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  1. Pending Forum Suspension

    All goals, all day

    Snakeskin with nimble and clone in tap in range makes snapshots harder for your opponent to ignore and easier to pull off. If they choose to pressure her you can either take that clone dodge and try to stay at tap in range or dodge to cover by the enemy goal post and make her that much worse to swing at.
  2. Pending Forum Suspension

    Best of the Season to You!

    And a cooked goose for everyone!
  3. Pending Forum Suspension

    Union option for Corsair if A&G aren't available

    Damn I am so bad about remembering how that one trait works. I know that is what it supposed to be when I'm playing but when talking about lists I just cannot keep that straight. Rage all the way.
  4. Pending Forum Suspension

    Union option for Corsair if A&G aren't available

    I know I'm derailing just a touch but I would LOVE Benediction for Fish. Braced and Regenerate, with 2" reach and can have drag, rough seas, lure, seduced, or goad cast through him? GTFOH. Rage would be cool too. Lots ways to keep him disengaged with Fish so that you are always getting Furious off.
  5. Pending Forum Suspension

    General Kick-off Strategy (As the Kicker)

    Mechmage is spot on with choosing a kicker that exerts pressure. Corsair threatens drag, Shark threatens nearly the whole board from a kick off jog, Fillet threats deleting most models with a head start, Ox helps his buddies bring the pain a little more accurately, etc etc. If you play with a team that can project a lot of threat without the extra range (Fish, Alchemists, Engineer gunline, Some Blacksmith Builds) then you might consider having a slower player kick the ball if only to get him in the game faster. Something else you can try to do, though it doesn't always work, is to get left of your goal marker and kick the ball to the right so that 6 option is parallel to the goal line (or reverse this to go the other way.) If you hit the result you are looking for the ball should land just over the half line and will prevent a lot of players from getting there without sprinting and can take a lot of them out of their kick range for a pass (thus preventing dodges after the pass.) You can get some specific kick off tips in the guild subs. What you are actually doing won't change a ton but knowing WHY you are doing something specific with your team, and what it sets up, is a powerful tool. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Pending Forum Suspension

    Stick with 6 player boxes, not 12 for the plastic re-release

    Holdup. Imma let you finish but... Dude come on. The $50 boxes are a banging deal but saying that SF cutting the some of the terrain out of the pack as a cash grab is pretty lame. They are even including a metal LE Shark. This is a relatively cheap miniatures game. $100 for what you get is still a good deal. **Not targeted at you specifically** At the end of the day there must be a reason, or a slew of reasons, for SF to do it this way. I hope we just don't get the plastic at all. Metal is fine enough. Probably be less complaining and probably makes more financial sense if SF just uses metal for the ones they already have molds for.
  7. Pending Forum Suspension

    Item prerequisites

    No reason you couldn't home rule in tiers. SFG didn't do it but in imperial assault they gave all of the gear a tier level and you added in higher level stuff as the game progressed.
  8. Pending Forum Suspension

    Union option for Corsair if A&G aren't available

    Definitely Gutter. A&G are rockstars with Corsair + Hag. Gutter plays ok with both captains. Drag + Hag is achievable with both. Fangtooth can be really good but there is just so much to work around. Foul Odor is rough on teammates. DEF 2 with 1" melee makes him an INF machine. He wants to unleash every time he gets INF but the rest of the team hates him. Just too many tools in the game to deal with him. Hemlocke is a poor paper weight.
  9. Pending Forum Suspension

    New PVC Teams

    I wouldn't mind seeing Pin Vice's bust. Giggity. But really it is 4 half teams and it sounds like some of the boxes are going to have previously released models in them (Solthecian at the very least.) Side note. Would love to see a high stakes event at a SteamCon after all the minor guilds are released and see a minor only tournament to decide who becomes a full guild.
  10. Pending Forum Suspension

    what I truly feel Brewers need

    Let me strap on my kevlar. I know this won't be a super popular suggestion. This post has evolved a little but if you are talking about the Brewers into Smiths match up then how about vSpigot? I know, he isn't stellar. He is pretty meh. And the worst part is you miss out on oSpigot who is a rockstar. Goad is going to hit the majority of the time and can cripple the best laid plans to score. Ball's Gone is still on 2 hits and is great if Spigot isn't hiding with the ball. Close control to fight Cinder range tackles. He's a 7/10 MOV when he is trying to hide the ball and with his legendary can go up to a 4/1 DEF/ARM. Legendary obviously also works for a goal run. Paint on Your Boots is even fairly helpful when you are killing the ball (Hearth complicates this) since that 8" from board edge position isn't the worst place to hide. *Finding room for him in the 10 man might not be super easy and I will admit that this is just theorycraft as I haven't personally play vSpigot into Smiths. Losing tooled up is a shot to the nuts. Off the top of my head I'd think something like: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Mash, vSpigot, Stoker/Lucky. **I've not yet read the bat rep in case you address vSpigot in it somewhere.
  11. Pending Forum Suspension

    Blacksmiths Launch PSA

    I've got plenty of extra copies of the rules. Let me make sure it is kosher and I'll post them up.
  12. Pending Forum Suspension

    H: Lucky W: Alts (updated)

    I have an extra Lucky from our league we just finished up. Would also be willing to trade to someone in the US. Willing to also trade my personal Lucky for the right alt. I'd trade for pretty much any alt EXCEPT: LE Flint, Easter Fangtooth, or the grave markers from Dark Harvest.
  13. Pending Forum Suspension

    Kicking/Receiving Change

    For me I don't think this changes anything. *I'm only taking Shark into teams I can't outfight (Union, Butchers, Brewers, Farmers is a toss up for me.) Whether I am kicking or receiving I don't want to feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle. *Knee slider + receiving means I am probably playing Shark.
  14. Pending Forum Suspension

    Blacksmiths Launch PSA

    Hey just a quick heads up. We played our Blacksmith's Launch event yesterday as it was the first day that made sense. It was fun as hell. I wasn't totally a fan of the farmer's event as some of the powers felt a little out of whack (Butchers/Engineers anyone?) Now our sample size wasn't anything spectacular but no captains and no mascots with your choice of double union or bring a master and apprentice was just tonsa fun. If you were on the fence about this event absolutely give it a shot. Even if you don't order the kit get a copy of the rules. You won't regret it. As a double bonus we used the launch kit as the League Cup tournament for our Escalation league which made everything feel more substantial since we gave the players their league stuff at the beginning. Kudos SF. Hopefully Old Father Launch is as much fun.
  15. Pending Forum Suspension

    New Home Field!

    Who did your art? I see they don't do the whole thing but I wouldn't mind printing one up for tournament prize support. Even at full price that isn't a bad deal.