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  1. Jackstraw places a crop dusting AoE over Burnish and Cinder, the Farmers player rolls to hit Burnish and is successful in rolling a 3 to hit. Burnish spends 1 MP to cancel it's effects with reinforced plating. Which scenario is correct? 1. The entire play is negated, neither Burnish nor Cinder take damage and no harvest markers are placed. 2. Neither Burnish nor Cinder take damage but the harvest markers can be placed. 3. Burnish ignores the damage but the Farmers player rolls to hit Cinder successfully so she takes 2 damage and the harvest markers can still be placed. Additionally, what about if the Farmers player rolls to hit Burnish and misses (rolls only 1s and 2s). Does this change the situation?
  2. garmerar

    Honest review of the Farmers box

    Criticism of the models is fine, they are not quite as sharp as a metal model would be, and their poses are a bit flat. This review read as a bunch of whining especially when you see the result of the painted models at the end. The minor difference in quality between this plastic and metal will not be relevant/noticable to 90%+ of people who buy these because they aren't competition painters. Even an above average painter will get the same result as a metal mini. I have just painted the farmers and they are much better quality then warmachine restic, the kick off box and even some of the metal models in the range. eg. season 1 masons and union. The reviewer says washes won't work and blacklining is required... Yeah.... I washed my farmers as I would with any metal guild ball model and the result is the same. The reviewer says there's not enough detail in the pumpkin so he had to paint his own detail in... Look at the earlier pictures of the pumpkin in the article, the detail is there, and the reviewer even picked it out with a wash in the way he described as impossible... After it is highlighted it looks even better, like literally any model ever produced?... " This isn’t Grange’s worst problem though. Grange almost definitely is one piece. " - One piece model doesn't = worse. Grange has a stoic pose to match his personality . " The tools on that apron were horrible to paint. No hard edges. You’re just fumbling in there with a brush and hoping for the best. " - blatantly false, the tools are raised well above the apron as anyone can see from the pictures. " Look, a ball. Hooray. Again, there’s not enough detail for you to just paint the raised edges like a normal quality model. " - The pumpkin is a round, organic, relatively smooth object so of course it isn't going to have a lot of sharp raised edges. " I didn’t talk about Peck hardly at all. Also extremely soft details and a resin miniature would have done him well. Quaff, for example, had a lot of detail in his fur and so did Snow. ", " He [Peck] turned out ok, but again, there’s not enough detail to actually paint the detail. You’re on your own painting details in. " - The reviewer seems to have blobbed paint over all of the feather details on the model. I drybrushed and washed this model as I would with fur and it looks great. I've picked out these points because they at least attempted to address the technical aspects of the models. Many of the models had no useful information given... ie. "Boring to paint", "I don't like Windle's name", "I wish Bushel was wearing overalls", "Fighting with saws is unrealistic", "The goal and terrain are pretty good but meh, I'll brush that off because it doesn't fit with the rest of the negative review.
  3. Do we know if the season 3 story is going to be added to the resources page?
  4. garmerar

    Collated Season 3 Spoilers

    The front of Smoke's card can be seen in the store pic for the season 3 deck: (It's the same as S2 apart from the icy sponge change) http://store.guildball.com/new-releases/-season-3-player-card-deck
  5. garmerar

    Season 2 rules online?

    This release has been a massive letdown for me... I haven't been able to get a copy through my LGS apparently due to a low supply in Australia and I can't even get the rules online 2 days after the official release.