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  1. Any pictures available of the Brewers?
  2. Dice1978

    The Goal Post Thread

    My Union Goal: My Butchers goal: Both the statue en the mason are from Fenryll miniatures. ;-)
  3. Dice1978

    The Goal Post Thread

    My Masons goal:
  4. As the titel says. KS-wise I'm looking for KS Ox, Honour and Shark. Looking for a resin meathook too. Postage would be to Belgium. PayPal ready. ?
  5. Dice1978

    H: KS Ox

    Still available?
  6. Dice1978

    Greede razor conversion

    Not really a painting topic, but was hoping for some help from the fantastic people on this forum. I'm looking for a dagger (×2) to replace the razor Greede is holding. I already had to buy the model twice as the dagger broke while clipping it off the frame and expect it to happen again at some point during transport/gaming. Any help is appreciated. ;-)
  7. Dice1978

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Love the look of that "Dark Eldar" type of green on the Morticians.
  8. Dice1978

    My Masons :)

    Nice, will be "stealing" some of your ideas left and right. ;-)
  9. Dice1978

    Guild ball Acrylic tokens and Rulers

    Really like the ruler set and dials. Too bad you're outside of the EU. :-(
  10. Dice1978

    Minx question

    All hunters are already Season 2. ;-)
  11. Hi all, On 2nd July I'll be running GB demo's at the Herman Verschooten modelbouw store. All are welcome to get an introduction into the magnificent world of Guild Ball. Hope to see you there. ;-),
  12. Dice1978

    Learning Hunters - Union Help

    Hemlocke should be on of your prime targets as she aids the union team a lot in removing your snares. ?
  13. Dice1978

    Team colour schemes and painting black

    Basecoat in a very Dark grey, black wash, highlight very conservitavely with Dark shades of grey
  14. Dice1978

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Great looking paint jobs. Extremely well done!