD. So my Playstyle is basically preparation and then closing in. If we talk about GIC's, I use the one for free Snared. Another situation I had was a KD enemy model engaged by Hearn. I used the GIC. That model was Grange. And Grange got charged by the bear. It was enough. I didn't care too mich for the bear hug in that case, because he had a lot of HP and I didn't want to risk it. So I garnered 23 damage with the bear. Only two momentum, but it was exactly enough. In the end it is case dependant tbh.
  2. My son wants to play hunters, help?

    I love Seenah. She gets me always at least six to nine points per game. You need to take care of her, but she has Tough Hide, so that is a thing. The ARM1 does help a bit aswell. Never underestimate ARM, no matter how small the amount of ARM is.
  3. So the "free Masons" tech?
  4. I'm on a horse!

    I hope so. That would make up for the lacking of ARM in the Blacksmiths Guild.
  5. Vet Minx?

    I think I can collectively speak for every Morts Player: Completely fine with that.
  6. I'm on a horse!

    Horse probably has Stoic. I would love if there are two Master models. One on Horse, one without, so after a takeout the rider becomes a model on foot. Not going to happpen, I know. But man, that would be cool. My predictions are somewhere along the lines of Forceful Blow. 1" Melee as well, and being able to get 2" melee on it's own if it needs to. A master with 4/1, due to being on a mount, though I guess 3/2 would still be ok. First KD is on a 2, and I predict Swift Wind as Heroic, running over enemy models during movement, or as Character Trait, that allows this behavior during a charge. The 2nd box seems to be about the theme of Soldiers. (and an assassin) Nice touch! I wonder if at least the theme I was going for is similiar to what it actually is. EDIT: I am all in for jousting!
  7. ***SPOILERS*** What is a veteran?

    Greyscales was a veteran as well. Gameplay wise, it just delivers the same model with different rules. Fluff wise, every player that survives a season is a Veteran.
  8. Power creep

    Even an inexperienced Hunters Player can fuck your day up, especially with Theron "The Ron". I was lucky in that one game as Pinned didn't hit. I don't want to Play against an experienced Hunters Player.
  9. That is not a Character Play
  10. Burnish preview

    Interesting. I don't see it like that. So far I only call for Ferrites momentous GB to be in the second column. One thing I should mention though: My opinion so far is that they shouldn't nerf the Blacksmiths that heavily, especially not in the way Morts got nerfed. I rather call for an overall buff for everyone else. The problem with Blacksmiths is, that they would be utterly crushed by Character Plays, if they didn't have an answer. It is costly and a legendary just works OPG. Sometimes you have to endure a Legendary turn and play hard against it to counter as much as you can. If it is a round of dodging around the enemy, well that's just what it is. Rigor Mortis is terrible for most aswell, but survivable.
  11. What makes a captain?

    Well one thing I recognized was that a Captain usually has a Character Play that is, what I call, the "Captain Version" of a regular Character Play. For example Puppetmaster is the combined version of Seduced and Lure, and Iron Fist the captain version of Tooled Up. From there you built a Captain, by looking at the theme. That's why Hammer has several Character Plays work that way. I am pretty sure, Iron fist was there first and the rest followed. In most cases their Playbook isn't so much recognizeable as something Captain-ish, with a few exceptions, like Midas having a striker playbook but it is 6 columns long. Another thing is Influence. The best example are Blacksmiths. Their Masters are fieldplayers until they become Captain and can get 5 Influence. There is more to that, but those are some of the things that I have recognized so far. There is also a lot of "How does it feel" when it comes to designing it. Edit: Also Several Roles. Lets take Midas and Vitriol again. Midas is a Striker Captain, but takes it to the extreme. He can also support and change statistics with Midas Touch. Normal strikers are usually incapable of doing more than one thing with just a few exceptions like Alloy (though with a lot of Support) or early Vitriol.
  12. Burnish preview

    Whoah, usually I am the firestarter. Come on guys, ad hominem doesn't work here. This is about the rules of a plastic model.
  13. Burnish preview

    I actually understand what you say. I fear they can be an NPE, but so far my impression was that if you get a few games in, you can fight a good and fast fight by abusing their weaknesses. Also, if you use Burnish, there is only room for so many others. I have a Lineup that I like, and burnish dioesn't fit in there. I need to await the last three models, but so far I can't imagine what would make me choose Burnish over Anvil, Furnace and Hearth.
  14. Burnish preview

    Indeed, the ones that are considered AOE originating from models work that way. They can't block them.
  15. Burnish preview

    Still a valid argument, if you consider the fact it still does negate this way. Blacksmiths don't generate assloads of momentum, so every point is precious.