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  1. On January the 21st we hold our first Tournament in Gladbeck. "Auf Blut und Asche" Our first GB - Tournament This iwill be a S3 Tournament. Deltails (and registrations) can be found here: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=17790h We also opened a Tiebreak feed: https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/gaf-cup/feed
  2. Musashi

    Players/Clubs in Nordrhein-Westfalen

    We are a bunch of players in Gladbeck / Essen
  3. Musashi

    Any events planned for Germany ?

    We run our first tournament in January in Gladbeck NRW : GAF Tournament on T3
  4. Musashi

    Our First Match Report!! Butchers vs. Hunters!!

    Straight up the most entertaining Match Report I saw for a long time. No boring downtime no shaking camera, good editing and exciting to watch. Big thumbs up from me.
  5. Musashi


    The Pig is good for bogging down / slowing enemys. Last game piggy single handedly kept Rage busy for 3 turns. The hog can take a punch and taking a parting blow from Truffles is not a good idea. Her charges are also very efficient- warping up really easy resulting in Momentous KD and Damage Truffles is really good for defensive play.
  6. Musashi

    Any events planned for Germany ?

    We are starting our 8 Player Big- League next week. Looking forward to it. Except for the Union all Guilds are present.
  7. Musashi

    Any events planned for Germany ?

    Tiefstes Ruhrgebiet
  8. Musashi

    Any events planned for Germany ?

    Checking T3 constantly The Tournaments are simply not in my area (NRW). I think the system deserves more attention in the german tournament - community.
  9. Musashi

    Any events planned for Germany ?

    As the big tournament in Cologne (RPC) was canceled (does anyone know why ?) - are there any other official tournaments planned for germany ? The GB-Tournaments in Germany could need a little boost. Only crickets and tumbleweed here.
  10. Musashi

    Filling out my Tournament Roster (Advice)

    I think Tenderizer is a little bit underrepresented in most lists. I include him in most of my games. He can be effective without spending Inf, hits hard enough and the +1 to Goalkicks saved me more than once.