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  1. Armor Sets

    As it stands, with the armor minis looking as they do. My opinion is that they should've just sold the armor cards for $5 in a blister pack. They could do that for more things things than just treasures. Say they come up with some event system mechanic or something else. Great just blister the deck of cards and sell. I think sales would be higher because of it being a small purchase that many would grab when they buy something else. The armor expansion will be a dust collector in retail. People saying "It's fine because it's a freebie" are not keeping in mind that this is a product meant to be sold with a profit. If minis are disappointing only the completionists or people with too much money on their hands will buy it. Most won't spend $20-30 for 10 treasure cards when they dislike the minis.
  2. The Dukes Archives - Community assets

    Nope, only some acquintances around sweden have gotten theirs, but none in my local area. Still hanging on to my answered status though. Can't help losing steam on my hype to play and make content the longer i have to wait. Luckily for those that have not played the dlcs it is not a deal breaker because this campaign's story takes place beyond world's end after the last flickering ember was smothered by ash. A new age. A dark, cold and gentle place. A place untarnished by the bonfires' embers and accursed darksign. Making another player board as a template.. sounds excellent. I've written it in my list of scans/designs/templates I plan on making. UPDATE: 26/6 It still is at a standstill in delivery status while most swedes I know of has received theirs 1-2 weeks ago. So no progress here. My focus is put on my own RPG ruleset and setting instead, the Dark Souls hype I had might return at some point perhaps. That is not to say I was not expecting or was unprepared for delays. Just got my hopes up from their misleading misinforming updates and then was let down over and over. In other news i have brainstormed and shaped a concept pitch for a campaign based Bloodborne board game that generates a unique version of Yharnam for each campaign And lets players choose the fate of the first game's outcome which will affect the campaigns story, goals and difficulty. intention is mostly using cards instead of dice but still using miniature/token based board gameplay. I might share it when it is summarized on paper and let some creative people continue developing it. That's all for now, Toodles.
  3. The Dukes Archives - Community assets

    Nope, no game yet for me, stuck on answered atm. So can't really make any progress or get inspired for ideas. And I don't want to spoil the entire feeling of playing it the first time by watching others play, reading cards and encounters. Only thing I can say so far in progress is a rough "sketch" for a dynamic campaign with an original story that follows the end of DS3 (using the DLC plot endings). But until I've played the game a few times I can't properly muse on how to incorporate game mechanics and how heavily I need to rework the game to come close to my vision. Reading what I am writing here it all sounds like an overly ambitious undertaking that will likely fail. I hope I can prove those who think that, myself included wrong.
  4. What future DS 3 boss do you want in the game

    DS Sirius You are definately not alone in wanting Gael as a boss, that fight was so intense and emotionally powerful in my eyes. However since he is.. What he is. It will probably be considered a big spoiler to release him as a boss and perhaps Bandai will not permit that to be released in any form. I could easily, very easily, see Ringed City being released as an expansion with both Half Light and Gael as the bosses and some grunts like ringed knights, harald knight and locusts, while Midir would be a mega without a doubt, the biggest mega of them all. Demon in Pain and Demon from Below, Demon Prince is not likely to happen to the sheer size of the miniatures and the need of three miniatures to truely be able to do the fight properly. Alternatively if they were to release Demon prince, they would perhaps do one of the lesser demons and the demon prince in one mega boss set, simply letting the demon prince be one of the lesser ones in the first part of the fight. *shrug* I can't see it happen any time soon. Damn Friede and Ariandel fight annoys me so much, the way Ariandel was treated, those who have played through the fight probably agree that he was a wasted asset that could have been given so much more focus and become something epic.
  5. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    During the campaign, or shortly after the campaign, I can not remember which, there was mention from one of the SFG guys in the comments that the armor expansion miniatures would be unarmed and doing gestures, I think the reason was that they didn't want to force certain weaponry on the miniature that the character is not likely to have. In contrast, our characters are equipped with their starting gear and decide when to not use it, but the gear is still connected to the mini. Giving Havel's armor the Dragon Tooth and Havel's shield would suggest that either A. it's included or B. That it belongs together no matter the character you play. I protested gesture miniatures directly, but the response was that they were just extra figures and collectibles that didn't need to be used if one didn't want to. I wish I had saved the comment/statement and sifting through 40-50k posts on KS is something I have no desire or time to do. So you can take this at face value or ignore it. And even if it was said, we don't know what the final result may be, they might have changed their mind on that. Also, as response to the argument of outsiders directly getting a feel for Artorias thanks to the pose showing his broken body, that is a very valid and objective observation I had not thought of either. So I can fully accept it on those grounds. But I stand by my opinion that I am tired of that specific pose personally, but for newcomers' sake I can understand if that is the final choice, but being the final choice just because of zealous fans, that I can't agree on. Arguing more on this point is pointless cause I can't be more clear than what I've been and I will let people have what opinion they want. But just for continued conversation's sake. Is the boulder important for Sif's miniature to sit on? My opinion is still no, and I can not say it has anything to show about Sif's character since it is not made in the Grave of Artorias' image, it's just a boulder. Oh and as a sidenote, a solution I could suggest that also fit the eccentricity of Solaire's praising, put a shield thrown to the side on the base and a sword pushed into the ground on the base. "Combat is over, praise the sun!" and just tosses his gear aside to do what Solaire is compulsed to do. That atleast would make it more.. understandable, maybe reasonable? Can't come up with a good word.
  6. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    Wow, snarky comeback Spinsane. This kind of discussion, and the way it's headed is why I more or less dropped the community and stopped posting here, on facebook and work on content. You have an opinion that goes against the majority and popular opinion and you get attitude or hate in return. It's the same in the Dark Souls community where you get some nice comments and attitude if you like Dark Souls 2 more than the other games. You're pulling it to the extreme with your comparison of what Orpheus or I am saying. And the comment about it being the one single pose depicted, that's BS and then some. It's the most used and common depiction, but not the only one. So you're happy about the iconic poses, good for you. There are some who don't agree even if it's not as many. You already know our opinion won't matter anyway, yours or mine. Bandai has final say and will perhaps pull another Dancer, or they might enforce the iconic poses, SFG has their vision and no matter what we say they dance to their own tune. I'm done here.
  7. alternate ai cards?

    Even though it has been done in other games and feel copy paste, much of Dark Souls enemy AI is based on variables like "if"s and "else"s. That's why you can bait behaviours by performing certain actions. My idea and what I probably will do is to create "large" double sided cards or "sheets" for the non-boss enemies with what they do as a standard behaviour and variations if certain things happen. An archer would directly pick a magic user as target if magic was used and otherwise perform the normal actions, just as an example. It becomes strategic because you have to keep in mind how your actions will affect the enemies, which depending on what you do can be to your benefit or a deadly mistake. Not as repetitive as one single behaviour and not random which can make them completely stupid. That is my thoughts on it at least.
  8. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    Just like how Sif is sitting on a rock. They've done statues, posters and what not of that motive. Now I'm going to move around a wolf sitting on a boulder. Yay... not. Same goes for Artorias and his done to death pose. They skipped Dancer's iconic pose, I say skip the rest as well. Make things a little original. I despise the Sif mini so much I'm going to cut off the head and buy a high quality vinyl wolf figure or resin figurine to put it on instead Solaire stop praising the sun, pick up a sword or throw some lightning and cooperate with me, you scrub. And now you died to a hollow soldier. Good going, or some say Git Gud.
  9. The Dukes Archives - Community assets

    I have some assets, we corresponded on mail a year ago (perhaps you remember MushyBrains or Jimmy). I can finalize the tile template i left half finished as soon as i have received my box or someone can send me high res scans/photos of the icons and one tile straight from above. I will also easily be able to fix card templates for treasures, enemies and encounters. But again had I only my box I could do it over a weekend in form of psd files with everything layered neatly.
  10. Furniture for DS:tBG

    This is actually a pretty fair price. I am not complaining. The larger things like the blacksmith shop for example, the whole building is a tad too expensive in my opinion, but it may be worth it depending on quality both in casting and sculpt detail. Still, thanks for an awesome find.
  11. Furniture for DS:tBG

    Wow! Where did you find that? o.o It's very nice, I would buy one if the price and scale is right.
  12. Image for scale

    Awesome, thanks for that! Did you get an approximate overview of how big the tiles are? Would 30x30 cm be a good estimate for the standard tile?
  13. Community Created Content

    Take your time, issues and other things in real life takes priority since in the end of the day this is a hobby and should not interfere with more important things. Hope things will work out smoothly.
  14. Miniature Storage ideas

    Someone on the KS Comment section wrote this: Bryan simpson about 1 hour ago Hello all. Just got a message back from Battle Foam. I asked if they were going to do foam trays for the game and they said they had backed it with all options so it was 100% going to happen. Transport solved. praise the sun
  15. Update again: I didn't get the tile finished today due to issues with both photoshop and some outside things. But it's becoming very "pretty". I hope I can get it done by tomorrow along with the cards. Sucks that I keep pushing it forward, since I like to keep my word, but yeah it's all for fun anyway so maybe I shouldn't take it so hard. I still would love to hear more ideas on how Priscilla could work, many are sceptic no matter what we bring to the table as an idea, so might aswell hoard everything on a pile and try to figure something out that everyone would like and accept. UPDATE IN FRUSTRATION: Never mind what I said yesterday, apparently I can't keep deadlines for crap, I may love to in photoshop be able to make edit and adjust things to look nice and dandy. But I notice that I still have quite a bit to learn about how to handle certain things I've never done before in it. Old crappy laptop that loves to crash the programs with random intervals. And finally, finding reference material for all of the boss room, some well needed things were nowhere to be found in screenshots or on youtube. So had to deal with that somehow aswell. Continue this discussion without me for now, I'll come by and drop the things when I'm done and then we'll see about trying to photograph some demonstrations of our different ideas. And I am really sorry, and I am very angry at myself.