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  1. If jack straw scores a goal, his activation ends. Is there a timing where he can use his end of activation teleport? If so can he then run the length to get into range to teleport and then teleport? If not, why? Thanks.
  2. Farmers

    Yeh, no armor and low defense is pretty juicy for brewers. Grange can only tough hide 1 person and between commanding aura and other self damage buffs just might not be enough. Just about setting up players. Spigot dropped a 20 hp Grange start of turn 3 that was knocked down in three attacks. Windle can be pretty scary if he gets going though, between buffs and heals can be a problem.
  3. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    Granted this is early, but happy hour felt very good all game with brewers. Being able to set up times called off the bat is amazing. The only big downside I see is, that this might put the final nail in the coffin for spigot2 and competitive play.
  4. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    What if they changed Shark's legendary to be a 6 inch aura that inflicts gut and string instead.
  5. New Brewer Rookies!

    http://midwestwargaming.com/explosive-brew-brewers-welcome-new-rookies-pitch/ check out the latest additions due to the recent balance errata.
  6. If avarice makes an triggering his playbook knockdown and thuggery knockdown will that knock a sturdy model down, or are the effects of sturdy similar to gluttonous mass?
  7. Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    Woooot nailed it

    Played a game with the updated rules. My brewers versus buddies masons. I was kicking team and him receiving. He only has the kickoff so I prepicked my 6 since I already knew his 6. buddy decided to put marbles and brick on the center line to make a nice counter charge bubble. This lead to a little confusion if counter charge could be done when I jog up for the kick off, we decided no because we aren't in "turns" yet. We did not use a clock for this game as we wanted to try to do best activations versus clock influenced ones. line up was Masons : center line brick and marbles, 10 inch line honor and flint, goal line harmony and mallet He liked his players farther up, linked activation was nice to get around harmony backward position, and the front line helped to protect his back line. Brewers: center line mash and Hooper, Friday kicked off with esters on the 10', and scum and spigot 1 on goal line. I liked having mash and Hooper up more as mash is now threatening snapshot range. Deciding on who to put on the goal line was tough I can circumvent scum with call the cat but the other felt stranded, esters might have been the better call. We both felt first activation was more interesting, especially with the other player having a momentum to keep them honest. He chose to engage mash with brick, which let me try to steal the ball but a botched pass led to a big fight. Highlights of the game: turn 1 flint steals ball and gets into position to threaten goal next turn as he's 1 influence short from superior strategy goal. I catapult Friday into honor trying to set up Hooper, which he counters with marbles but this opens a tooled up esters to drop double aoes on Honor which brings her down to 5 to ( 6 from both aoes, 3 damage from Friday charge, and another 3 from poison and burning). Turn2: mason wins initiative and flint builds momentum off scum to dodge away and kick a screamer. I try to kill the ball to the right and sigot tools up esters. Honor comes in to try and finish Friday falls short, but linked activation seals her fate. I respond with super sayian3 esters and engage both honor and harmony. Bonus time attack deals the 5 to take out honor and I farm momentum through the next four taking out Harmony also. Brick and mash fight each other, I bring scum to engage flint. Turn 3: masons win initiative again and my kill ball strategy fails as he brings back both by fast ground close to Hooper. He's one influence short on harmony from a linked activation steal ball pass to harmony dodge, sprint, dodge and kick goal. But gets honor threatening a goal with only spigot close enough. I make some inconsequential activations while mallet and brick pin esters down dropping her to 4 boxes. I heal her back to 12. Turn 4: masons win initiative again. Brick wastes gluttonous and puts her back to the ground. I try setting up a mash snapshot involving a Hooper pass followed by Hooper charging honor for a 6 point activation. But I am short of doing both and botch the pass again. Hooper is spending too much time trying to be a striker. Esters gets taken out, followed by honor killing spigot game ends 12-6 ( I kill flint at somepoint) masons. TLDR: I like the differing deployment it creates new strategy and team comps. Like wanting to bring mash more and threatening snap shot right away. I think it's a little much for newer players especially if you try to time it, as you lose time drafting your team now, and turn 1 is more analysis paralysis with everything you could do. The momentum for kicker feels mandatory for this format, otherwise too much the receiving team can do. I haven't tried the alternating draft style, but can see how the receiving player can steal the center of the board effectively.
  9. Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    I like the idea of ore or some base material and then the master being the refined version either ingot or steel etc.
  10. Corsair and Angel

    Thanks for all your thoughts
  11. Corsair and Angel

    Grabbing fish up soonish, because I want to paint them. Looking at the models Angel and corsair stuck out to me with the potential 7 dice 12 inch kick. Anyone using these two together? What's the rest of your lineup look like? Or does Angel sit on your shelf because she has no way around Unpredictable movement?
  12. Explosive Brew: It's Friday or the Highway

    For tapper to KO Ox with tooled up you are looking at ~60.5%. Now if you can start the fight with a momentum you've got a 49% to kd, bonus time commanding aura, and bonus time wrap giving you a 99% chance to deal 11 damage in 3 attacks.
  13. Explosive Brew: It's Friday or the Highway

    Thanks for the read. True 10 influence is alot, but Tapper is in a unique position to go this route because of Old Jake. Also trying to dirty knife a 4 defense model is a 75% chance so you could feel comfortable just allocating two to Friday. I haven't checked the math but it seems Fillet killing a 5-1 Friday is unlikely, especially if we can defensive stance a charge. Very good point about two activations and your opponent being able to interupt you. That's a big reason why I try to limit synergies to a max of two activations, sure a tooled up commanding aura Hooper against a knocked down dirty knife model sounds amazing, but your opponent isn't going to let that happen. Mike
  14. Explosive Brew: It's Friday or the Highway

    Thanks for taking the time to put a thorough response in. I'm still confused on how some of these numbers add up though, so if you don't mind spending more time to help that would be great. Let's take the example with Ox and Tapper. Tapper has spent the first two of his influence to knockdown and put up commanding aura. Atm we have 1 momentum to bonus time the next attack roll. There appears to be 40+ different combinations Tapper can generate to deal at least 19 damage in 4 attacks on Ox (2,1) with just commanding aura damage buff. Of those 40+ combinations only so many let you bonus time every damage roll. Four of these combinations only require 3 hits to deal 19 damage.Now I'm not sure how the extra attack affects percentage for KOing Ox, i.e. if my first two attacks deal 13-14 damage the probability to deal 6 damage in 2 attacks is 99.7%, but that sequence of events is 14.05% likely. The most likely scenario of taking Ox out on 4 attacks I found was 35.43%, though looking back if I bonus time the Commanding Aura roll I get the probability of knocking down and putting up commanding aura in two hits 81.36%, this gives me a net 26.87% of KOing Ox on 6 attacks, versus the 23.48%. What step am I missing in calculating these probabilities?
  15. Explosive Brew: It's Friday or the Highway

    Thank you, could you elaborate how I'm understimating? I had to look up permutation it was a neat video.