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  1. Percy Blakeney

    Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    It's more like, "every single post here or on social media has included at least 2 errors related to dates, venue, or availability of tickets, the GBI guys can't find their arse with both hands". Does not bode well for the smooth running of the event.
  2. Percy Blakeney

    Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    But the tickets don't go on sale for another month!
  3. Percy Blakeney

    One touch football

    A lot of people do, first time people see the pass-dodge [pass-back] receive-dodge/snapshot they often get upset
  4. Percy Blakeney

    Resin model availability

    Mat said they were one piece in the Gencon video
  5. Percy Blakeney

    If you could change the rules...

    The biggest issue for me with momentum is that it's one of the few mechanics in the game that can hit a state that can't fail, i.e. if I have +5 over my opponent, I am getting first turn. Making a roll of a 1 lose bonuses would add an element of underdog comeback to low and mid-level play; not sure if it would be too frustrating in high level play
  6. Percy Blakeney

    Resin model availability

    Models sculpted to be single pose one-pieces are generally pretty awful in terms of dynamism and structure, so would be a complete turn off for me.
  7. Percy Blakeney

    Scottish Guildball Nationals 15-16 October

    Just so you know, I'm not signing up for this because there's uncertainty about format and zero response to queries here or on Twitter. Running a tournament isn't just turning up on the day.
  8. Percy Blakeney

    Resin model availability

    That assumes that they hadn't committed to resin orders of those models before the current rumoured review. +1 to the stock alerts though, it's a massive pain in the proverbial trying to order resin given that restocks are random and there's no alternative to manual F5ing
  9. Percy Blakeney

    Resin model availability

    There's no pattern, and I've heard that they're "revisiting" the availability of resin altogether.
  10. Percy Blakeney

    goal kick scatters off the table

    The ball isn't placed until the final landing spot is determined. It isn't placed at the target spot at all. That said, the rules for the ball marker assume that the spot is on the pitch; the ball's position is defined as the location of the ball marker **on the pitch**. It's fairly intuitively obvious how to handle this, but the rules don't cover it by any stretch.
  11. Percy Blakeney

    Knockback and Playbook

    What @Frostmane said. Melee range isn't required to apply playbook results, only to initiate attacks.
  12. Condition damage has no special properties in the rules, but as @masterkdog says, the trigger for blood dance requires an attack or character play.
  13. Percy Blakeney

    RollerBall & Charging

    He'd be able to charge (ie sprint in a straight line) but not make the attack part of the charge. Not often it would be useful to do that, but maybe with Too Flash in play.
  14. Percy Blakeney

    Flame Jet timing

    Already answered here:
  15. Percy Blakeney

    I think I have been doing Flurry wrong

    Note that Egret's poison ability only affects enemy models, so you'll do 2 damage to friendlies in the pulse but they won't gain Poison.