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  1. Chadmango

    3v3 Masons v Brewers

    Hi folks, If you were running a demo game with skirmish/guildball newbies using the Kick Off starter box what 3v3 team composition would you suggest? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi folks, im running a demo game in a few days and was reading the rules again as I haven't played in a while. I noticed a ruling I hadn't remembered in the last game I played. Am I correct in understanding that any character plays require a TN roll? In the last game neither of us were abiding by this rule. This made obulus and silence very OP!
  3. Chadmango

    How are People Liking it so far

    The Dancer is a strange boss fight. I've tried it twice and the boss just feels completely apathetic towards the player. In the first encounter she just ambled around the corner of the room; in the second we got caught in her movement pattern, and took a beating. Am I right in saying there doesn't seem to be any AI cards in her deck that target aggro?
  4. Chadmango

    How are People Liking it so far

    https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1774703/rebalanced-rewards-and-treassure-variant Here you go
  5. A gravestone allows you to look at an AI card before you shuffle the deck and start the encounter. I think this is the rule? But after one playthrough doesn't this rule become a little redundent? Would the gravestone rule not work better if you could use it to look at the corresponding number of AI cards after the shuffle?
  6. Chadmango

    How are People Liking it so far

    It seems pretty balanced at the moment. At least I found it to be far more fun than the core rules. Even being tricked out with good gear still left level 3 encounters feeling challenging, and the Dancer and Londo bros fights were challenging enough without feeling like the difficulty was down to shit cards. The tiered rewards did offer a reasonable sense of risk/reward in terms of pushing forward; coupled with the double soul/half spark amount. This was with two players: Warrior and Herald. Don't know how well it scales to number of players. Having Andre sell titanite shards feels more in keeping with the IP.
  7. Chadmango

    How are People Liking it so far

    I think putting titanite shards as a separate purchasable item is a good idea. Was considering this as I realised I hadn't drawn any as I moved to the main boss fight. Would have been a help against the Anor Londo bros, as even my good gear was struggling to make a dent in them. The system for gaining loot really needs to be reworked. Considering how balanced and precise the rest of the game systems feel, it's a bit rubbish that a chunk of the difficulty should be down to a random card draw.
  8. Chadmango

    How are People Liking it so far

    Played three games so far; and my feelings are a little mixed at present. love the combat, encounters and boss fights. But player progression is poorly implemented at the moment. No real incentive to push for tier 2 encounters as they give the same amount of souls, and there's less chance of treasure chests. Low soul rewards means long play time and repetitive grind, which quickly drains the fun. Have since tried the increased soul reward, less sparks and this made the time more manageable, but loot and progress incentive was still not quite right. Have also tried the variant on bgg with tiered treasure and increased souls for higher tier encounters. This played better; but low soul rewards meant the perceived grind still chipped away at the fun. Going to try again with the tiered treasure and soul reward but with double souls and half sparks.
  9. Chadmango

    Boss movement question

    Thanks for the quick reply. That's cleared that up nicely
  10. Sorry me again! When a boss moves it states in the rulebook that the boss is turned to face the nearest/aggro player and then move. But then below this section it states that when a boss moves it doesn't necesarily change its' facing. Is this simply in reference to if the symbol on the card is a side step or move away? Sorry for the potentially dumb questions! I'm introducing the game to some friends later and don't want to have to spend time debating rules etc! Thanks in advance... again.
  11. I see how I got the silver kinght AI card wrong now. I was attacking with one, because he obviously couldn't move as he was on the same node, but then after the push I was missing out the second nights initial move. Yes I was setting up the ecounters and then placing my characters.
  12. Hi folks, Just played through my first game last night and have a couple of questions: At the start of an encounter I had my two characters on the same entrance node; two hollows were spawned on one node and they moved towards the nearest player. This meant that there were four minis on the one node. The rules state that only three can be on a node, so I was moving one hollow back to it's starting node. I think this was allowed within the rules!? The silver knights do a push when they do damage (I think). If there are two silver nights on a single node with a player and the first attack from the Knight does damage, then my understanding is that the player is then pushed resulting in the second Knight not being able to attack? Thanks in advance!