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  1. Fujin

    S4 - Kicking vs Receiving

    Yeah I like the potential for having something towards each flank and someone in the middle. Then you've covered ball retrieval from the kick off and also have a couple of potential threats to the goal. All good in theory, bit more complicated to make it work.
  2. Fujin

    S4 - Alchemists vs Butchers

    Yeah he has to play the distance game very carefully and not over-expose himself just to pulse out a chance Coagulation. I'm not convinced that he's the best choice but he's got cute new rules and I can't help but field him for now.
  3. Fujin

    S4 - Alchemists vs Butchers

    1) I prefer to kick off (with Vitriol). 2) For the love of God, spread out. Seriously. The Ox aura is death. 3) I favour a team that can disengage and recover the ball over one that wants to punch (on almost any level). Either Katalyst looks like a terrible option to me by your mileage may vary. I prefer 2-3 goals and cleaning up the rest with condition chip damage and take outs that don't jeopardise multiple of my players. 4) I still take Venin but he's used as a condition/INF battery and to lure in a player to force over-extension. 1v1 we lose the brawl. 3v1 they go down hard. 5) Run away. A lot. Be patient, make them close the gap and force bad positioning.
  4. Fujin

    S4 - Kicking vs Receiving

    Yeah, kicking off with a squaddie that can exert enormous pressure on the goal is pretty fantastic, even if it takes a couple of friendly activations to turn all the toys on. Then again, receiving in a team with 4 x 8" kick players (vCalc, Midas, Vitriol, Crucible)... is fine.
  5. Fujin

    Turn 1 Tactics

    There are a crazy number of variables in any game of Guild Ball (including the dice sometimes just saying "no"), but generally speaking with Alchemists I aim to do the following: - if kicking off, kick with a player who has a credible threat on goal and/or the speed to both retrieve a short kick AND stay safe - if receiving, create a pass chain that closes the turn with an attempt at goal: set up for back to back goals - put out conditions but don't try to force burst damage early: set up for turn 3-4 take outs (chip damage, then finishers) - DON'T advance unnecessarily far up the pitch/too close to enemy models: don't hand tempo over to your opponent (make them work for it) Of course, as soon as your opponent activates a model this usually all falls over pretty quick. I think it boils down to "be patient". Nothing seems to ruin a game faster than early risky plays that have limited long-term value (1-dice Blinds that aren't turn-changers, trying to get lots of damage onto a single model by over-extending, dice-math-says-no goal runs).
  6. So here's one following on from the vHemlocke query. Scalpel is obviously the new hotness... into what matchups would you not take her?
  7. Fujin

    When do you not take vHemlocke?

    Scalpel kicks off - ok. She's 7" up the pitch. vHemlocke uses Midnight Offering to move Cosset up the pitch - ok. Cosset is 7" up the pitch. Dirge uses Tag Along to chase Cosset during the Midnight Offering advance - ok. Dirge is around 6" up the pitch in base-to-case with Cosset (advance is directly towards). Tag Along can trigger on out of activation movement. I think he means that after one activation (vHemlocke) you have three models (Scalpel, Cosset, Dirge) who can threaten a charge. Not that Cosset can charge AND Dirge can Tag Along for support on that charge.
  8. Fujin

    So... Vitriol...

    See, this to me is the thing - she seems very "all in", in that most of the time (IMO) you need her most of her kit to be active and functioning to get your value and/or achieve the goal (quite literally). If I'm using Breaker Keeper to put up Clone then it's absolutely clutch that Clone be live. If I'm removing a condition to allow the free sprint/charge, it's because her 3/3 INF isn't going to give me enough gas in the tank to get the job done. And in most cases, I need both to get the job done (even if Clone is just insurance against a dice spike on the opponent's counter-attack). The question for me becomes - do I want to take a model where (again IMO, in most situations) I need 1-2 prior activations before she becomes the threat that I need her to be? I'm not convinced that Alchemists can afford to field a player who's job is to just wait for an opportunity to score/retrieve on the off chance your opponent plays badly.
  9. Fujin

    So... Vitriol...

    That's fair - base move 7" and 2" melee could be considered as passive abilities of a sort.
  10. She's the +1 your captain takes to every party. I can't think of a game I've had, or a matchup that I've theory-balled, where I don't want her ridiculous toolkit of awesome on the pitch. Midnight Offering is too insanely versatile. Blind is too randomly clutch. And removing conditions is too straight up mad good to just have on tap all day, every day. vHemlocke is the benchmark for enabling, debuffing, and supporting. Do you ever leave her at home (or on the bench)?
  11. Fujin

    So... Vitriol...

    Following the "S4 lineups" thread and what seems to be the general buzz, what's up with all the "woah, sadness - Vitriol got nerfed into the ground; so harsh, much wow" vibe? It's fairly obvious that there's solid competition for places in the 6 that make the actual field, but I'm seeing a lot of hype in builds that don't include her. Has she lost her place due to all the sexy new mom-GB results from players like Mercury and Calculus? The addition of the bad-ass 3/8" kicking vCalc? Or is it sheer competition in the form of a rad new version of Crucible? I'll admit it takes some setup to achieve, but Vitriol kicking off can (and often has, for me) achieved a 7INF activation thanks to Beaker Keeper (free Clone) and I've Been Burnt Before... (either taking poison off Venin or fire off Flask if I light him up with Mercury - admittedly that's a more desperate approach). Her tackle is momentous and her base speed went up. A free charge (or sprint) is nothing to sniff at and should be in the position to do so (and if you're effectively trading 2VPs in a take out in order to have her score a goal) then the 4" heroic pulse early game is excellent. Thoughts?
  12. Fujin

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    I suspect that in combination with Stamina... too effective.
  13. Fujin

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    I feel a comparison with Hag's Legendary is somewhat relevant. A 4" pulse, 1 damage taken for every model affected, and a 2" push (enemy) or dodge (friendly) for every model in any direction. What if Scalpel's Legendary was a 3" push in any direction for everyone in the pulse? How would that look in light of the release of players like Anvil, Piper et al?
  14. So I'd say it all worked out pretty well today. When can we expect a summary?
  15. Fujin

    Game balancing the butchers

    Boar (Furious) charges a model, takes that model out, gains +1 allocated INF, then starts punching another model that he's also engaging? +1/+0 INF on the off-chance that you can kill something on the charge (or with Berserk) and basically gain a single free allocated point of INF. That's my guess, anyway.