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  1. Cole

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    Can't wait to put my Shaft on the board!
  2. Cole

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    This actually made me happy. I might play them again after almost a year.
  3. Cole

    Rat changes.

    So far I don't really see a problem with Squeak. Better than Vileswarm or Dirge in my opinion/experience.
  4. Cole

    "Guilds" aren't strong or weak.

    Basically. Though I like the bear. It is far fetched, but she basically gets a 4 Inf turn by charging for free. So even if you give Seenah none she can still charge. There is also the rest of the team. Hunters are pretty strong and have overall good value in their team in my experience.
  5. Cole

    "Guilds" aren't strong or weak.

    Well there actually are a few things to be considered. What is pure strength i Guildball? Everything that helps you directly win the game. 2" Melee, Passive value, kick values, dodges, how much momentum someone can generate, are the results that generate momentum useful? Movement speed. If we take the Union for example it is no wonder why the explode. They consist of almost nothing but Super Star Players that are good in almost every fashion that can be presented to someone. Decimate was already insane, and now Brewers have access to Vecimate, which is absolutely broken from the standpoint of the above mentioned things. Alloy. Bonkers. Insane. Absolutely broken. I have no idea why I would ever bring anyone else for both damage and Goalscoring. What is passive value? Reanimate, Close Control, Sturdy, all those abilities that do something without controlling player input, or only minimal input. One of the reasons why I think that Corsair is just idiotically insane. He gives a team that already is strong in the offense additional passive value that they never should have gotten to begin with. The problem I see with every model being released / added they fill gaps that never should have been filled. Hag makes Corsair a better version of Shark that does not die. I am pretty happy that at least A&G can't play for them anymore. Now the problem here is the imbalance between considering the gaps. If we look at the Morticians, they got Pelage and Skulk. Now some people know since S3 hit I am not a big fan of the Morts anymore, but those two models added the passive value that I was talking about and the Morts were in dire need of, because everything just steamrolled them. To get into more detail, just in case the Passive Value thing flies over someones head because I explained it badly, here are some models with Passive value. Corsair, Sturdy, Close Control, 2" melee, Tough Hide, the combination of those abilities goes up exponentially in strength, not linear Velocity, Hoist, Compound, lots of Reanimate, close control, high def, basically undying, and then there is Horrific Odour and Gluttonous Mass Pelage, Ghast, Casket, slowing doen the enemy, locking places, inf sucker and even if killed net momentum loss compare to every other model. To almost none of the above mentioned things you need to do something to trigger them. They are almost all triggered simply by the normal interaction models have with each other on the battlefield
  6. Cole

    What the eff is Brainpan?

    Oh, you mean this one Yeah, that happened. Don't worry, I take pills now.
  7. Cole

    What the eff is Brainpan?

    I am actually confused.
  8. Cole

    Scalpel's time is now!

    Loved playing Scalpel since the nerf hammer was swung at the Morts. Rarely play Obulus, and those new "toys" are just what was needed for their gameplan.
  9. Cole

    Exiled to the Peaceful Grave

    Not entirely sure if that's a Snake or an Old-God tendril or something like that.
  10. Cole

    Veteran Hemlocke

    Wow, she will definitely make it into my team. Holy crap! Midnight offering was always one of the things I thought would be awesome to have, and Soul Seer just makes it so much better!
  11. Cole

    vMinx card shown

    Hard to say, but she will replace at least Ulfr, if he ever made it to into any 10
  12. But wouldn't he ignore the allocation aswell?
  13. Cole

    Morticians post rat catchers

    I know. There are some cases where I have more influence, but I have to leave the big guy at home and sacrifice a good option for an additional Influence. And then Farmers happened.