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  1. Visceroth

    Wave 2 - shipping is happening!

    US backer. Ordered one of everything. No word yet on shipping for wave 2.
  2. Visceroth

    Armor Sets

    While I generally agree, if you summoned me to help with the Dancer and then you get grabbed by her early in start of the fight... I might just clap while waiting for the animation to end.
  3. Visceroth

    Armor Sets

    If they were each doing a different emote, I think it'd have been neat. If they were all in a static neutral pose, I'd think it alright. That 7/10 are trying to fist bump the moon... I am very disappointed. Holy wow, I hadn't noticed that. That's Big Hat size!
  4. Visceroth

    Blinging up Dark Souls

    How did you make those walls/bridge/gate?!?!?
  5. As they're expansions, I'm expecting they'll be released with the rest of wave 2 in October. I can't wait to get the Giant and especially the Chariot.
  6. Visceroth

    Fixing Bended Models

    I did the same, and it did take a couple times for one of the bases. My Ornstein's spear came all crazy bent, but just dipping it in the hot water made it uncurl and straighten out. Was neat to watch.
  7. Visceroth

    SFG response time is terribkle

  8. Visceroth

    SFG response time is terribkle

    You have to remember that the volume of requests like yours has increased proportionately with the number of boxes delivered, so the volume faced by those you saw receiving notice in two weeks was less than yourself by at least two weeks of world wide deliveries. When the wait has you feeling despair; do not give in. Praise the sun. \[T]/
  9. Visceroth

    Four Kings

    I'm hoping the fight will be inspired so I'll be tempted to buy that expansion. It's 1 of 2 I didn't get, mostly due to not enjoying their fights in the game. The other being kalameet. Never played the dlc for 2, and have downloaded but haven't played the dlc for 3 yet... though I just started a new game hoping to run into both dlc areas as I progress (no clue where either start)
  10. Visceroth

    Wishlisting :)

    Currently everything moves then attacks, or attacks then moves. I could see an opportunity for a move, attack, move (looking at you hollow dogs). But the card might get crowded at that point.
  11. Visceroth

    Wishlisting :)

    Started replaying ds3 this week. Haven't gotten all that far this time, but I'd like to see road of sacrifice the I just played through - some areas are deep water and can't run, giant crab miniboss, the guys with the tree sized spears made out of trees, the crucifix hollow, and those dagger and mage grunt hollows, poison shoot bugs. Crystal sage boss. There are a couple unkindled in the zone and the invader if they aren't already in other expansions too. Also we need rats and dogs soon. And bonewheels.
  12. So I just did a solo run with my warrior. After I completed each encounter I would roll all 4 dodge dice once for every mob defeated. When I got 2 evades, I'd draw a loot card. When I got 4 I'd draw a weapon upgrade (pulled into a separate deck from the common loot cards). About 3/4 of the way through I realized I had only drawn 1 weapon upgrade so from that point on I amended to 3 evades gives a weapon upgrade and 4 evades gives an item and an upgrade. I died 3 times before beating the gargoyle, but when I finally won I spent my victory souls to basically clean out the last of the common loot deck. At this point if I progress to another boss, my draws will be the advanced loot deck and upgrades. Due to not needing to buy loot, my main stats are max, and my minor stats are tier 3. I like the premise so far and I'll probably use it when playing with others for the first time to keep games swift and make sure people feel character progression as we advance. Ideally they'll be sucked in and want the full experience in the future but at that point they'll know the mechanics and the grindy parts won't be such a grind. I'm also thinking I'll try it again where I don't separate out the weapon upgrades, and just use a '3+ evade gets a draw from the deck', so 2 gets me nothing. As rare as 4 is, it might not break things to draw 2 if I ever actually roll it, but I'm unsure at present. Using that method, I won't be getting nearly as many draws so I won't have every item in the game on 3 sparks, but I'll still be able to level to use anything I do draw. I'm thinking that might be the sweet spot for the progression experience I'm trying to hit in a non-campaign 'short' game. Oh, I also used all 6 encounter tiles and added 1 of each difficulty on the boss's card (so 1 level 1 and 1 level 2), for more souls and chances at loot before the fog gate.
  13. You're partially shipped! That means your label exists in the physical world and so too will your dreams soon become reality!!! If you're in the USA, sign up on fedex site and get tracking days before it posts to backerkit! If elsewhere in the world, figure out your carrier and do the same! Or wait a few more days and you'll have your tracking number posted in backerkit. Either way, you're almost assuredly less than 400 hours away from playing tabletop dark souls!!!!!!!!! /highfive fellow backer! Jolly Cooperation is mere days away! \[T]/
  14. With single player getting 16 souls to start, for a total of 24 souls on their first clear, and 3 players also getting 24 souls in their first clear, maybe 2 player mode should start with 8 souls in the pot? That might help balance 2 player mode a bit. I'll try that next time it's 2 of us playing. 4 player getting 32 souls per clear has an 8 soul advantage plus more ways to split damage and aggro. That sounds like easy mode. Git gud But the more treasure you have to buy, the more you have to grind to level into it. For quicker games when I don't have all night, I'm still planning to try a 'enemies have a chance to drop loot' mechanic. I also want to find some tiny led lights to throw a cotton ball on as static loot in the corner of some rooms. That'd work betrer with massive dungeons though... I need more tiles!