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  1. Exiled to the Peaceful Grave

    Not entirely sure if that's a Snake or an Old-God tendril or something like that.
  2. Veteran Hemlocke

    Wow, she will definitely make it into my team. Holy crap! Midnight offering was always one of the things I thought would be awesome to have, and Soul Seer just makes it so much better!
  3. vMinx card shown

    Hard to say, but she will replace at least Ulfr, if he ever made it to into any 10
  4. But wouldn't he ignore the allocation aswell?
  5. Morticians post rat catchers

    I know. There are some cases where I have more influence, but I have to leave the big guy at home and sacrifice a good option for an additional Influence. And then Farmers happened.
  6. Morticians post rat catchers

    I feel like the whole playerbase agrees that Ghast should just generate 2 Influence. That would also make the "Morticians generate more Influence than anyone else" at least a bit more true.
  7. Proxy catchers

    Haha, that's whyt I always did. Took a base and glued a piece of paper with their name on in... on it
  8. Salt ftw!

    http://vid.pr0gramm.com/2018/03/12/73fb4c5ea7395f5c.mp4 The link looks strange but it's just a link to a small clip of an Otter.
  9. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    On the other hand, they are known to have their hands in organized crime. I could imagine something around the lines of city guards, controling in's and out's of wares throughout the cities and getting rid of "unwanted an nosey" individuals that could interfer with their work. Some form of corrupt innerstate enforcement... people. Basically the Mafia in the uniforms of guards, lowlife politicians and executives.
  10. Farmer Errata has landed

    Pretty well done. The elongation of Threshers Playbook was a simple, but clever move. The KD dodge result is a little workaround I like. He pretty much always gets the momentous doge if he wants, combined with a KD, but at least it's not like he's going to kill half your team after he started turn 2 while the Farmer player attestates that that is how he should work and I should just work around. I haven't had any experience with Fallow, as some have said she still seems to be a powerhouse, but honestly every guild has some sort of powerhouse. Cosset, Boiler, Vitriol, Bolt. Those are models you cna't activate and go. It seems like Fallow is not that hard to take down and with the reduced range for Fork Off and generally reduced amount of Influence the Farmers now have access too, due to the fact that the core abilities now - finally, thank the Rules Team - cost something. It seems to me that Fallow will be more of a Grange character as well now, but I could be wrong. Overall I like the changes, especially the cheeky Corsair ones, cause that was dumb for reason. Now the only thing I have on my mind is Blackhearts monentous 1 damage double dodge, and I might play him again. But seriously, love it. Well done, guys.
  11. Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    Fast forwarded a bit, Squeak apparently has tag along Miasma has a TAC of 5, has a GB Result on two which is called Interrupting Spores if I understood correctly. Enemy needs to choose: His models within 2" suffer 2 damage and bleed or 2 damage and poison. Apparently she also has a momentous GB up higher in her PLaybook.
  12. Scourge Review Video

    I could be too fast with my opinion, but he seems to be a model that stays on the backline until its time. Also seems to be a good ball carrier so far. Damn code of conduct, wish I could say more.
  13. Pelage

    Unfortunately, we didn't get anything as well so far. :/
  14. Casket Time + Influence --> game impact

    Don't forget if you have Knee Slider AND the Vengeance Token... Usually it is not super important who you put in the box, but you profit more if it is a model that generates more than 1 Influence. I had a game where I put a Mascot in the box because I lacked the 3 VP, but aside from that I go for 2/X models or even the Captain. Put Shark in the Box once in S2, it was awesome. Last game against the farmers where I used him I put Harrow in a box. Now it gets really sick if you put a Captain in the box and combine it with Man Marking.