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  1. Gervill Froad

    Update 110 on Kickstarter

    not an app version... but a companion app ...like the zombicide black plague one that keeps track of all your character info and has the decks within the app so you dont have to sort the real life decks every time you want to play.
  2. Gervill Froad

    Update 110 on Kickstarter

    I kind of hope it is an app so we don't have to have 10 decks of cards to keep track of for all the bosses and stuff.... but who knows!
  3. Gervill Froad

    Painting for beginners

    Looking good! What paints did you use for his shield? I really like the look of that dark metal
  4. Gervill Froad

    Painting for beginners

    Its a decal....so i guess i cheated ;P
  5. Gervill Froad

    Painting for beginners

    I saved the dancer for last because of the cape and sword... but taking my time on the cape and going slow with layering turned out pretty good considering my lack of skill when it comes to painting cloth. Thanks for the help
  6. Gervill Froad

    Painting for beginners

    Thanks! I am trying these tips on the dancers cape as i type this... my highlights might not be the most noticeable at a distance but it looks better to me up close
  7. I am guessing editing and making sure everything is correct is taking some time.... but i hope to see your video soon! Also maybe just add a part at the start saying if any mistakes are made in the video that you will have a corrections section in the description of the video.
  8. Gervill Froad

    Painting for beginners

    I finished my heroes and Ornstien and Smough! Im not good at painting cloth... i need more practice...
  9. Gervill Froad

    Painting the core game

    They look awesome! I too just finished my heroes but i couldn't do the eyes though, i think i need a smaller brush or at least one with a finer point.
  10. Gervill Froad

    Painting for beginners

    Look great so far, I like his cape a lot too... I cant seem to paint cloth to save my life XD.
  11. Gervill Froad

    Blinging up Dark Souls

    I want!
  12. After playing a few games myself i had a question about using frost on a boss... If they are effected by frost and have a push movement, do i get pushed off their base at the start of their turn even though they cannot actually move? Maybe go in depth about boss fights and include this and other possible rare situations.
  13. Gervill Froad

    Painting for beginners

    Thanks! First painted it all black. Then I cut a piece of foam off of some old foam bedding I had and used it to sponge on some browns and greys. (I made sure very little paint was on it to give it more of a texture) Then i dry brushed my metal color on all the surfaces that are not pointing in towards the center of the mini or down towards the base. Then i put a dark wash all over it. I then repeated the sponge step and dry brushing step once more but being lighter and more selective trying to make it look the way i wanted.
  14. Gervill Froad

    Painting for beginners

    Titanite Demon AKA Prowling Demon is now done! Fuggal the Nosey inspired me to get this done after seeing all his work!
  15. When you email them do you get an automated response or nothing at all?