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  1. On the timing chart for attacks and character plays has two different verbage. For attacks it states " Select Playbook Results", while character plays state " Apply results of the character play". My question is there a functional difference between select results and apply results? Say an enemy model has 1 box left and I make an attack that I select a 1 damage and 1" dodge result. Am I applying the results of my playbook at step 4 after the attack is resolved, or step 2.5 when I select them? If playbook results are applied at step 4 then would a character play with the same 1 damage and 1" dodge be applied at step 2.5 because of the different verbage?
  2. Why is Mist directly towards the pitch edge ? Every other brewer player attacking a double debuffed model just erases them...
  3. Will tough hide work on the traps dropped from vet minx via her character play?
  4. doublecheese

    Looking for KS Tapper

    Booooooring.... Dear SFG, where's our sweet alt Tapper. Thanks.
  5. doublecheese

    Looking for KS Tapper

    What does kick starter tapper look like ??
  6. I am of the never play mash train, like he was good into hunters but Vdecimate fills that and much more so he'll be accompanying stave and quaff cheering on the rest. I do have a sneaky suspicion once all the minor guilds are out that SFG will cut the roster length and let you bring the whole guild plus 2 minor so he might see a resurgence but as Edek stated fish where you really want him, he just gets countered by O siren.
  7. doublecheese

    Veteran Decimate

    That's how I feel. She seems similar playbook to stoker but better. A better playbook then mash and can take players out. I don't think I would cut Hooper tough skin and his kit are more valuable to me then unpredictable movement.
  8. doublecheese

    Captains and Matchups

    Generally yes tapper when kicking, but I usually kick with esters into morts. Esters when receiving because I can speed Friday to threat goal or add more movement buffs to put her in a safer spot.
  9. doublecheese

    The Hunters match up [kicking]

    I had a game where I drafted a bunch of 1 in melee brewers and he dropped zarola on me.. could never get the ball. Hunters don't have access to tooled up and have limited models that gain damage against snared so tough hide models and reach are nice. Hemlocke can be good. I've played esters and stoker to try and snipe fahad off the get go with the 6 damage. I would try: Tapper Scum Spigot1 Hemlocke Friday Hooper Try to cat missle someone for times called to negate snare movement penalty or clear it. Hoppers heroic is made for hunters.
  10. doublecheese

    Tapper - why ever bring him???

    I believe I received that game so I chose to go Esters for the first turn goal line score with Friday. Rest of the line up was hemlocke, spigot, scum, stoker. He played ballista, hoist, mother, ratchet, A+G, compound, But I hit ballista with blind, fire, and rough ground after he kicked off. So after Friday scored he had 2 momentum so he could clear and kick a goal with legendary but it would have been a 1 dice goal walking into engagement. Blind was a big part of this game as he loaded 5 on A+G and after blind he didn't have the speed to get anywhere relevant and esters one rounded ballista. I played Zach on Thursday with Esters and was a grisly grindy game and he made excellent use of cover with his 2 armor models which made it hard for Esters to get much work done. So I played tapper on Friday also because I was kicking off. One highlight tho in hindsight was probably incorrect, was tapper one rounding Brick by himself on 5 attacks. Charged netting knockdown and aura, then bonus timed my next 4 attacks not rolling a single one in the next 36 dice rolled... I had the plus 7 so was gambling I could go even and inflict the most damage. He had the other and I lost the roll off. Zach is a tremendous player so I felt I needed to take some bigger risks to put myself ahead.
  11. doublecheese

    Captains and Matchups

    I generally play esters into : morts, farmers, butchers, masons, Tapper: hunters, fish, engineers, union, blacksmiths But there's a few I'll play into either depending on receiving or kicking.
  12. doublecheese

    Tapper - why ever bring him???

    I think the 20/20 hindsight "misplay" is a broad term. I think we can agree that there are general things that you can label "misplays", but certain actions can be more a risk/reward and how well your opponent can capitalize on things. I generally play Tapper hyper aggressive and am ok trading him after he has generated 4 points. Thanks, it was a fun day that had a bit of luck, great opponents and crazy games.
  13. doublecheese

    Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Blacksmiths feels a bit of receiving versus kicking. I tend to try to play a condition game against blacksmiths with. Esters, scum, spigot1, hemlocke, stoker, Friday receiving, pintpot kicking. Try to soften up with conditions hemlocke has favorable blinds, and just try to avoid a 4 influence iron smashing your guys. As 3 momentous 7s kill tapper.
  14. doublecheese

    Tapper - why ever bring him???

    What player are you dropping from your 10 that is better then tapper? I get weighing a union slot versus another squaddie or 2nd mascot, but how do you say well sorry tapper gotta fit stave in here. Esters is a flexible captain with a static gameplay while tapper is a static captain with a flexible gameplay. What does that gibberish mean? Simply old jakes impact on the game. A "15" influence team has the potential for higher impact then a 13 influence team. With esters your opponent can plan around your allocations, sure she can do alot of neat stuff but if you fail to allocate to someone they can write them off. Where as tapper can allocate 1 to Hooper and 0 to Friday and either Hooper can threaten a knocked down player or Friday gets her sprint and kick goal influence from nowhere. Tapper has the benefit of being a low input high output captain, can get around unpredictable, and has 2" melee.