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  1. Cadilon

    In my day...!

    I must be getting old. I can't follow what is going on with SF and their new releases. It used to be they released models for a guild. Simple. Now, I guess they have box sets full of models I'll never use, rookies, not to mention the minor guild hub-bub. Its getting to the point where I can't follow it all. I feel sorry for the person just coming into the game. And oh, GET OFF MY LAWN!
  2. Cadilon

    SteamCon US Vendors

    Obviously Steamforged will be in attendance with fun stuff to buy, and I believe I've heard Muse on Minis will be there as well (at least in the Steamforged store, like Gencon). Will there be any other vendors?
  3. Cadilon

    Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    I am afraid hearing that Godtear is hex-based and not free form really kills my excitement for this game. I know we’ve seen few details, but that fact alone pushes it over the line from miniature game to board game for me. And that is not what I was hoping for. I’ll try to keep an open mind and wait to see, but I am now in the ‘skeptical’ column as opposed to the ‘excited’ column.
  4. Cadilon

    SteamCon US Details?

    Has there been anything further announced that perhaps I missed? Less than 60 days away. I kinda need to start thinking about the schedule so I know whether I need to get a room Thursday night or if I am able to drive-in Friday morning. Thoughts?
  5. Cadilon

    SteamCon US Details?

    Hey Folks I am trying to decide if I can swing going to SteamCon US. I just had a couple of questions: 1. Is there (or will there be) a con room block? I am seeing room prices at about $166 right now. 2. What time will events start on Friday the 1st? I might be able to save a nights stay by coming on Friday, if its not too early. Any thoughts?
  6. Cadilon

    Any guides to making momentum counters?

    I've always liked Bendy Boards stuff. And I like the look of their GB counter. But shipping to the US is more than 4 times the cost of the counter itself! Wish there was a US distributor.
  7. Cadilon

    Guild Ball Player Spreadsheet

    Is this spreadsheet still available? The link is dead. Thanks.
  8. Cadilon

    Guild Ball Store Support Staff

    I've learned my lesson. Still waiting on my Heralds of the Winter's Moon that was shipped on the release day. Will certainly think twice about ordering direct from now on.
  9. Cadilon

    What is Sporting Conduct in Guild Ball?

    I think it depends on the setting. In casual play, sure, I am going to be very loose and focusing on having fun and helping my opponent improve. I am going to help them out with reminders. But if it's a tourney, where position or even possibly playing the next day depends on a win, it's every man for himself and I am going to get a little salty on take backs. Another good example I had just this week is choosing playbook results. My opponent chose a tackle against Flint. When I declared Close Control, he took back that playbook result and chose something else. That's fine in casual play and it's no big deal. In tournament play, you're sticking with your ineffective tackle, buddy.
  10. Cadilon

    Salute Locker room

    Oh!! Ok. Thanks. The way people talk its a 3-day con or something. I appreciate the heads up.
  11. Cadilon

    Salute Locker room

    Anyone see this for sale yet? I don't see it on the webstore.
  12. Cadilon

    Granite Supply Issues?

    Ha! Thanks. I was contacted by a gracious forum member who purchased her from his game store and mailed her to me.
  13. Cadilon

    Granite Supply Issues?

    Hey Folks. Anyone else seeing supply issues with Granite? I am in the US. Ordered from my FLGS on 1/13. I thought she was supposed to be released on 1/20. My store is saying they are still waiting. So either the store is playing with me, or their distributor never received any. Either way I am getting nervous about getting her and having her painted for Adepticon. I am noticing that the SF webstore is out of stock. As is TheWarStore. Miniature Market seems to have a small stock. Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same thing or if there is something else going on with my personal supply chain. Thanks.
  14. Cadilon

    Adepticon Winter Warmup December 9th-11th

    Thank you all for a wonderful weekend. It was a blast. See you at Adepticon.
  15. Cadilon

    Adepticon Winter Warmup December 9th-11th

    Are apps such as GBKeeper permitted instead of cards?