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  1. Lucky

    Yep pretty much all the benched players. And personally i generally prefer to have both mascots in my roster as wrecker can be amazing with hammer
  2. Lucky

    Agreed that isnt healthy state, but i dont really see him as an include at all, he like any other player should make you want to have a choice. But i cant honestly say he will be able to bring nearly the value as Tower, Flint, Mallet, O. Harmony, Brick, Minx as to make this a choice. But im happy to be proved wrong, hopefully along the way i will be. Who would you replace with him?
  3. Lucky

    Really dissapointed in this guy from a Masons perspective. Yes hes another player with a 4 inch dodge, but at what cost? At least if he was able to give it to anyone it might be worth taking, but as he can only give it to himself you are now only giving this model a 4 inch dodge at the expense of giving your opponent the same. So basically at the end of the day your sacrificing a player slot for this guy, and getting a 4 inch dodge on only him. Your opponent is now getting a 4 inch dodge on "anyone they want" for free. I dont really see that as a beneficial trade off. Now granted you have the ability to pick when its activated but is that really something worth losing any of your 6 for? Frankly Ill be ecstatic when i see someone put this guy across the field from me. Sadly all I really see is another non choice thats gonna be warming the bench which was designed more with Brewers in mind and had a Masons logo slapped on it because they happened to be in the kickoff box with them.
  4. The Perfect Guild Ball Gaming Table

    Depending on how portable you want this If this is a foldable table I would make a lip around the edge that comes up at least an inch. This will keep dice from falling off and if your folding it so that the pitch is on the inside it will help protect it when it closes. As far as extra's go you could always put a way of keeping score whether it be a dial or a rod with blocks/beads on it.
  5. Stripping paint off of the new plastic models?

    I usually use "Awesome", which you can get at your local dollar tree. Then ill scrub it with a toothbrush and it has always worked fine for me. But ive only ever used it for resin GW stuff, so im not sure about the new guild ball plastic.
  6. New Blacksmith player from brit championships

    I really like the way he looks, will be interested to see how they do the face on the model. I actually like dynamic poses and hope they at least have a couple in this guild. Granted if they do one on one leg i hope they support it with something like the new kickoff honour or Grace and dont do another one toe'd base like snakeskin, minx, or mist. Having a bunch of models that look like they are just standing around the pitch glaring at each other can look kind of boring.
  7. Union goal - Blackheart's Ghost Ship!

    Flint would still miss it.....
  8. Brick or Tower

    I would not by any means say Tower is better than brick as they both are useful in diff situations. I would say it often depends on who your going up against regarding taking either Brick or Tower. Your only really taking tower for tooled up, so if your going up against a beaty team like butchers, brewers, ect. your not going to out beat them so youll prbly go with brick for added defense. If your going up against fish or hunters your may want that extra damage for takeouts as they can either get around brick or slow him down and nullify him. Wrecker is great for whatever lineup you run, but Marbles can be just as good for added damage. Personally if you were going up against a beaty team id take wrecker and marbles against a scoring team. If your running brick, marbles regardless. Though I do like @Gauntlet's lineup, I just have a hard time leaving mallet on the bench.
  9. Hammer Rises! - July 2017 errata

    Not sure where your getting Granite being at 4+ def. V. Harmony only gives +1 def to character plays, so basically ranged attacks mostly. Where as Tower's "Defend Ground" only allows players to use "Defensive stance" for free which is only when a player is getting charged. I dont really see an instance where a player could benefit from both of those for +2 def. Unless your referring to her being crowded out by two people already when it happens. Besides Wrecker this also leaves a lack of free activation models which may give you inf problems. Also as you stated without taking flint this roster assumes your going to aim for pure beatdown as you have some goal scoring options but fact is flint will pretty much always be a better substitute for pretty much any of these players with the current meta.
  10. Who Dis.?

    Fingers crossed for magnetized prosthetic arm attachments and depending on which one he chooses at the beginning of the turn will give him a fitting character play
  11. Hammer Rises! - July 2017 errata

    Lol I say they should make his KD/T a momentous KD/Gut and String just to watch the internet explode.
  12. Worst Team Lineup

    Dangit! That was my exact lineup for this.
  13. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    Meh until the farmers are released that is
  14. Nope if that was the case Stave would have gotten buffed to Super Saiyan.
  15. Hammer Rises! - July 2017 errata

    May be coming into to this discussion a little late but dont forget Masons also have very inf efficient options. First off both of our mascots do something for free and rarely (apart from the occasional goad or last ditch play) will you ever give them inf. Second we have access to Brick and Minx who also do something for free and dont really need or cost alot of inf. This being the case where you may see base 13 inf (as you have cited rage in your list for his inf efficiency) you can easily run any of these characters with your Hammer line up to increase his. Hammer, Wrecker, Tower, Mallet, Flint, and Minx gives you two models that rarely ever need inf. Maybe one on Minx if you want to increase Hammer or Mallets threat range or if you think you might get a last ditch goal. She is a great set up character for the team with easy momentous results to boot. That gives you 5 inf for Hammer, 3 for Flint(Unless your going for the goal then it may be 4), 3 for Mallet, and 1/2 for tower or just throw that one on Minx. Then youll prbly yank 1 inf with Hammer from what ever player in the turn who will prbly accomplish the least. Or if you like the monkey: Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Tower, Mallet, Flint. Once again you will rarely be giving Brick or the Monkey inf outside of specific situations. This gives you all 13 inf to split between Hammer(5), Tower(1/2), Mallet(3), and Flint(3). Though I personally like using Hammer, the problem comes with teams who can control/lock him down as your opponent generally knows exactly where and what your doing with your inf every turn making it easy to limit your options. Where as before if this happened he could pop his heroic and use that inf to help other players with it. Now that it is a legendary, yes you can do the same thing for free but that will only really help during one turn. If it happens a second time your out of luck.