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  1. After the success of the Spanish National, celebrated this May in Madrid. Spanish community will organize another big tournament and we are hope to welcome international players again! On Saturday and Sunday October 20-21st, we will host the biggest Guild Ball tournament in Barcelona. Location: Goblintrader Store Barcelona, downtown barcelona city (Girona Street 25, 08010 Barcelona)Max. Players: 60Price: 15€SEASON 4. The Championship will respect the applicable Regional Cup DocumentREGISTRATIONRegistration stars from now to on 14 October. To do so, you must to pay 15€ at goblintrader's web. Follow this link:http://www.goblintrader.es/varios/5353-1-euro-goblintrader.html You must register and select 15 unities, to make a grand total of 15€ that must be paid by credit card. After this, select the option: 'Recogida en GTS Barcelona' to set your shipment to 0, and you are done. ROSTERSunday October 14th is the last day to send your roster to: torneos-gtsbarcelona@goblintrader.esTIMELINESaturday*10:00– Opening10:15-12:15 Round 112:30–14:30 Round 214:30-16:00 Lunch16:00-18:00 Round 321:00 DinnerSunday10:00– Opening10:15-12:15 Round 412:15–12:30 painting vote12:30-14:30 Round 5 15:00-15:30 Awards* if it is necessary play 6 rounds it would be another round on saturday 18:15-20:15. It would be comunicated after closing registration on 14 October.PRIZES AND PRESENTS All players will recivie a special present for play tournament. Champion: first clasificated will receive official trophie Veteran Spigot and the 'Barretina'Painting Prize: team with most votes of painting will receive a special trophie.Better Guild: best player of every Guild will receive a special prize Best Goal: organization will decide best goal and will give a special prize. Wooden Spoon: worst clasificated that did not concede games will win special wooden spoon. It depending number of players may be will be more random presents.
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    what do you need to ad tournaments at your database and ranking... I organise tournaments in Spain...

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    Spanish pocket translation (fan made): http://www.lbnweb.com/public/general/korgluk/guildball_castellano.pdf