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  1. Peck begins his activation outside of 6’’ of ploughman and spends an influence to sprint. Peck sprints towards ploughman and is then within 6’’ of ploughman. Peck encounters rough ground during his sprint while within 6’’ of ploughman, can Peck glide for free before touching rough ground even though Peck has already begun moving?
  2. VanV

    Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    SCUS up until worlds was painting required except for plastic models, even Skulk had to be painted. Worlds was painting required regardless of model material.
  3. VanV

    Esters lineup advice

    I play Mash in just about every game and the 10 I use to do that is Tapper Esters Scum Quaff Spigot Hooper Friday Mash Gutter Stoker.
  4. VanV

    Hop-Locke. What is Hemlocke doing for us?

    I took Hemlocke with my brewers in a handful of games recently at WTC, I'll briefly try to explain the logic that lead me to do so. At the highest level I chose to bring a union player in my 10 to try and improve certain matchups that I found to be problematic. My top priorities were improving my matchup with Masons and situationally Corsair or Ballista. The key similarity between these matchups I struggled with was the importance of the opposing captain and their ability to make attacks efficiently. Given their low defenses they make pretty good blind targets. My default 6 is Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Spigot, Friday, Mash. Hemlocke generally gets played in the Mash slot when against a def 3 captain where there isn't huge pressure on the ball. Occasionally she replaces Friday in similar situations but only when I'm receiving. When I bring Hemlocke it's 90% for blind and 10% noxious blast which is occasionally useful to motivate my opponent to engage. The main thing about having Hemlocke on the table often isn't what she actually does but what she threatens to do. Allocating Hemlocke 1 inf is often enough to force your opponent to activate their captain first if they want their activation to be efficient which is hugely valuable since the early turns of many Tapper games can be largely reduced to activation chicken between their captain and Tapper.
  5. VanV

    Fisherman Discord?

  6. VanV

    Congrats to Germany 1 winning WTC!

    http://wmh-wtc.com/guildball/ and choose the leaderboard tab to see the final standings
  7. VanV

    Any interest in a Midwest league?

    I'm game for vassal games against other midwest players, always interesting to see how people play in different areas.
  8. Can a model that is b2b with an obstruction be jogged away from the obstruction using puppet master as shown below?
  9. Can a model who’s jog distance has been reduced to 0’’ jog while within 1’’ of a free ball in order to snap it? If yes, similar question for dodges. Can a model within 1’’ of a free ball and a Jaecar trap select a <M result and dodge 0’’ to snap the ball without triggering the trap or is the trigger the same?
  10. Brick attacks Corsair and chooses a KD result which is ignored by sturdy. Does this attack trigger knockback even though the result has been ignored? Same question but Brick selects 1 dmg which is ignored by tough hide.
  11. Hammer charges a model with stoic and gets 7 net hits Chooses the >M for both results Does this result in the masons player generating 0 or 1 momentum?
  12. A ball scatters from a KD result being placed on a model and is placed within 1’’ of 4 models, 2 belonging to each team, in what order do the human players choose whether or not they would like to snap the ball for each eligible model?
  13. I’m fairly confident this has been answered before (S2 possibly?) but I can’t seem to track it down with search and would appreciate having something to point to since different groups seem to play this differently. When a player has possession of the ball and makes a pass to space, which of the following are legal placements for the ball: Completely within the player’s kick range Centered on a spot within the player’s kick range Any part of the ball marker within the player’s kick range
  14. Spigot activates and puts up Time’s Called Quaff is within 4’’ of Spigot Quaff activates and puts second wind on himself Quaff jogs at +2/+2 mov due to Time’s Called If this advance ends with him more than 5’’ from Spigot does he still benefit from Time’s Called for the advance caused by second wind? Quaff started an advance within Time’s Called which is the only requirement for the +2 and there is no duration specified by Time’s Called other than that of the heroic play. While similar to the Cover of Darkness question covered in the FAQ thread I’d appreciate an official clarification, especially in the case that there is an implicit “for the duration of the advance” as it’s rather ambiguous at the moment.
  15. Thanks for the heads up, that's rather unintuitive...