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  1. $100 shipped in US. Fallen on some hard times and need to make some quick cash. The EA Kit was never played but I did start putting stickers on some of the dice. It includes the following items. PM me with your email for pics. -Rangosh (partially painted) his followers are bare and mostly glued together -Rhodri (partially painted) his followers are bare and mostly glued together. Some wash spilled on them so they'll need a quick strip -NIS Elf Chick and followers
  2. shauni55

    Black Friday Sales

    I genuinely don't understand what you're saying at all. An incentive cannot be indirect. You say you can't buy locally, but also said "when my local shops let me down." So can you buy locally or not? Finally, I don't believe you'e saying all local stores are mediocre and ran by gamers instead of business folks. I have many fine stores around me run by very savvy business people, who to be fair still struggle to stock SFH products because distribution isn't always on point. Also, I hope it's clear to you why LGS are so invaluable to game companies such as SFG. Without them many of the game companies we love could not survive
  3. shauni55

    Black Friday Sales

    Don't get me started on the alt-sculpts... I think trying to suggest they are an "incentive" to purchase as your LGS is a stretch... A) You have to pay for them B ) You have to buy that model to begin with in order to even be allowed to order the alt sculpt (IE there's already a millstone in the box you're buying, why pay $10 for another?) Honestly, some of SFG's recent tactics has me questioning just how supporting of LGS they actually are. Sincere question: Doesn't SFG have a MAP in place? and does the 20% off fall in line with that MAP?
  4. shauni55

    Black Friday Sales

    That Swag Box price...
  5. shauni55

    Black Friday Sales

    Sure, not MANY companies do it, but others do it and do it arguably "better". Wyrd has monthly promotions through LGS that aren't additional costs.
  6. shauni55

    Black Friday Sales

    Ok, I know I'm going to get some heat for this, but I feel it needs to be said. After all of their talk about supporting LGS's with things such as promo sculpts, I feel like this sale is in direct opposition to that idea. This is just my opinion, but feel free to dispute it as I am very often wrong (ask my wife). This is a big selling time for any retail business, and between the lowered prices and the free items for buying (like the dice), it just bothers me that SFG talked a lot about how they were in full support of shops. Now, if SFG or any other company wants to offer lower prices and compete with LGS that's 100% fine, but don't contradict what you've publicly said in the past.
  7. shauni55

    Odd Man Out

    (Having not played them yet so take this with a grain) It's between bushel and peck for me. obviously it's situational but I think farmers (even with grange) lean to the beater side, more than the footballer side. that being said, bushel would be a great pick against slower teams. I honestly think her and jackstraw potentially could do some major scoring. but again I havn't played them so idk if thats true
  8. Hey guys. I just picked up the entire butcher's line in a trade. I've never played them, but I'm wanting to run the bloodiest team possible (IE I want as much bleed as possible). Any suggestions?
  9. shauni55

    How about some more Spoilers for S3?

    I really don't mind the changes, and he looks great. He'll certainly be a strong captain. Just disappointed he doesn't seem very "alchemist" in any way. Sort of figured he needed a change to begin with so he was more in line with the Alchemist strategies.
  10. If this forum had a sink I'd rip it off the wall out of anger. My area has quite a few engineer players and I'm SO tired of Ballista... For the life of me I just can't take him down or get past him. Basically everything goes ok until he drops Minefield and I'm screwed. Seenah, Jaecar and Fihad can't charge (without taking damage). Last night I lost Tater (was just playing him for fun) in turn two because he just soaked up the dmg. What do I do here?
  11. shauni55

    How do you stay on your feet against Masons?

    my team: obulus, ghast, cosset, silence, dirge his: honour, her twin, chisel, mallet, brick, marbels
  12. So I played Masons this weekend, and while the game was close(10-12) I still lost due to Mason's ability to lay my players flat on their face. Is there any way around this?
  13. shauni55

    Captain Scalpel

    She's the last Mortician I yet to own, but certainly want to pick her up.
  14. Hey guys, Just started but I almost have every Mortician player available, so Im curious what models outside of the morticians I should pick up? I know there are a few Union players that will work, but I don't want to just pick them up willy-nilly. So which should I grab