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  1. Joplick

    How are People Liking it so far

    The do block movement on a node, but don't stop ranged attacks. It costs one stamina to move onto a node with a barrel, can't dodge into barrel or be pushed into barrel. Typically, they don't really get in the way from my experience.
  2. Joplick

    How are People Liking it so far

    There was a lot they could have done with the tiles, definitely. That shield is one example of a teaser for an expansion. So is the frost knight's armor. So are the stagger tokens. So is the fact that they give you four tokens of each ailment without the chance that all four will be in play at once. I agree with you about the bosses, they are excellent, and having a small amount of them doesn't actually feel like an issue for me as repeated plays against the same boss is very rewarding. One remark about the treasure is the way the stats are I get the sense that they put the stat assignments according to the stats of all ten characters. There's just so much about the base set that points to expansion content. It makes it feel like the game is incomplete as is, which wouldn't be too bad except for the price. Whichever expansion that comes out that makes the game feel complete adds that much cost to have the whole game that a person would want. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they developed the content for all the planned expansions and the core game simultaneously and then just picked what to divide where. In one of Alex's interviews it is implied that he knew all 10 character's once per spark powers. And an early development screenshot showed prototypes of a lot more than 6 enemies.
  3. Joplick

    How are People Liking it so far

    The problem with the barrels as they stand is there is no incentive to break them, and a penalty to break them. They don't really get in the way, and are usually out of the way. I really enjoyed having them reward souls. It was like a mini game to figure out how to break the barrel during the battle without getting myself killed.
  4. Joplick

    How are People Liking it so far

    As far as my thoughts on the game. I have shelved it until the expansions come out. They took the word 'base' in 'base game' quite literally. There really isn't much content included in the base game. There are only a few pieces of gear with bleed and poison, none with frost, no need for magic defense, no enemies that hit with bleed or poison or frost, only one that hits with magic. Not a ton of variety in the gear available, not a lot of variety in monsters. The tiles have minimal terrain features so you could effectively play the game on one tile and not really tell much of a difference in how encounters feel. I will enjoy this game a lot more when there are a wide variety of enemies and gear available. I don't want to need to defeat a boss in order to get a frost weapon. I would love to face a room where I risk poison, bleed, and magic attacks. Even with trap tokes, why do none of them poison, bleed or frost? I think the skeletal structure of the game is good, but I don't think the game was playtested enough. The treasure system feels lazy. I am excited for more content, and rule refinement as time goes on, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to drop $100 on the base game unless they wanted some nice models to paint. The quality is great!
  5. Joplick

    How are People Liking it so far

    I tried a few house rules balanced for a two player game over the last few days. These rules create a greater feeling of tension (as when you die it's game over), a reduced feeling of banging your head against the wall with your stats vs treasure, incentive to break barrels, and some hard decisions on how to spec and gear your character. A few notes: I tested Deck 1 several times, and balanced the soul gain for a 2 L1 and 2 L2 encounter setup. I have not tested Deck 2/L3 souls gained encounters. - Deck 1 before the mid boss consists of the 5 class specific cards from both heroes and 16 cards (out of 32 total) randomly drawn from a deck made of any treasure with max stat 22 or lower. Included in this deck are the 4 upgrade cards with stat requirement 15, and 2 titanite shards, and 2 embers. This makes a deck of 26 cards, of which 16 are random. - Deck 2 after the mid boss contsists of 5 transposed class specific cards from both heroes, 5 legendary cards, and 11 cards (out of 28 total) randomly drawn from a deck made of any treasure with max stat requirement higher than 22. Included in this deck are the 4 upgrade stat cards with requirement 25, and 2 titanite shards, and 2 embers. Discards the remainder of the previous deck, but keep any stored treasure cards you have. - Level 1 encounters provide 9 souls, level 2 encounters provide 10 souls, level 3 encounters provide 11 souls. - If there is a barrel in an encounter and you break it, immediately roll a die (L1 = black, L2 = Blue, L3 = Orange) and add that number of souls to your cache. - Refreshing your luck costs one soul, or remove two stored treasure cards. - Refreshing the estus flask for one player requires the removal of five stored treasure cards, it costs 10 treasure cards to restore for both players. - There is no renewal of the once per spark ability. - There are no sparks available for retries. When you die, it is game over. I also made houserules for giving different enemies different soul drops, and it was balanced. However, it involved a lot of counting and slowed down the game without adding a lot to it. Overall, I found this to reduce playtime of the game, reduce accounting and tracking of too much treasure, eliminate the grind, add more thought provoking decisions, increase the sense of progression, and make the game more enjoyable without compromising difficulty.
  6. Joplick

    US Shipping Status

    Got mine in UT today. Everything looks great!
  7. Do you think this could be tweaked for one shot games? I'm interested in the idea of a tiered deck, either separate (separate tiers with the flag cards), or stacked like pandemic. But in a single run there'd only need to be two tiers. Or does the game not need this type of adjustment for single runs?
  8. Joplick

    US Shipping Status

    Salt Lake City, Utah. Checked BackerKit yesterday and it had a tracking number and said my package will be arriving by the end of today.
  9. Joplick

    Unboxing Video DS:TBG

    I highly recommend watching a "full playthrough" video by jongetsgames on youtube for some ideas on how to do yours. As an example I will use his Cry Havoc video. He introduces the game briefly and goes over rules as he begins playing the game. He is set up for a 3 player game, and plays each of the factions on his own in order to explain what's going on each turn. Cry Havoc 3 player games are typically 90-120 minutes, and he gets through it in a little over an hour. If you edit appropriately, explain rules succinctly while you're playing through, and do proper voice over work as needed, I bet you could get a 90 minute DS playthrough video easy.
  10. Joplick

    Should enemies drop 2x souls???

    @DC What would the recommended spark counts be at each player count? Are you including spark 0? Rounding down? I would especially appreciate the recommended count for 2 players as that is the count I will be learning the game with.
  11. I believe the mentioned somewhere that playtime is similar for all player counts because of the spark differentiation.
  12. One thing to keep in mind is that players can choose who gets attacked by a mob in many cases. So havig a cumulative health pool is a real thing, in a sense.
  13. scifibeatdown - I am the culprit of that misinterpretation, I apologize. Squirtis - All the answers contained in this thread will probably be compiled into a FAQ and will be available for reference in case a player has questions about particular scenarios. When you begin playing just use the rulebook and keep in mind that this thread is available if you get in an argument with your group about how a certain rule should be resolved in a particular case. Don't stress about it. The rules are simple and should feel intuitive as you start playing with the pieces in front of you. Dealing with hypothetical scenarios and theoretical rules discussions before playing a game can cause a lot of headaches if you're not an experienced board gamer.
  14. Joplick

    Card sizes and number of each size?

    I believe seerofchaos copy pasted from the comment that frank made several months ago in the comments section. Those should be official
  15. Joplick

    Core Rulebook PDF Availability

    Well, I figure someone will compile all of he rules Q&A from Alex in your thread about the rules into an unofficial FAQ and post it on BGG. I think the best handling I've ever seen of an ambiguous rulebook is by Grant Rodiek, the designer for Cry Havoc. He is subscribed to the CH forums, and promptly responds to any rules question or comment. They posted an official FAQ and even updated the rulebook for additional print runs!