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  1. Preston10K

    Worst defeat and 'bogey' teams

    Here is the video of the defeat!
  2. Preston10K

    Worst defeat and 'bogey' teams

    Your right about Esters Brewers. I think Hunters have issues against every team. Play styles and team choice for the Hunters do need to be though about carefully. It's not like Theron is an out-&-out machine like Fillet or a multi-purpose captain like the King! For or me decision making let me down and dice rolls went against me! Oh well I've never lost against The Masons! ??
  3. Preston10K

    Worst defeat and 'bogey' teams

    See Morts are not to bad for me. With them I find focusing in on Silence tends to hurt them. Against Butchers I think biggest let down is the very limited INF Hunters generate and the requirement for so much for the team. Biggest issue was me though my stratagem and placement let me down massively, plus we didn't use any terain!
  4. Preston10K

    Worst defeat and 'bogey' teams

    Hi guys So last night I faced my bogey team which is Fillet Butchers in 12-0 massacre that you will all be able to watch on YouTube soon enough. Now poor placement and poor decision making on my behalf led to the defeat but I have a complex against Fillet. I can never beat her. Now ther her was a lot of poor dice rolls also but after the match I had to question if my defeat was in my head before the game! So what was everyone else's worst defeat and who is your bogey team? Preston 10K
  5. Preston10K

    Taking in Vet Katalyst

    So local gaming community are running a cup, it's at knockout stages and I've drawn my worst possible opponent with Vet Katalyst? ( we are using proxy vets). not sure how to proceed, thinking of loading Jac up and getting stuck in, what do you think?
  6. Preston10K

    Fish Noob

    Greyscales has some fantastic tactical abilities, especially for possession and quick capture of a loose ball. His Where'd they go play allows him to make a 4" dodge once per turn Ball's Gone! Allows him to tackle the ball and give possession to a team mate with in 4" Plus he's not a bad shot!
  7. Preston10K

    Fish Noob

    This video series is really good and will give you a good idea of what to expect from the fish?
  8. Gutter is fantastic with Sakana, against Mason, not surprised to see so many VPs generated with this!
  9. Preston10K

    Melee focused Hunters Team

    My leauge list drops Hearne in place of Egret. Egret brings range to the team in a very good way, due to her Venomous Strike trait. I tend to place Seenah and Fahad near by to each other as a hunting pair to benefit from the Isolated Target trait once Theron has pinged out a few Snares or Jacare has thrown a few traps. Range and a plan I find are best to use with the Hunters, yes Jaecar can dish out some heavy Mommentus damage, but softening up the targets first is very viable idea. This is team got me a second place finish in my group of 8. Only lost once against Fillet Butchers!
  10. Preston10K

    Three Strike Fish

    Siren 100% she is unreal so powerful, need to protect her in the early game. I find with Sakana you get to be more aggressive.
  11. Preston10K

    Helpful hints vs Pin Vice

    Siren I've always found to be very strong against engineers, would you consider dropping Salt for Tenticles now he's out?
  12. Preston10K

    Three Strike Fish

    I agree with pretty much everything here, Sakana I find very useful to the point I take him over Angel, his ability to counter attack for free pretty much saves him in the first turn, using a goal moment to dodge then he can ready himself for a counter! Ability to take a few more hits is his best saving grace I find
  13. Preston10K

    Helpful hints vs Pin Vice

    Awesome report! Glad to see a victory for the fish, team I've been testing lately for a upcoming tournament is the same! Did Pin Vice pop her heroic and then Legendary?
  14. Preston10K

    Helpful hints vs Pin Vice

    A tactic I've found is to try and break up Pin Vices plays, as said above her 1 touch football legendary is really impressive when it all bonds together. Have your own game play but play the field (if your using terrain) get in the gaps, make the one touch plays harder for them. Fish can creat goals and move fantastically well, just be mindful that so can she and her team.
  15. Preston10K

    Fish Week: T&G Productions

    Loving the videos T&G productions your Butchers week was really good, hopefully the Fish week will be just as good!