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  1. Fujin

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    I feel a comparison with Hag's Legendary is somewhat relevant. A 4" pulse, 1 damage taken for every model affected, and a 2" push (enemy) or dodge (friendly) for every model in any direction. What if Scalpel's Legendary was a 3" push in any direction for everyone in the pulse? How would that look in light of the release of players like Anvil, Piper et al?
  2. So I'd say it all worked out pretty well today. When can we expect a summary?
  3. Fujin

    Game balancing the butchers

    Boar (Furious) charges a model, takes that model out, gains +1 allocated INF, then starts punching another model that he's also engaging? +1/+0 INF on the off-chance that you can kill something on the charge (or with Berserk) and basically gain a single free allocated point of INF. That's my guess, anyway.
  4. Fujin

    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    Hard choices are hard and that's hopefully a place that every guild will end up over the coming years. There's reasonably valid arguments for every player. I've ended up with Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, oGraves, Ghast, BP&M, Pelage, Skulk, vHemlocke, and Casket. But then you're missing Silence RNG plays into Masons and Brewers which is sadness. Simply having the option to run a full 2" melee team (sans Mascot) has some coolness factor. Could definitely see myself dropping Cosset for Silence and crutching on Tooled Up Pelage for damage output. She's a very pleasing addition. Some kind of moderate buff to Scalpel, Vileswarm, vGraves (and Bonesaw?) would ruin me for selection. I like how this suddenly makes reading your tournament meta a relevant task.
  5. Fujin

    An idea to "fix" Vileswarm

    Replace the current Character Traits with Furious and Shadowlike. Give it ARM1 or make it DEF5.
  6. Fujin

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    But if this is "our thing" - do we do it well enough across the board to justify low kick stats or low health pools? Other Guilds can do the things noted above too and more besides (often without cost e.g. Get Over Here! and Tag Along). All you've described is an aspect of playing Guild Ball that every guild has to interact with on some level. That's hardly unique to Morticians. In fact, what is unique to Morticians? What exactly is it that we do that other Guilds don't (in enough quantity to call it a "play style" or a theme or a design focus)? Hopefully the answer isn't "Puppet Master and Tormented Agony"!
  7. Fujin

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    1) "Under-exploration" is definitely something that game designers can fix! The truth is that we really do have a lot of control elements across the board, but I would say minimally more so than most other guilds who express control in other ways (knockdown or conditions, dodges and out of activation movement, high ARM reducing playbooks results, counter-charge bubbles... or whatever). If our design was more focused/honed and actually became the manipulation of Influence and Momentum (some of which we already have in Rigor Mortis and Tormented Agony) perhaps that would enable subtle redesigns of Squaddies so that the guild had more purpose and unity overall? If this was the case, perhaps at least our low health box issue might be more acceptable? I feel that Morticians are arguably one of the most difficult guilds to design "right" because hard control plays a super fine line in terms of generating negative play experiences. Maybe it depends on how you define "control"? 2) Fair and this is what I was hoping for - substantiated/justified opinion and perspective beyond "git gud". Thank-you! But do you feel that the shroud of S1-S2 Obulus (and Morticians in general) still subconsciously holds sway over our design though? Are wounds still so shallow that it prevents exploration of the guild? I can't help but notice what happened to Alchemists who (thanks to Midas and Vitriol) were held in much the same regard as Morticians (i.e. NPEs).
  8. Fujin

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    I'm afraid you're still missing the point of the thread. My intention was not to call Puppet Master or Morticians good or bad. My intention was to question whether Puppet Master is the balance factor in Morticians. If we ever got to a serious discussion about +1 INF for Casket, or change Bonesaw this, that and the other thing... I'm trying to draw on a theory that the players in the guild are inherently balanced due to the potential access (whether you opt to take Obulus or not, whether you choose to use Puppet Master or not!) to a single character play.
  9. Fujin

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    Yeah, I'm trying not to mope and I didn't really want to steer the conversation in that direction. The OP was focused on the (either real or perceived) power of Puppet Master, and how this may (or may not) affect balance within the guild (both currently and in terms of future tweaks).
  10. Fujin

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    I wonder if you would go on record (post-Ratcatchers release) stating that Morticians are the Captain and... yeah... just the captain At least average, if not very tired and/or underwhelming given the most recent model releases and state of the game (imo). Agreed. I think people rave about Graves because if you want to play a true damage game with a guild that so struggles to pile burst damage, then you must have Tooled Up somewhere. Cosset is as good as your opponent lets her be (i.e. if they get baited/Puppet Mastered in and engaged by Dirge... and knocked down... then yes, Cosset is bananas). Silence does still have some (mostly) unique annoyance value. Bonesaw is great outside of Morticians. Graves2 is half a player competing in a game where the back of your card is frequently the make or break point. Casket is solid (imo) but yes, built around his legendary. BP&M are a 'player' whose potential is yet to be fully realised. Having access to Pelage and Skulk is very nice. They're trapped in design space hell because you can't truly buff damage output or goal scoring without either 1) infringing upon the real estate/schtick of other guilds (Butchers reliable mom damage, Brewers mom KD and short playbooks, Fish mom dodges and mobility for days, anyone's mom character plays from playbook results), and/or 2) hitting the PM/balance wall because great kick stats/MOV values exponentially buff the value of Puppet Master. I think the gap is that they've been framed as a high INF control team. The truth is they are a team that generates an average amount of INF (12-13) and that control mechanisms are either constructed as 1) only as good as your opponent allows them to be (i.e. the better your opponent, the worse your game - straight up control will not win you the match; it must be converted quickly into VPs either way), or 2) busted levels of OP (a la earlier editions of Obulus I guess) and NPEs for your opponent. Controlling/repositioning where your opponent's models are on the pitch, or having your own models move out of activation is/should be an extremely powerful ability, but it's centred strongly around Puppet Master itself. Dirge not having Tag Along for example is a missed opportunity. Or playbooks with low single/double pushes. Or native effects (i.e. back of the card text) that alters the movement state of the game. I don't know, but what could have been has already been absorbed by recent releases. It doesn't give me hope for anything interesting to happen in a proposed Season Four re-look at the state of the guild in terms of a 'refocusing' on what makes Morticians who they are. A bit like their gimmick is one very cool and borderline broken (and expensive) ability, plus a general lack of focus across their squaddies in terms of play style and playbooks. I wonder if they were the last Season One team to be designed way back when?
  11. Fujin

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    Are you sure? I'm not at all convinced that they were designed before minor guilds were conceived.
  12. Fujin

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    Oh no, I agree. In fact I would moot that they were designed with foundational knowledge of the minor guilds in place, hence being so distinctively bad in Morticians right from their release. It's more like they were released for Ratcatchers and their second/crossover guild is actually Morticians.
  13. Fujin

    The Puppet Master / balance equation

    Because they have better synergies in Ratcatchers? Is vGraves better because of Snack Time on Scourge and a better Mascot? Is Bonesaw better just because of Reverie? I thought it was an interesting call from SFG to do a straight cross-Guild trade with minimal (vGraves card/Mascot synergy) change. Maybe the option was trialled for cross-overs to have one card for their home guild and a second card for their minor guild and that was found to be too confusing for players to follow? Now that they're tied to Ratcatchers, feels like it's MUCH more difficult to improve them from a Mortician's point of view.
  14. An insightful comment in another thread has really got me thinking about the future of the guild and a lot of the frustrations being expressed by players. True or false - Morticians guild balance (current players, potential new players, cross-over players, errata, seasonal rules and card changes, design space) ultimately hinges on a single character play: Puppet Master. Agree or disagree, would you be willing to suck down a change to Puppet Master if it meant a general refocusing (up scaling?) of some of our players (Squaddies AND Mascots) and a stronger, more competitive guild overall? EDIT - also accepting that because of Reverie, Bonesaw can't actually be better in Morticians.
  15. Fujin

    Morticians post rat catchers

    And I'm just sitting here looking at Squeak's card and thinking... Vileswarm, Vileswarm, Vileswarm...