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  1. jahorin

    Taco Bowl VI

    I will be running a GB tournament at the Abyss in Montreal. July 14th, 10$ entry fee. Registration at 9h am, First game at 9h30 am. Facebook event page Longshank event link
  2. jahorin

    Model distribution needs to change

    Where did you see that?
  3. Come and start practicing for the East Nationals. Facebook event link : https://www.facebook.com/events/567946583545841/
  4. jahorin

    Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    At world he was legal, so were the second boxes of farmers and blacksmith because they were available at that SFG event. If I'm not mistaken if I a model(boxe) is available to purchase at a SFG where a tournament is held, then they are legal at the event even if they are not available to general release. Anybody can corroborate this?
  5. jahorin

    Skulk is a new Spook

    The way it's written it could only be use if a model unsnap the ball in base to base of the goal. The way they intended is that this is used when an opponent missed a goal and the ball ends up in base contact of your goal post. I really "Lightning Reflexes" to come an d block people who are trying to sneak in with "Where'd they go"
  6. jahorin

    Post errata Theron match reports?

    Here's our latest match report, fish vs hunter featuring Theron.
  7. Guild Ball tournament in Montreal, Qc. On November 4th. Link to facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/526327214377131 Standard Organized play
  8. jahorin

    For Fun: Tweaking the Hunters

    It's only for the first turn that BotSF will be cheap, after turn 1 if you don't activate Theron first you will always momentum to pay for it. The double dodge is good for counter attack mostly, by dropping everything down, he can do a KD more easily on counter counter attack (or parting blow) by having it on the 4th column instead of the 5th column.
  9. jahorin

    For Fun: Tweaking the Hunters

    I think that Theron with Momentous Inspiration instead of Sun Strike would be a way to fix fix Theron, remove the second column of results and move all the rest one down and put a non-momentous 4 damage on the 6th column. I don't think it would be overpowered. And it could change the dynamic a lot, ie, Zarola would use more the bola instead of being use just as a Midnight Offering Bot. What do you think?
  10. jahorin

    Scalpel line up / playtesting

    what was the rest pf your lineup?
  11. jahorin

    new mortician player

    hi, i just started the game, and i choose the morticians because i liked the look of the models. i have played 3 full game so far, my team was : scalpel, dirge, cosset, silence, ghast, bonesaw. so far, it's been 3 losses, my worse beating was last night against brewers, i couldn't do anything. any tips to help a new player out? i am considering remove cosset for casket to give the team a bit more survivility. any opinions? i want to be able to score goals, and survive thanks in advance