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  1. New Sorcerer Render

    Awesome render, really pleased with this guy
  2. You can't stop the updates: Mercenary!

    the typical bendy boardgame plastic, claiming a quality akin to Blood Rage I remain optimistic, though there was a little too much 'boardgame plastic is the best evar!' from their moldmaker
  3. You can't stop the updates: Mercenary!

    asside from the lack of twin sword dervishing I like the figure alot. Says Dark Souls alot to be on a backfoot parry
  4. Updates be Rollin' - New Teaser ladies and gents!

    I don't use it lightly, believe me
  5. Resin model availability

    +1 for more Resin availability, I really want to get a second team on the pitch
  6. Updates be Rollin' - New Teaser ladies and gents!

    If I'm honest, and I kinda hate to have to be, I hate it. I really hate poses like that for figures that're carrying weaponry and nothing about her says pyromancer. I would much prefer something more akin to Mercury from the Alchemists, get some Flame Swathe going
  7. Search assist

    The sausages are probably sculpted, everything else is from various Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms kits
  8. I'll be looking to buy any of the following in resin on the 15th of sept Vitriol Snakeskin Minx Mist Dirge Casket Ghast Silence either set or of four or parts thereof complete, unassembled and unpainted only please. I'm happy to match Steamforged prices
  9. Balefirestorm's WIP

    Nice work, nice to see some good spatter
  10. Fabulous Bacon Boy's pack of savages

    Got the Butchers finished, please excuse the terrible phone photography
  11. Jay-car or Yey-car

    This is all academic He kicks people into pits and then runs away to hide and do it again. He's also bald and Steamforged have the rights to a Dark Souls game. His name is really Patches
  12. Fabulous Bacon Boy's pack of savages

    Thanks everyone. Hoping to get the rest of the team based up and some better photos taken next week
  13. H: £££ W: Standard Resin Midas

    He's been out of stock on the website forever, can anybody hook me up for not ridiculous money?