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  1. An insightful comment in another thread has really got me thinking about the future of the guild and a lot of the frustrations being expressed by players. True or false - Morticians guild balance (current players, potential new players, cross-over players, errata, seasonal rules and card changes, design space) ultimately hinges on a single character play: Puppet Master. Agree or disagree, would you be willing to suck down a change to Puppet Master if it meant a general refocusing (up scaling?) of some of our players (Squaddies AND Mascots) and a stronger, more competitive guild overall? EDIT - also accepting that because of Reverie, Bonesaw can't actually be better in Morticians.
  2. Morticians post rat catchers

    And I'm just sitting here looking at Squeak's card and thinking... Vileswarm, Vileswarm, Vileswarm...
  3. #unionfree2018 is about to become the new standard for Guild Ball teams everywhere. And how lucky are we to be losing our Union options as the first team out of the gate with the imminent release of the Ratcatchers? So... anyone put any thought and/or serious game time into this yet? i.e. playing pure Morticians (albeit maybe with Skulk/Pelage). I haven't played with any of the Union option aside from Mist for ages anyway but holy cow... losing Mist from the team... ouch. I've dropped Pelage in one game (v Blacksmiths) and she was a beast, but my ongoing concern is a lack of (debatably) viable goal scoring options. Is this just our lot and a case of "suck it up, princess"? Do we wait until a Season Four errata buff and jump ship in the meantime? What say you?
  4. Rat Catchers

    Morticians will certainly be in an "interesting" place if Bonesaw is our only striker. A large-based striker with no buyable dodges who requires deep interaction with other friendly models with terri-bad kick stats in order to be upwardly mobile for a goal run... good times.
  5. Morticians 10

    I could never drop Cosset from my roster. The opportunity to mess players around with both Lure and Puppet Master is just too damn attractive. Her burst damage is amaze when you can arrange the table just so, but the possibility of moving the other players toys around is just sublime. EDIT - drop Bonesaw.
  6. Scalpel or Obulus

    I like this. Maybe the third column could be non-mom / ? The should probably be higher too a la Morticians being pretty average in that regard. How crazy would Scalpel be if her Legendary Play was just a 3" push for everyone within 8"?
  7. When to Casket?

    If you're attempting to kill someone in Engineers it's probably Ratchet anyway.
  8. When to Casket?

    At the first available and certain opportunity. Any Casket Time is a good Casket Time.
  9. Scalpel or Obulus

  10. Scalpel or Obulus

  11. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    #dirtyknives Regarding the OP - Blacksmiths hate being repositioned and frequently have quite programmed order of activation requirements. Screwing with that doesn't turn them off completely but if you can mitigate a lot of the text on the back of their cards then you're at least going a long way towards impacting their game plan (if not implementing your own).
  12. An Issue with Morticians

    That's a very neat idea.
  13. Skulk is a new Spook

    The 12" + base size circle of forcing your opponent to pay an extra INF to kick via Horrific Odour, while not necessarily having him tied to the goal to other be a decent player (i.e. not having conditional counter-charge), looks not unattractive. Maybe a good option to drop into kicking/football teams who need their INF allocation to be just right (Fish, Alchemists, Engineers teams who want to do more work than just scoring a goal)? You could centre him on the pitch and force kickers towards the flanks, or run him out towards a flank and force the kicking game into a more concentrated area to screw positioning. Interesting. Add in Follow Up, Poised and Lightning Reflexes and he's looking like a guy who gives strikers a hard time. Throw in Goal Rats for some randomly useful jank. I wonder if the Ratcatchers Guild will generically have a rule that allows them all to apply Diseased after doing playbook damage. Pity he isn't 2/4 INF. Also wondering what kind of insight this gives us into Ratcatcher playbooks in general.
  14. SteamCon keynote

    You say that about every seemingly reasonable model. I want sexy upgrades so we have something to compete with OP Farmers and OP Blacksmiths. Ratcatchers is a sublime opportunity to explore #redesignspace
  15. SteamCon keynote

    A reworked Vileswarm that will mascot for both teams would be pretty cool.