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  1. Snorrarcisco

    Butchers Team

    will clean the ladies a bit and try a bit more highlighting i just hate painting skin!!!
  2. Snorrarcisco

    Morticans, Ratcatchers and Union

    Stunning work. All brush no airbrush? perfect blend!!!
  3. Snorrarcisco

    Butchers Team

    I have, apart from Fillet, finished the Butchers. I might have to tidy up here and there but other than that I am okay with them. Just Shank looks too mmmm messy would be a good one. This is my first set of minis from Steamforged, really enjoyed the detail on them.
  4. Snorrarcisco


    Why dont they open the locker room???
  5. Snorrarcisco

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    It does look great although my tablet is old as the bones of the earth. Do you remember what is the minimum requirement in terms of android version to run it? Out of the top of your head
  6. We have the paper dolls and the lovely cards and all that. I am aware the 2 new hunter minis(bear and chaska) seem to now be available for 3rd June release (hoping they have some at games expo in Birmingham) but is there a release date for veterans (or they are not releasing them) or is this a pundit only info and I just have to be patient?
  7. Snorrarcisco

    Fabulous Bacon Boy's pack of savages

    Stunning blood splatters!!!!
  8. Snorrarcisco

    Personal Pitch Design

    pixartprinting would too. They are based in Italy and shipping is quick if TNT gets the blooming thing sorted. Waiting on mine to arrive
  9. Snorrarcisco

    Carcous paintings

    has the highlight on the top been done with airbrush? It looks amazing thou lovely tones
  10. Snorrarcisco

    Which bag do you use?

    Feldherr Maxi half cut one. Plastic tray covers majority if not all of tokens. 2 armada trays (imperial) 1 pick up foam bit fitting my frostgrave band 3 different layout foams. One has 4 large slots fitting every goal, I have enough foams for 50, 40 and 30 mm for up to 4 teams. One of the foam trays has 24 slots so all 30mm fit on those Cards go on a Magic the gathering hard back (ultra pro style) card album (fits in the front zipped slot if needed
  11. Snorrarcisco

    Newbie totally lost

    cheers guys
  12. Snorrarcisco

    Newbie totally lost

    So scoring stops at 12 irregardless of number of turns and the likes.
  13. Snorrarcisco

    Newbie totally lost

    Right I have yet to play and so far just seen the abatoir away days videos (Butchers) and although getting the hang of it I am at a loss with a few things. First, Activation. I know there is an initiative roll and then you alternate with activating but, is there a rule for activation? Less influence first, largest influence first or you decide who based on team tactics? Second, Scoring. On the video they never seem to score any goals and they fight it out in the middle of the pitch (yes I know Butchers tend to just do this) but the end result is something like 12-4 to Butchers. So how in effect can you gain points without scoring goals? is this the momentum thing? These are the two really silly questions I know but bugging me for a bit now.
  14. Snorrarcisco


    Regarding skin is not really out of practice I just hate doing it. It never comes out remotely decent and eyes and the likes? horrible always
  15. Snorrarcisco


    Right having fallen for the Guildball concept and yet to have played a game I must admit I have fallen head over heels for the minis themselves, now I dont see myself as a rubbish painter having painted for a good 15 years (mainly warhammer and napoleonic ranges) but I must admit I do hate painting skin. Prefered painting for skin? Washes and blends? airbrush? Not overly fussed about object source lighting. I do love to use washes and blends just afraid to muck up really lol