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  1. Any interest in a Midwest league?

    I'm game for vassal games against other midwest players, always interesting to see how people play in different areas.
  2. Can a model that is b2b with an obstruction be jogged away from the obstruction using puppet master as shown below?
  3. Can a model who’s jog distance has been reduced to 0’’ jog while within 1’’ of a free ball in order to snap it? If yes, similar question for dodges. Can a model within 1’’ of a free ball and a Jaecar trap select a <M result and dodge 0’’ to snap the ball without triggering the trap or is the trigger the same?
  4. Brick attacks Corsair and chooses a KD result which is ignored by sturdy. Does this attack trigger knockback even though the result has been ignored? Same question but Brick selects 1 dmg which is ignored by tough hide.
  5. Hammer charges a model with stoic and gets 7 net hits Chooses the >M for both results Does this result in the masons player generating 0 or 1 momentum?
  6. A ball scatters from a KD result being placed on a model and is placed within 1’’ of 4 models, 2 belonging to each team, in what order do the human players choose whether or not they would like to snap the ball for each eligible model?
  7. I’m fairly confident this has been answered before (S2 possibly?) but I can’t seem to track it down with search and would appreciate having something to point to since different groups seem to play this differently. When a player has possession of the ball and makes a pass to space, which of the following are legal placements for the ball: Completely within the player’s kick range Centered on a spot within the player’s kick range Any part of the ball marker within the player’s kick range
  8. Spigot activates and puts up Time’s Called Quaff is within 4’’ of Spigot Quaff activates and puts second wind on himself Quaff jogs at +2/+2 mov due to Time’s Called If this advance ends with him more than 5’’ from Spigot does he still benefit from Time’s Called for the advance caused by second wind? Quaff started an advance within Time’s Called which is the only requirement for the +2 and there is no duration specified by Time’s Called other than that of the heroic play. While similar to the Cover of Darkness question covered in the FAQ thread I’d appreciate an official clarification, especially in the case that there is an implicit “for the duration of the advance” as it’s rather ambiguous at the moment.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, that's rather unintuitive...
  10. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Totally forgot to schedule the game, I'm fine to take the loss, shouldn't happen again.
  11. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Hunters (Sam) won 12 - 8 against Brewers (Pat), Really good game and good dude, best of luck in the next round :
  12. We've never put the show on podbean, they appear to be scraping it from our site or itunes which means we don't really control when it updates on their page. Saw what you mentioned originally where ep 21 was missing, seems like it's there now though.
  13. Sanchex Cup 3 Sign Ups!!!

    Sanchex Cup 3 Name: Patrick Van Valzah Skype: patrick@vanvalzah.com Guild: Brewers Roster: Esters Tapper Scum Friday Spigot Harry Mash Hooper Stave PintPot In case it's useful for scheduling, central timezone GMT -5, flexible schedule though.
  14. MO-Ball Podcast Episode 4

    Let me preface this by saying I understand the feeling that one player killing the ball can lead to slow, potentially unenjoyable games, I've certainly felt that way when playing Shark. There are plenty of ball killing related points we disagree on but I'll avoid rehashing the ones others have already raised. You guys clearly don't enjoy when ball (resource) is used in a manner that differs from how you see the spirit of the game. Instead of lobbying for core rules changes maybe take a second look at the impact of the changes to scoring teams in Season 3. You guys mentioned the strength of scoring teams as a driving force for ball killing and I think that's 100% correct. As you seem to think "nobody", on either side, enjoys killing the ball why do you think it's become popular? Simple, players running into the scoring teams see it as the best response. When a handful of teams have the players, stats, and abilities to make dramatically better use of the ball I don't see any rational response that doesn't include reducing the impact of that advantage as much as possible. I speak for only myself when I say I don't intend to dramatically weaken my Midas and Shark matchups as Tapper so that my opponent doesn't have to put in the effort to figure out how to get the ball back into play. I don't really see any reason why the effort fighting team players put in to mitigate (really just restore to a coin flip) their bad matchups should be punished instead of requiring the scoring players to put in similar effort to solve the problem. 100%
  15. Season 3 is not for Brewers

    I think it's still a reasonable choice even when your opponent knows it's coming, of everything I've tried it seems to provide the best combination of flexibility and threat that Brewers have access to when kicking. Is it on the level of Shark, Vitriol, or Mist kicking? Not even close, but it at least forces your opponent to play around the threat if they want to completely shut it down unlike every other kick off I've see from Brewers. With 6'' GOH, 2'' shadowlike, 8'' sprint, and 1'' melee the cat threats slightly less than 17'' from where it's deployed which covers the majority of space the kicking player is otherwise able to freely occupy. That's not to say there isn't counter play, $cum getting to charge Avarice is very different from him getting to charge a 5/0 with access to defensive stance. Another thing to be wary of is a cagey counter charge, especially the Brick/Marbles combo, can make finding a target fairly difficult. Additionally, if the only targets they give you have access to a semi-reliable double push it can be somewhat difficult to get the second attack in reliably. My largest complaint with "the cat missile" (patent pending THE PAT CAT), is that it isn't amazing into Alchemists, who are both quite strong at the moment and common at the top tables of US regional/national events. For a fairly typical lineup of Midas/Flask/Vitriol/Harry/Kat1/Calculus (to blind tapper), there really aren't any amazing targets for $cum. Midas - untouchable due to unpredictable movement Flask - 3/2 is rough for the cat, only slightly better than a coin flip to generate momentum on the charge, follow up attack is basically hopeless Harry - Situationally ok as a target, he can still gamble on the counter attack, ~40% to deny the second attack. Rising anger also kinda problematic Vitriol - The threat of her using defensive stance is problematic, second attack is fairly unreliable Kat1 - His counter-attack is problematic, should at least generate 1M on the charge Calculus - Similar to Vitriol in terms of def stats which isn't ideal, poison is annoying On the whole Kat1 and Harry are probably the best bets, especially Kat1 as he often gets lured up the field. Other picks than Calculus can be Compound or Crucible most commonly. Compound is annoying, Crucible is a pretty ok target.